More Visibility Means Faster Reaction Times

DigiTerra unveils new supply chain information tool for enterprise-wide visibility

Indianapolis  January 2, 2003  DigiTerra Inc. announced the release of its supply chain information portal (SCIP) solution SolidVision. The provider said SolidVision is designed to manage and integrate companies' supply chains, aggregate inventory from multiple warehouses or link to transportation carriers' Web sites to track order status.

SolidVision also gives a real-time, micro-level view of enterprise data through its framework, applications, content and process managers. The solution's event management tools enable businesses to identify event triggers within any enterprise database, which sends automatic notification via e-mail or pager when a trigger occurs. "Enterprises with fast reaction times can use that advantage to capitalize on opportunities faster than their competitors," DigiTerra's President Mike Mayoras commented.

He said other benefits of SolidVision include the ability to target actionable data and build rule-based intelligence around enterprise data.

One of DigiTerra's first SolidVision clients is Thomson Learning, a provider of tailored learning solutions and market group of The Thomson Corp., a global e-information and solutions company in the education, business and professional marketplace.

"With SolidVision, our customer service representatives have detailed order, package and inventory information," said Rich Eby, industrial engineer at Thomson Learning. "Increasing supply chain visibility, event management and collaboration capabilities through SolidVision will enable us to transform data into information and get the right information in the right persons' hands in real-time."