Itronix Selects Entomo for Online SRM

Global manufacturer of wireless to link to direct materials suppliers and implement VMI capabilities

Bellevue, WA  September 24, 2002  Entomo Inc., a provider of an integrated online supplier relationship management (SRM) system for strategic sourcing, announced today that Itronix Corp. has selected Entomo SmartHub/SRM in an effort to cut direct materials procurement costs and improve inventory management.

"Reducing our inventory and forming a collaborative partnership with our direct materials suppliers are key objectives for us, and we expect the Entomo system to make a significant impact towards those goals," said Cliff Allen, director of operations support at Itronix. He explained that the company wanted to involve its suppliers in the inventory management process by giving them an opportunity to take an active role in advance planning. In the past, Itronix buyers were required to upload MRP data, manually enter it into a spreadsheet and send it to suppliers  a very time consuming and error-prone procedure. Entomo SmartHub/SRM will automate the process, making VMI seamless and efficient.

Now, Allen said the Entomo SmartHub/SRM is going to allow Itronix to communicate in real time with its component parts suppliers and contract manufacturers. The system will transmit standard purchasing documents electronically, allowing users to collaborate using a single Web-based platform.

In addition, Itronix said it plans to implement vendor-managed inventory (VMI) through the use of the Entomo application. Entomo SmartHub/SRM will run in parallel with the company's MRP system.

Implementation of the Entomo SmartHub/SRM application at Itronix will begin immediately. Itronix intends to have at least 15 of its domestic and international suppliers on the system by the end of 2002.