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Arizona city taps solution to automate, streamline Web publishing processes

Eden Prairie, MN  November 15, 2002  The Arizona city of Mesa, one of the fastest growing communities in the United States, is using a content management solution from Stellent to speed up the process of getting information out to its citizenry via the Web.

Mesa, which this week launched its site, is using Stellent's Content Management to allow its employees to manage and publish content, such as new releases and information on city council meetings, more quickly on the site.

Stellent said its solution enables customers to rapidly deploy line-of-business Web sites, as well as content management solutions for enterprise-wide initiatives to standardize content management for use by multiple sites and applications.

The Stellent system has allowed Mesa to automate and streamline the process of developing and distributing its government content. Using a Web browser, employees contribute content to the system in its native format, such as a word processing document, spreadsheet or graphic file. Once the content is submitted, the software automatically converts it from its native format to a variety of Web formats and publishes the content to the Mesa Web site.

"As the amount of content on the city's Web site grew, we quickly realized it was necessary to automate and simplify many of the manual processes we employed to support the site," said Mesa Web specialist Jessica Weiss.

Weiss said the system enables the city's staff to create, manage and publish Web site content in a more timely fashion and to provide content they could not offer previously due to the time involved with the manual processes. "The system minimizes the time required for our existing employees to support the site," she said.

Dan Ryan, senior vice president of marketing and business development for Stellent, said this latest implementation of his company's solution reflects a nationwide trend. "City governments throughout the country are looking for ways to more quickly and efficiently share information with their citizens," he said.

The 43rd largest city in the nation, Mesa  awash in desert sun and set against a backdrop of soaring saguaros, red rock and golf course fairways  has experienced a population boom in recent years, growing almost 40 percent from 1990 to 2000, to its current population of more than 430,000. The city's population is expected to hit 636,000 by 2025.