TSN Taps Prescient for VMI

Distributor to use demand, inventory planning solutions in vendor management inventory program for Wal-Mart subsidiary

West Chester, PA  January 14, 2003  TSN, a distributor of cleaning, food and general supplies, has tapped solution provider Prescient to drive its vendor-managed inventory (VMI) program with McLane Company.

McLane, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wal-Mart, is a food logistics provider that delivers food and non-food products to more than 50,000 customer locations around the world. As a vendor of choice, TSN is the sole provider of supplies in their category to all McLane divisions.

TSN is set to use the demand planning, inventory planning and optimized orders modules of Prescient's XEi solution to facilitate a VMI program with McLane. Prescient says that TSN chose its solution in part because of the software's ability to scale as TSN's requirements grow and because of the rapid implementation timeframe.

"TSN has an obligation to McLane and its other partners to deliver the best products and ensure that they are on their customers' shelves when they want them," said Paul Kelley, chief financial officer and vice president of operations for TSN. "We are counting on our relationship with Prescient to aid in maintaining TSN's competitive advantage through an enhanced partnership with McLane, reducing supply chain costs, improving data integrity and increasing visibility."

TSN has developed a core competency in supplies, providing paper towels, tissue, soap, can liners, cleaning supplies and just about everything in between, to major distributors and retailers. TSN is an aggregator for national manufacturing companies such as Kimberly Clark, Fort James, Rittenhouse, Sonoco, Rubbermaid and others, interfacing directly with McLane and offering consolidated purchasing power.

"Major retailers and distributors such as McLane are driving technology adoption by their suppliers, thus creating more robust supply chain functionality and visibility," suggested Jane Hoffer, Prescient's president and CEO. "In TSN's case, as the vendor of choice for McLane's 19 divisions, they wanted a best-of-breed solution for what is an increasingly important business and [customer relationship management] initiative."