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A selection of recent customer-win announcements from the supply chain community

March 26, 2003  Following is a selection of recent customer-win announcements that have come into the iSource Business newsroom. These press releases are, for the most part, presented as received. Datelines have been edited for consistency, and trademark and similar notations, as well as "forward looking statement" and similar notices, have been removed.

California State University, Fullerton Selects AcquireX to Improve Education Procurement Process

AcquireX's E-Procurement Network Enables Cal State Fullerton to Reduce Procurement Costs

Fullerton, CA  March 4, 2003  California State University, Fullerton (Cal State Fullerton) today announced that they have chosen Long Beach, CA-based AcquireX as its application service provider (ASP) for electronic procurement on the 32,000 student campus. This partnership is a result of a 6-month pilot program.

Cal State Fullerton began its investigation of electronic procurement systems in 1998. Through the evaluation process, Sherri Newcomb, Cal State Fullerton's Chief Financial Officer and executive sponsor for this program, concluded that using an ASP such as AcquireX would save the university considerable time and the expense of purchasing a software package with related implementation and maintenance costs.

"We are pleased to be working with AcquireX and receiving the benefits of electronic procurement for our university," states Newcomb. "As we expand the number of qualified vendors in our catalog, we will provide improved procurement services to the campus, as well as realize savings in the costs of products, and from the efficiencies that the AcquireX system provides. AcquireX has been deployed campus-wide, and I expect AcquireX to become the procurement method of choice for most office supplies & technology peripherals within 12 months."

AcquireX is a fully hosted purchasing application available 24/7 and accessible via a standard web browser. In addition to providing a large catalog of products, AcquireX allows for custom catalogs with the university's strategic suppliers. This provides access to multiple suppliers using one interface, workflow, budget code allocation, order tracking and reporting.

Jack Allewaert, CEO of AcquireX, states, "We're delighted to partner with Cal State Fullerton and to introduce AcquireX to the California State University system. We're working closely with the university to ensure that shoppers and approvers receive the best purchasing experience possible using vendor catalogs of their choice, including our own catalog."

About AcquireX

AcquireX, an electronic-procurement application provider, improves customers' bottom line through redefining how goods and services are purchased. AcquireX implements, administers and maintains for customers a system that significantly reduces the administrative costs associated with processing a purchase order while reducing the money spent by controlling which commodities and services are available for purchase and by driving those orders through pre-negotiated agreements. AcquireX customers access existing supplier contracts alongside consortium pricing agreements that AcquireX has negotiated with both wholesalers and manufacturers of office and technology products, resulting in immediate cost comparison and savings. Designed to be flexible and user-friendly, AcquireX meets the differing needs of customers throughout the country. For additional information about AcquireX, visit

About Cal State Fullerton

With more than 32,000 students, Cal State Fullerton, one of 23 campuses in the California State University system, is Orange County's most populous university. In addition to the main campus, the university has a branch in Irvine (the El Toro Campus) as well as satellites in Garden Grove and Santa Ana. Cal State Fullerton enjoys a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure that creates and supports opportunities for technological innovation within the university. Students have a choice of a hundred degree programs, as well as many credential programs offered through University Extended Education. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the university is listed by U.S. News and World Report among its "Top Public Schools."

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Infasco Goes Live with Ironside's eCommerce Solution

North America's Largest Producer of Standard Fasteners Seeks to Enhance Customer Service and Streamline Processes Through Online Order Management

Pleasanton, CA  March 5, 2003  Ironside Technologies Inc., a global leader in business-to-business electronic commerce solutions for the manufacturing and distribution markets, today announced that Infasco, a Canadian-based division of Ivaco and North America's largest producer of standard fastener products, has gone live with Ironside's Online Order Entry and Order Status Applications.

