Cashman Ups the Competition

Equipment seller, servicer picks software to increase sales and control costs

Sunnyvale. CA  January 9  Cashman Equipment, which sells and services new and reconditioned construction equipment, said it is using solutions from business performance management software provider Hyperion for sales, support and service. The company claimed that, since implementing the solution, it has better inventory and expense control and lower overtime costs.

Bill Glassen, director of IT for Cashman Equipment, said, "[Hyperion's] business performance management solution has eliminated the chore of information-gathering and tedious budgeting processes so we can focus on strategic planning. We're getting more competitive everyday because we have the information that enables us to make better decisions. Hyperion solutions have enabled us to see the impact of events in real-time, such as schedule changes, reduction of outstanding work orders and speedy turn-around of repairs."

Glassen said the Hyperion software enables managers to utilize information to drive profitability. For example, they were able to use data such as customer purchasing activities and inventory levels to create marketing programs yielding increased sales.

"We were able to see a summary of the sales for each customer for both last year and this year and capitalize on potential sales opportunities," he said. "For example, we promoted hoses. One month, we sold 1,000 hoses, but the next month, we ran a promotion and sold 1,800 at a promotional price. Being able to capture this type of information helps our marketing department give value-add to their promotional dollars spent, while delivering a great deal to our customers."

Nazhin Zarghamee, chief marketing officer for Hyperion, said the business performance management software arms Cashman with the information and accurate forecasts to execute strategic plans that increase profits.

"Hyperion gives companies like Cashman the ability to make the best business decisions," she said. "They can leverage a wide range of data, including repair costs, mechanic salaries and part prices, in order to capitalize on opportunities to save money and increase sales. With online access to this data from throughout the organization, the company gains the agility to quickly react to changes based on timely, accurate information."