TNT Logistics Updates SCEM App

Supply chain event management solution aims to synch disparate systems to provide logistics visibility

Jacksonville, FL  February 14, 2003  TNT Logistics this week rolled out the latest version of its supply chain event management application, designed to provide global material visibility and control through real time, exception-based information.

TNT, a provider of value-added logistics services and a division of TPG N.V., said its Matrix Supply Chain Technologies are intended to support the operation of both domestic and global supply chains in the automotive, fast moving consumer goods, industrial, utility and electronic sectors.

Developed and housed at TNT Logistics North America's Jacksonville, Fla., headquarters, Matrix currently serves 30 customers and, according to TNT, performs more than 1 million transactions monthly, including shipment updates, variance notification, order processing and pre-advice alerts, as it supports logistics operations in countries around the globe.

Matrix tackles supply chain integration by synching up otherwise disparate systems and point solutions to communicate with each other, TNT said. Matrix integrates into a common architecture such traditionally disparate processes or "point" solutions as transportation, strategic planning, optimization, warehousing and back-office functions, allowing for the sharing of data among these processes and enabling TNT to operate a broad solution within a single system. The outcome is increased performance visibility for all trading partners, TNT asserted.

Included in Matrix are customer specific portals that allow access to logistics information based on a sign-on ID. The customer specific portal enables users to respond to event-driven, exception-based information, for example, to facilitate merge in-transit inventory, consolidate transportation, reduce work-in-process and improve asset utilization.