Mountain Hardwear Selects V3

Outdoor gear manufacturer looking to increase order processing velocity, inventory accuracy

Charlotte, NC Ñ March 5, 2003 Ñ Outdoor gear company Mountain Hardwear this week made its largest-ever corporate systems purchase when it tapped supply chain execution specialist V3 Systems to provide a solution to manage the manufacturer's supply chain logistics and inventory processes, the solution provider announced today.

Richmond, Calif.-based Mountain Hardware is looking to V3's software to help the company increase its order processing velocity and inventory accuracy, while continuing to provide high levels of service to its customers, according to Tim Metz, Mountain Hardwear information technology manager.

V3 said its software solution provides a flexible Web-based operational platform that can be deployed to match a company's business process, especially in highly complex, multi-facility and multi-supplier environments.

"Mountain Hardwear supports a dealer network that has earned the loyalty of a very demanding group of consumers by offering exactly the right product at the right time, backed up with superior service," noted Ashley Campbell, president and CEO of V3 Systems. "Their ultimate consumer is a person who accepts no compromises, and that includes the level of service from their outdoor retailer."

The V3 solution is matched to Mountain Hardwear's business model, Campbell said, and supports the manufacturer's efforts to expand its product line and customer base, while reducing inventory and further improving their standard for service.

V3's partner, CMAC, a logistics consulting and system integration firm based in Atlanta, will serve as the implementer on the project.

Metz said Mountain Hardware selected V3's software because the solution offered superior Web-based flexibility, which will be key as the company continues to expand the breadth and depth of its product line and the scope of its distribution in the high-end outdoor gear market.

"This purchase was Mountain Hardwear's largest corporate systems purchase ever, so you can imagine how carefully we looked at the competitive field," said Tim Metz, Mountain Hardwear information technology manager. "The harder we looked at V3, the better they looked. Their software is easy to use, easy to configure and easy to scale."