Reverse Logistics Trends Debuts

Consulting firm promises business intelligence on reserve logistics for OEMs

Fremont, CA  November 21, 2002  A new consulting firm made its debut this week, promising to provide manufacturers with business intelligence and insights into trends in reverse logistics.

Reverse Logistics Trends was incorporated in California at the end of October, according to Gailen Vick, president and principal analyst for the firm.

The company said it would target original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with its industry analyst reports providing business and technology intelligence to simplify the decision-making process for outsourcing repair services to third party service providers (3PSP).

Many reports are in the development stages, according to the firm. One report that will come out later this year will list the 3PSP companies located around the globe that provide support services for the OEMs and branded companies.

"Our first product will be a real asset to OEM and 3PSP companies," said Vick. "These 3PSPs will be able to have the details of their technologies and capabilities published at no cost."

Additionally, Reverse Logistics Trends said it would provide a quarterly newsletter to the industry carrying announcements and changes occurring around the world in the reverse logistics repair industry. A news clipping service will be available via the Internet for subscribers.

The first products will be marketed to the OEMs and secondarily made available to the 3PSPs.