Infasco's goal is to enhance the level of service provided to customers by enabling them to place orders online, view order status and by streamlining customer call center processes. In addition, because availability of inventory is a main driver in order acquisition, Infasco and its sister Infastgroupe company, Distributor Sales, believe they can improve their competitiveness by providing online real-time inventory availability, pricing and order confirmations. Infasco is among Ironside's customer base of 220 manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

"Our dedication to excellence in customer service extends back to our founding in 1958, and is one of the reasons we have been able to establish our market-leading position. We believe that the Ironside solution will help strengthen relationships with our customers and provide us with a distinct competitive advantage," says Mortie Chaikelson, Vice President at Infasco. "Ironside has enabled us to provide critical information online such as inventory availability and real-time pricing to our customers. This was a key business driver for us and one of the reasons we chose to partner with Ironside."

Infasco continually strives to reinforce its leadership position through investments made in the latest information management technology. By selecting Ironside, Infasco was able to leverage its existing investment in iRenaissance, their ERP system from ROSS, and the backbone of their manufacturing and distribution capabilities. Ironside's ability to integrate to the ROSS system enabled Infasco to minimize additional IT investments and significantly shortened implementation times. In addition, because Ironside was able to integrate with the complex business logic of the ERP system, rather than through simple database integration provided by other less sophisticated eCommerce solutions, Infasco is able to provide their customers with contract-specific pricing, real-time order status information and the accurate inventory availability data that is so critical to their e-commerce initiatives.

Ironside solutions are designed to help businesses strengthen and grow customer relationships. Ironside solutions include:

  • The Order Management Suite that enables complete online order management, electronic notification, and wireless connectivity as well as electronic catalog and content syndication capabilities.

  • The Customer Service Suite that enables companies to strengthen customer relationships by providing automated returns processing and online customer support.

  • The Supplier Relationship Management Suite that allows businesses to streamline relationships with suppliers to reduce costs, enable purchase order collaboration and improve inventory management.

  • The Automated Fax Ordering Solution that eliminates the re-keying of fax orders received from customers, improving order-processing efficiencies while increasing customer satisfaction.

  • The B2B Integration Platform that provides Ironside's ability to integrate to backoffice applications and includes prepackaged enterprise adapters for SAP, Oracle, J.D. Edwards, BPCS, PRISM and JBA.

About Ironside

Ironside Technologies, Inc., is a global leader in business-to-business eCommerce solutions responsible for powering the eCommerce strategies of some of the world's most prominent manufacturers and distributors. Ironside solutions enable suppliers to quickly and flexibly integrate online channels with existing business strategies to deliver measurable results, strengthen trading partner relationships and increase efficiencies. The Ironside solution suites automate key business processes such as order management, customer service, supplier relationship management enabling manufacturers and distributors to transact with customers and vendors in real-time through browsers, wireless devices, e-Marketplaces and e-Procurement systems. Ironside Powered solutions integrate into virtually all enterprise business systems and are available as rapidly deployable integrated solutions for most leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms. For more information, please call 1-800-495-IRON or visit the company's Web site at

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Merant Addresses Change Management Needs of Retail Industry

Best Buy, Borders, CVS, The Home Depot, Ross Stores, Spiegel and Staples Among Retailers Already Benefiting From Merant's Solutions

Hillsboro, OR  March 10, 2003  Merant, a leading provider of software and services that deliver flexible control of code, content and other business-critical assets, today announced several customer wins in the retail industry, including Best Buy Co., Inc., CVS Corp., Borders, The Home Depot, Ross Stores, Inc., Spiegel and Staples.

Ideal for managing modifications to individual applications, complex application networks and the turnover from development to production, Merant's flexible, comprehensive enterprise change management solutions increase retailer competitiveness and revenue, reduce expenses and minimize risk.

"Our products are well suited to the retail market given their inherent flexibility and ability to handle complex application infrastructure," commented James Rogers, vice president of product marketing at Merant. "And with dozens of large retailers in our customer base, we have established a solid track record of success and demonstrated an obvious commitment to addressing the unique needs of this industry. We look forward to building on this momentum, and will continue refining our technology to help even more retailers across the globe."

