Adexa Integrates Vigilance Tools

Business performance analysis capabilities add KPI visibility to supply chain planning solution

Los Angeles  October 24, 2002  Enterprise software provider Adexa this week said it had integrated real-time business and financial performance analysis into its planning solution for manufacturers.

Adexa said the integration of performance management tools from Vigilance Software into its Enterprise Global Planning System (eGPS) will provide manufacturers with visibility into enterprise performance as measured by a variety of key performance indicators.

"Sometimes it's difficult to determine how well we are dealing with performance issues because we are not using the right metrics to measure our progress," said Darryl Praill, senior vice president of marketing for Adexa. "By integrating real-time business performance analytics with our aggregated supply chain and operations data model, the right metrics are constantly tracked and manufacturers are alerted to potentially serious problems before they have a chance to worsen and impact other areas of the business."

The provider suggested that the integrated performance and financial analysis capability amounts to a "dashboard" with displays to measure the effectiveness of business processes, supply chain performance and operational efficiency.

In addition, the system delivers alerts to warn of impending situations that could compromise business performance if left unchecked.

"Business intelligence tools that provide a snapshot of performance over a period of weeks or months are simply not good enough," asserted Rocky Gunderson, Vigilance's CEO. "In a competitive environment you have to win the day, and to accomplish that you have to measure your performance in real-time. That's what we do, and in the context of the Adexa solution-set, Vigilance monitors execution across the enterprise and throughout the supply chain to ensure all stakeholders are working to achieve corporate objectives."

Adexa launched its Enterprise Global Planning System in September. The solution offers tools that allow companies to define their corporate supply chain goals, model or plan the supply chain necessary to meet those goals, monitor the execution of those plans and notify appropriate stakeholders in the event of problems so they can reoptimize the supply chain.