Enabling the Retail Supply Chain

QRS aims to simplify, accelerate trading community enablement for retailers

Richmond, CA  October 9, 2002  QRS Corp., a provider of solutions for the extended supply chain, has upgraded its trading community management services with the launch of QRS Compliance Link, a Web-based solution designed to automate and expedite the process of building a trading community within the retail supply chain.

QRS said that Compliance Link is designed to help companies achieve a quicker return on their technology investments by making it faster and easier for companies to begin transacting business electronically with their entire trading community using the QRS Exchange suite of solutions.

Compliance Link gives retailers the ability to monitor in real time the status of suppliers in their trading community and offers suppliers tools to automate many of their processes, the solution provider said.

"With QRS Compliance Link, retailers have greater visibility into their supply chain processes, while suppliers are empowered to serve themselves," said Joyce Kim, senior vice president of marketing for QRS. "It's a solution that benefits all members of the trading community, facilitating communication, establishing uniform standards and driving efficiencies across the extended supply chain."

Compliance Link features include community administration and tracking, which helps manage many trading partners from a single location  including each partner's profile, status, active programs, registered users and associated activities  through a Web browser interface.

Program management features enable users to manage and launch programs, specify steps, notify trading partners, provide guidelines for reference and monitor the progress of each partner throughout the lifecycle of the program. Online transaction testing provides user-defined specifications, including business rules made available to review and download by partners, while standards and specification development uses the standards repository, ensuring each trading partner has access to the latest community standards and specifications.

Compliance Link helps suppliers understand what their retail trading partners' requirements are for transacting business electronically and lets them choose the appropriate communications solution to do so, QRS said.