Victron Purchases MPM Software

Hopes to improve knowledge management, go paperless with manufacturing process management solutions

Nashua, NH  January 13, 2003  Manufacturing process management (MPM) solution provider Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. announced that electronic manufacturing services provider Victron Inc. has purchased US$200,000 of Tecnomatix eMPower solutions in a bid to lower its production costs and increase quality and throughput.

The company said it purchased licenses for software and services from the eMPower Execution Systems and eMPower PCB Assembly and Test suites from Tecnomatix Unicam, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tecnomatix Technologies, Ltd.

Victron explained that it selected eMPower Execution Systems solutions for its knowledge management capabilities, and eMPower PCB Assembly & Test solutions to implement paperless work instructions for circuit board assembly. Both solutions will be used in conjunction with other Tecnomatix eMPower MPM software and services already in use at Victron.

With the solutions, Victron said its products would follow a defined route, the details of each board would be tracked, bottlenecks and process issues would be identified, and real-time reports for SPC and root cause analysis would be generated.

"Our experience with Tecnomatix Unicam over the years has shown us that they have the solutions to help us bring our operations to ever-more efficient levels," said Chris Lee, president of Victron. "By integrating their eMPower Execution Systems tools, we can ensure tight control at every phase of the assembly process  and that can only be good for the bottom line."