West Group Expands Noosh Deployment

Creative services team uses solution for project management

Santa Clara, CA  February 3, 2003  Noosh Inc., a provider of collaborative e-business software, has announced that West, a U.S. legal market information solutions provider, has deployed the Noosh 5 solution to provide Web-based project management tools.

Since 2000, West said it has managed more than 17,000 projects using Noosh 4. Procured items included printed business communications, collateral, direct mail and advertising.

More recently, West said it's creative services team was seeking a tool to ensure that projects run on time and on budget during the development stages, including the concept, design, and copy-editing phases. Specifically the team wanted a tool that could chart the overall schedule; maintain up-to-date lists of tasks, dependencies and deliverables; provide ready access to project templates; record time tracking and allocate costs to cost centers; store and share document files with full revision histories; report on process bottlenecks; and ensure maximum security on all levels.

Previously, according to West, the company relied on "off the shelf" project management software to track project elements. At the end of each day all users would manually submit data to an administrator, who then collated the information and pushed out an updated view of the next day's schedule and tasks. Now with the Noosh software, updates occur electronically and in real-time, schedules and dependencies are shifted based on key project factors and notifications regarding changes are sent to the team members who are affected.

Virginia Flo, marketing production and technology manager of West, said, "Noosh 5 has delivered technology to streamline processes at the development stages of a project. With Noosh our creative services team can focus on the important work that's required to bring new materials to market." Flo added that the company is exploring plans to move from Noosh 4 to Noosh 5 for procurement processes, too.

"Today's creative service and marketing departments are challenged to do more in less time," said Mike Gardner, CEO of Noosh. "We are glad that our Noosh 5 technology is helping to meet that challenge at West Group."

West produces a line of print and electronic information products. West brands include Westlaw, Foundation Press, The Rutter Group, FindLaw, and ProLaw Software.