Joining Forces Against Integration Costs

Frictionless teams with Open Applications Group to develop Web services standards

Cambridge, MA  October 30, 2002  Enterprise software provider Frictionless Commerce has announced that it will join the Open Applications Group (OAGI) to develop XML-based e-business standards and application integration. The move is a bid to create enterprise sourcing solutions that link with other business applications, such as procurement, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product data management (PDM) systems, for more access to information.

Mike Ehrenberg, Frictionless' chief technology officer and vice president of development, has participated in the OAGI for six years and served on its Policy Board for four years. He said, "At the inception of XML development, proprietary systems were created for specific applications. While it satisfied a business need at the time, these systems are now becoming costly to integrate and difficult to upgrade. The development of a standards-based XML language eliminates these setbacks by reducing integration costs, speeding upgrades and allowing for interoperability across any supplier's application."

Earlier this year, in May, OAGI announced the publication of Release 8.0, OAGIS (Open Application Group Integration Standard), which Frictionless, along with eXcelon, Ford Motor Co., Irista, Lucent Technologies, MRO Software and other, helped to develop. The OAGI stated, "The specification is the first ever to: 1) offer a single XML business language that covers virtually all application integration needs-including B2B, Application to Application and Exchanges; 2) accommodate industry-specific "plug-ins," and 3) support multiple technical frameworks."

"OAGIS 8.0 allows for unparalleled interoperability between lines of business and enterprise applications," said Ehrenberg. "Companies of all sizes and types are looking for ways to reduce application integration costs and improve efficiencies. This standard is a significant step in arming companies with the tools to enable seamless application integration."