How Much Is That Outsourced Solution in the Window?

Veterinary supplies distributor taps ADX to provide Internet EDI

Newark, CA  October 11, 2002  Internet electronic data interchange (EDI) has gone to the dogs. ADX Advanced Data Exchange this week announced that Webster Veterinary Supply Inc., one of the nations largest distributors of veterinary supplies, has selected ADX to provide supply chain connectivity services to its small- and mid-size (SME) suppliers.

According to ADX, Webster will use the provider's outsourced services to electronically connect mid-size and small suppliers to ADX Network, allowing them to exchange EDI transactions. Webster can now exchange business documents, including purchase orders and invoices, with its entire supplier base via the ADX Network. By deploying an outsourced solution, Webster can use its existing EDI systems to connect with even its smallest suppliers to send and receive business documents electronically.

ADX claimed the results of using the outsourced services will help Webster and its suppliers take costs out of their system, reduce processing errors and achieve more business efficiency.

"Partnering with ADX allows us to bring our small- and mid-size suppliers into our e-commerce system and helps them avoid the heavy costs of traditional EDI systems," said George Henriques, chief information officer of Webster Veterinary Supply. "Our ultimate goal in working with ADX is to drive costs out of our business, and ADX can help our smaller suppliers experience the benefits of electronic transactions."

After being tapped by Webster Veterinary Supply, ADX said it now has relationships with most of the major veterinary supply companies, including Burns, MWI and The Butler Co. In addition, ADX has earned the endorsement of the American Veterinary Distributors Association (AVDA).