Putting Your Money Where Your Moai Is

Provider offers guarantee of 100 percent ROI on strategic sourcing process within 30 days

Pittsburgh  September 18, 2002  While Las Vegas-based e-sourcing services provider PurchasePro was filing for bankruptcy and agreeing to be bought by Palo Alto, Calif.-headquartered Perfect Commerce, over on the other side of the continent, Pittsburgh's own Moai Technologies was rolling out a new program to guarantee fast results with its own sourcing offering.

Moai says its RapidSource consulting program can help jump-start a strategic sourcing process by providing clients with an in-depth, two- to three-week analysis of specific commodity expenditures.

The provider pledges to provide clients with a roadmap for achieving a minimum of 100 percent return on investment (ROI) within 30 days. Moai says it streamlines the strategic sourcing process by identifying new areas for cost reductions within a pre-selected universe of commodities where the provider has built category expertise among its own consulting staff.

After Moai's initial diagnostic is complete, RapidSource consultants assist the client with administering one or two complimentary auction events in a Moai-hosted environment. This enables the company to realize the newly identified savings, gain experience and apply e-sourcing as a solution for further reducing costs, the provider says.

If needed, the Moai team will present a business case model with a road map for achieving additional cost reductions. A final presentation offers new short-term cost reduction opportunities, general and specific findings, longer-term savings objectives, risk mitigation, change management and steps for implementing a more expanded sourcing initiative.

According to a statement from the provider, "Moai designed the RapidSource program to provide an added incentive for companies to begin these initiatives, despite shrinking information technology and consulting budgets, and as a low-risk way to accelerate current efforts or to test the effects of strategic sourcing and technology."

"With a guaranteed minimum 100 percent return on investment and access to Moai's extensive knowledge base and category expertise, RapidSource offers a low-risk, high-return path to e-sourcing," said Ramesh Mehta, CEO of Moai.

Mehta went on to assert that the company's consultants can help identify immediate savings potentials of 15 to 20 percent in targeted commodities, regardless of current or prior cost reduction programs within the company.

Moai says that no training or software is required, and only a minimal investment of time and money is needed from a client wishing to try RapidSource.