Cray Taps J.D. Edwards

Supercomputer specialist implementing ERP, CRM, business intelligence apps

Denver  November 5, 2002  Supercomputer specialist Cray is set to implement collaborative enterprise software from J.D. Edwards & Co. in an effort to improve its decision-making capabilities while continuing to reduce costs.

Seattle-based Cray, with 800 employees and 2001 revenues of about $134 million, stakes a claim as the only U.S. supplier currently serving the $1.1 billion global high-end supercomputer market.

Cray is tapping several applications from the J.D. Edwards 5 line, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI). J.D. Edwards will also be the sole provider of implementation and training services for the new applications.

Cray is looking to the CRM solution to help the company understand the future needs of its customers more effectively, and to the BI solution to improve its marketing analysis capabilities.

Cray's implementation goal is to create a streamlined front-end opportunity management process that feeds manufacturing systems, allowing the company to plan inventory levels and product schedules.

"Cray focuses on marketing, manufacturing and servicing the world's largest supercomputers to solve customers' most challenging technical problems," said Nancy Soderquist, Cray's chief information officer. "We believe that J.D. Edwards' software will streamline these key functions extremely well."