Upgrade from Yantra

Adds reverse logistics, logistics management to flagship suite

Tewksbury, MA  September 17, 2002  Supply chain software provider Yantra today unveiled the latest iteration of its flagship product suite, adding reverse logistics and logistics management applications to its 5x solution.

The new Reverse Logistics solution is intended to improve customer responsiveness, reduce inventory levels and minimize operational costs through real-time control of the return and repair cycle. The software offers condition-based returns processing, including the execution and management of associated activities, such as exchange orders, refurbishment and repair requests, and return disposition.

Yantra says its Logistics Management application provides capabilities for monitoring and managing the flow of inbound and outbound shipments. The solution can coordinate activities across all parties in a multi-mode, multi-stage transportation plan. With the addition of the proactive monitoring capability in the provider's Platform solution, the logistics management application can identify events and notify participants when shipment problems occur.

Additional enhanced functionality in the 5x suite includes support for n-tier orders and line-item dependency, as well as power customer and service parts order fulfillment processes.

Besides reverse logistics and logistics management, the suite includes applications for distributed order management, warehouse management, supply collaboration, inventory synchronization, product data management and supply chain event management. The applications that comprise 5x can now be purchased on a standalone basis or as an integrated suite.