Wireless CRM

Salesforce.com solution aims to give mobile users access to customer relationship management data

San Francisco  November 18, 2002  The company salesforce.com, a provider of online customer relationship management (CRM) software, today took the wraps off a new solution designed to let sales teams access customer information using wireless devices.

The upcoming Airforce Wireless Edition, due out in December, links users directly to the live salesforce.com CRM system, removing the need for a local database and eliminating synchronization hassles and data conflicts, the provider said.

Upon accessing the CRM system using personal digital assistants (PDAs) and mobile email devices, salespeople can edit real-time, up-to-the-minute customer information in salesforce.com. They will be able to retrieve account, contact and opportunity information, along with events and tasks, directly through their devices. Users will also be able to make updates to their customer and sales information.

Andrew Damico, general manager of the Financial Services Group at salesforce.com customer IntraLinks, said his company has been using the new solution for everything from accessing contact details to updating opportunity information and managing daily tasks. "Having live, real-time access to salesforce.com via our wireless devices has really improved our outside sales process," Damico said.

Airforce Wireless Edition is slated to be available starting December 2, 2002. It will be available for no additional cost to salesforce.com Enterprise Edition subscribers, and for $195 per year per user for Professional Edition customers, according to the solution provider.

The provider salesforce.com also is partnering with Motient Corp. to offer a 30-day free trial package that includes BlackBerry handhelds and Enterprise Server software, wireless airtime and the salesforce.com wireless solution.