Hickory Travel Systems, ProcurePoint Partner

Agreement makes hotel procurement platform available to Hickory's member agencies

Tempe, AZ  January 28, 2003  Business travel consortia Hickory Travel Systems has signed up to offer services from online hotel sourcing specialist ProcurePoint Travel Solutions to Hickory's member agencies.

ProcurePoint said that its solution should help Hickory's 85 member agencies achieve process improvements in working with hotels to determine rates for rooms and services related to transient travel and off-site meetings.

Using ProcurePoint Enterprise Transient, Hickory member agencies will be able to automate the hotel sourcing and negotiation process. ProcurePoint said that hotels would benefit from a streamlined and fair process that focuses on best overall value.

"Our goal is to help our member agencies work more efficiently and, as a result, boost their bottom lines," said Alfred Luthy, vice president hotel programs for Hickory/Custom Travel Systems. "We believe it will provide our member agencies a means to streamline their operations while at the same time improving the level of service they can provide their clients."

Commenting on the new agreement, Ed Sarraille, president and CEO of ProcurePoint, said Hickory Travel Systems is helping its member agencies stay ahead of the curve as they take advantage of the growing convergence of travel and procurement within corporations. "By offering our platform to its members," Sarraille said, "Hickory Travel Systems is taking a leadership role in helping companies integrate procurement best practices into their hotel spending as they streamline operations and maximize value."

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