New App for Global Operations

Qiva launches product suite to drive performance of extended supply chains

San Francisco  October 15, 2002  Qiva, a provider of software solutions for global logistics and trade management, has launched the Qiva Global Logistics Control System v3.0, which it said will help global companies drive the performance of their extended supply chains across partners, service partners and regional operations.

The Global Logistics Control System combines partner integration and collaboration, the order-through-delivery process and event management, tactical logistics execution, and cross border trade and security management within a common framework for managing data, business rules and business intelligence, according to the company.

Qiva said that across operations and partners, the software brings the product, data and business rule management of the system into a common process and data model, and, subsequently, the common data model generates system-enabled alerts, documents and the configurable business reporting from any data or triggered by any event.

Finally, the company said one of the solution's main features is its integration of rule management, screening technologies and logistics tracking into a central trade security framework for companies to deal with an increasingly stringent trade environment.

Gerald McNerney, senior research analyst at AMR Research, said, "For the firm who is primarily sourcing products from overseas, [the software] allows the user the ability to work with one supplier for a well-rounded global trade management system."