MRO Software Joins OASIS

Membership to help provide standards-based strategic asset management solutions

Bedford, MA — March 19, 2003 — MRO Software Inc., a provider of strategic asset management solutions, today announced that it has joined the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS). What reinforced the move was, according to MRO Software, the company's commitment to the development and promotion of standards-based solutions that enable customers to manage their entire asset portfolio.

The provider said organizations are trying to achieve collaboration within the enterprise and with partners, customer and suppliers. To meet these objectives, they are looking for ways to define and adhere to a broadly accepted framework for Web services, security, XML content and transactions, and interoperability.

As a sponsor member of OASIS, MRO Software said it has the opportunity to work on key technical committees with members such as IBM, PeopleSoft and Microsoft to drive the development and adoption of e-business standards throughout the industry.

Jim Battle, vice president of product development for MRO Software, said his company recognizes the importance of delivering standards-based solutions. "They reduce the total cost of application ownership while providing interoperability in our customer's application environment, without sacrificing competitiveness and business agility," he explained.