Busy Day At Adonix

ERP provider acquires CIMPRO, bolsters warehouse management and data collection capabilities in Adonix X3

Pittsburgh, PA  December 19, 2002  Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provider Adonix today announced it has acquired CIMPRO, a Tarrytown, N.Y. subsidiary of MAI Systems Corp., and that it will assume all CIMPRO employees, net assets, technology (including CIMPRO V) and contractual rights to all 250 customers and business partners.

The company also announced that it has enhanced its ERP solution Adonix X3 in such a way that will bolster its warehouse management (WMS) and data collection capabilities. In addition, the company will combine the Adonix X3 and CIMPRO V solutions will to create an offering for specific process industries, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage sectors. Adonix said CIMPRO, which stands for Computer Integrated Manufacturing for Process, has been designed for the process industry.

The CIMPRO purchase closely follows Adonix' purchase of Groupe ABEL in September, the most recent in a series of acquisitions that began seven years ago. Adonix has acquired four software suppliers for their assets and expertise and has melded their capabilities into an enterprise software framework for mid-market companies.

"The consolidation that has been occurring amongst mid-market ERP software suppliers validates the importance of leveraging respective strengths in order to better serve customers," said Alex Attal, CEO of Adonix North America. "We recognize that customers require fully integrated enterprise-wide software solutions that provide both breadth and depth of functionality on a modern technical platform at an affordable price."

As for the Adonix X3 software, Attal said, "The new features are designed to address the needs of mid-sized companies that have demanding warehouse requirements. We believe that customers that integrate warehouse management processes into their ERP system will see a significant cost savings and gain a major advantage over their competitors."

Adonix X3's new WMS features include directed putaway to appropriate storage locations by radio-frequency (RF) scanning, palletized picking and consolidated shipping, and warehouse labor tracking, among other capabilities.