Holox Taps JDA Software

Rolls out replenishment system to meet challenges of store-level replenishment

Scottsdale, AZ  December 13, 2002  Holox Ltd., a provider of gases and distributor of welding and safety products, has adopted a replenishment system from provider JDA Software in a bid to improve purchasing decisions at its stores.

To meet the unique challenges of store-level replenishment for its welding supply and safety products, Holox adopted JDA's E3Advanced Store Replenishment, with an initial implementation at the company's central warehouse.

David Browning, director of marketing and purchasing, at Holox, said that the software is helping the company to streamline the procurement functions throughout the company, producing benefits on both the buy and sell sides of the company. "With Store Replenishment, we expect to improve service levels to the customer while reducing overall and slow moving inventory," Browning said.

"This project represents a significant inventory management change for Holox," said David Tidmarsh, JDA's senior vice president of client services. Tidmarsh said that the solution is helping Holox to centralize its procurement processes to improve efficiencies while allowing adequate store-level autonomy to address local customer requirements.

Having completed the implementation at its central warehouse, Holox will continue to roll out Store Replenishment to its 65 stores. The company expects to complete the full rollout of its JDA implementation by summer 2003.