Fishing for e-Commerce

Chicken of the Sea has hooked viaLink for data synchronization and sales agency services

Dallas, TX  November 11, 2002  The viaLink Co., an e-commerce services provider, said today that Chicken of the Sea International, based in San Diego, Calif., will use viaLink's syncLink and UCCnet On-boarding services.

viaLink explained that the syncLink service will enable Chicken of the Sea to use a single interpretation of commerce data, including item, price and promotion, with its trading partners. The data will also be visible to and actionable by CROSSMARK and other Chicken of the Sea sales and marketing agencies.

Chicken of the Sea said that, with the services, it is expecting to reduce the administrative effort required to communicate commerce data with trading partners and agencies and reduce invoice discrepancies and deductions.

The company's initial syncLink connection will be with Winn-Dixie.

viaLink added that UCCnet gives Chicken of the Sea a standards-compliant way to register product information in the UCCnet registry and to communicate that data to retailers and wholesalers who are UCCnet members. viaLink maintains the data in the registry and manages the publication of data to trading partners on the UCCnet system.

viaLink will complete the UCCnet certification process on behalf of Chicken of the Sea and maintain standards and technology changes.

Chicken of the Sea, winner of the "Gold Medal Taste Award" from the American Tasting Institute, provides a variety of canned seafood products, including tuna, salmon, crab, shrimp, oysters, clams, mackerel and sardines.