Tools for the Always-on Supply Chain

Avere promises real-time order-promising capabilities in solution for outsourced supply chains

Santa Clara, CA  October 9, 2002  Solution provider Avere has released what it is calling the first closed-loop planning and execution software solution for managing outsourced supply chains.

Avere averred that its alwaysOn 1.0 enables planners to develop and execute profit-driven plans that provide users with key production purchasing, deployment, product mix and inventory decisions across an outsourced manufacturing network.

"We are addressing the complex planning challenges of an outsourced supply chain, as well as providing the ability for an enterprise to execute the plan, adjust and respond to changes in a closed-loop environment," said Chris Givens, Avere's CEO. "Traditional planning solutions do not accommodate the outsourced model, and execution is separated from the planning environment. As a result, companies that outsource continue to rely on spreadsheets to manage mission-critical requirements."

According to the solution provider, alwaysOn will provide customer-facing organizations with real-time order-promising capabilities based on a current end-to-end supply picture rather than on dated batch forecasts. As demand and supply positions change, the company's ability to quote and commit to customer orders will not be compromised, Avere claimed. The benefits could include the holy grail of reduced inventories and improved customer service.

The alwaysOn solution includes six application modules, two of which  Supply Chain Optimizer and Promiser  are available for immediate deployment. Supply Chain Optimizer provides users across a company with production scheduling, deployment, purchasing and product mix decisions for complex multi-tiered outsourced supply chains. Promiser enables the customer-facing organization to provide real-time quotes and order commitments.