Upgrade from SupplySolution

Direct material fulfillment service offers faster response times for data queries

Southfield, MI  December 11, 2002  Automotive e-business software provider SupplySolution today unveiled the latest release of its direct material fulfillment service, offering a new home page, better navigation, performance enhancements and other upgraded features designed to help industry suppliers reduce their costs.

The solution provider said its i-Supply Service is one of the manufacturing industry's most widely used Web-based application services for direct material fulfillment. The service provides real-time inventory visibility among trading partners at multiple layers within the supply chain, according to SupplySolution, which said the service is currently managing more than 200 supply chains.

The updates in version 4.6 of the service, which include a new feature called "i-Supply QuickView," provide for faster response times for data queries, increased access to critical data and increased ability to access large volumes of data, SupplySolution said. In addition, the provider said new filters give users a greater degree of detail in the data they seek, thus enabling faster responses to queries.

The rapid information access, which the provider rates at more than 10 times faster than in previous versions, will be extended to other areas of the i-Supply Service over the next three to four weeks.

SupplySolution asserted that the upgrades to i-Supply will help manufacturers reduce their on-hand inventory, eliminate expedited freight and bring production scheduling control back to the supply base, ultimately helping to remove costs from the manufacturing process.

"The enhancements to release 4.6 directly meet the needs of our 2,000-plus current customers," said Michael Hennessey, vice president of product management and solution engineers for SupplySolution. "The service has become invaluable in managing critical functions and requires speed and flexibility to work most effectively for our clients."