The State of Integration

Georgia Technology Authority to standardize initiatives for the state's citizen portal

Fairfax, VA  January 28, 2003  webMethods Inc., an independent provider of integration software, today announced that the State of Georgia would use the webMethods integration platform to build the integration infrastructure for, the state's new portal. Georgia, which has a track record of using technology for citizen benefit, has now standardized on webMethods' integration software for the state's integration initiatives.

Established by the Georgia Legislature in July 2000, Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) is responsible for connecting constituents to state government through information technology. One component of ensuring the effective use of IT resources throughout Georgia is a single portal GTA is building for government transactions and information to be accessible anywhere, anytime. GTA said it would connect state agencies into the enhanced portal, using webMethods' Web services-based integration to offer one-stop shopping for government services and information.

The state portal,, will serve as a centralized resource for a wide range of government interactions such as: applying for a business or professional license; renewing a driver's license; accessing child care provider reports and physician profiles; and researching, educational and recreational opportunities.

"As we mapped out the technical requirements for this initiative prior to selecting vendors, it was clear that integration would play a very important role in our ultimate success," said Gina Tiedemann, director, GeorgiaNet division, GTA. "We needed to partner with a company capable of providing a very robust architecture, not only to connect all of the state's resources, but ultimately, to also tie in federal and local resources. We have an aggressive vision for this portal, and webMethods has demonstrated the capabilities we need to complete this very important project."

GTA evaluated the leading integration vendors, and based upon the flexibility of webMethods' offering, their pre-built adapters for integrating packaged applications and mainframes, and their adapter development kit for building new adapters, webMethods was selected to work with GTA.

"webMethods' software integrates applications, mainframes, Web services and human workflows, allowing GTA to solve a wide range of integration issues from a single platform," said Len Pomata, president, webMethods Government. "From the beginning, GTA expressed interest in building reusable integration components that could be created and used by employees within and outside of IT departments. Our platform provides the flexibility and ease of use necessary to create an integration environment that can be managed by GTA and the agencies providing content to the portal."

GTA has also approved webMethods' technology for use by other agencies as they encounter the need for integration software.