Retailing is a software and data intensive industry with powerful applications supporting many core business areas, including merchandising, warehouse management, customer relationship management and supply chain management. To facilitate these business-critical operations, most large retailers use a combination of packaged and in-house developed applications. These applications are then often extensively customized not only to meet the unique needs of the retailer but also to ensure that they work together. Change management solutions are essential to maintaining the integrity of individual applications as well as the complex "networks" created by so many integrated, interdependent applications.

In addition to offering the industry's most comprehensive change management for individual development projects and applications, Merant's solutions are uniquely able to deliver change management for complex application networks. Merant's powerful line of products includes PVCS Dimensions, the industry's most flexible and comprehensive enterprise change management platform; PVCS Professional, an innovative software suite that enables project teams to cost-effectively automate, accelerate and manage development and business projects; and Merant Collage, an enterprise-class Web content management solution that allows companies to quickly and cost-effectively design, create, deploy and manage the code and content of Internet, extranet and intranet initiatives.

Merant's products also help retailers manage the turnover from development to production, ensuring that software running on production systems is not corrupted by uncontrolled changes. The company's solutions prohibit any unauthorized changes to production code, and make sure software runs through its complete lifecycle before being released to production, dramatically reducing the likelihood of failure. Moreover, by automatically migrating code from development to test to production, Merant's solutions expedite the entire process and eliminate costly errors commonly associated with manual migration.

About PVCS Dimensions

Delivering unsurpassed scalability and flexibility, Merant's PVCS Dimensions is the industry's first comprehensive change management platform for automating development processes, business rules and asset change practices. Dimensions provides, in a single change management framework, comprehensive process control, versioning, baseline management, issue management, release management, build management and workflow management. Scalable enough to address the needs of teams of all sizes, Dimensions can be rapidly implemented, ensuring the protection and management of all enterprise assets. With process control that can be easily customized to fit agile or traditional methodologies, or modeled on specific needs, Dimensions quickly simplifies change management across an entire organization.

About PVCS Professional

Merant's PVCS Professional enables project teams to cost-effectively automate, accelerate and manage development and business projects. The PVCS Professional suite is comprised of PVCS Version Manager, one of the most widely adopted solutions for version control in team development environments; PVCS Tracker, a powerful solution for capturing managing and communicating changes, issues and tasks; and PVCS Configuration Builder, which is designed to ensure applications are built in a reproducible, reliable manner.

About Merant Collage

Merant Collage is an enterprise-class Web content management solution that enables organizations to quickly and cost-effectively design, create, deploy and manage the code and content of Internet, extranet and intranet initiatives. In one, easy-to-use, scalable solution, Merant Collage provides a powerful deployment engine and many built-in productivity features that get Web infrastructures up and running quickly, while providing a secure, user-friendly environment for ongoing content contributions. Collage delivers the industry's lowest total cost of ownership as well as the only seamless integration with SCM solutions.

About Merant

Merant delivers the industry's most flexible and comprehensive enterprise change management solutions. Already in use at more than 16,000 organizations across the globe, including 90 of the Fortune 100, Merant's products and services dramatically enhance the productivity, quality and ROI of customers' technology initiatives by allowing them to quickly and cost-effectively track, manage and control modifications in business-critical information assets. For more information, please visit

PVCS Dimensions, PVCS Professional, PVCS Version Manager, PVCS Tracker, PVCS Configuration Builder, Merant Collage and Merant are trademarks of Merant. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Ship Engine Builder Wartsila Selects Proficiency for Multi-Cad Collaboration

Joint Project with Japanese Partner Expects Significant Savings by Utilizing Collaboration Gateway

Marlborough, MA  March 10, 2003  Proficiency, the innovator in engineering supply chain collaboration, today announced that Wartsila Switzerland has purchased its Collaboration Gateway software. Wartsila is a global leader in ship power design and manufacturing, with revenues in excess of EUR 2.5 billion. Wartsila Switzerland will use Proficiency's software to facilitate design collaboration with a development partner in Japan on a new marine engine project. 3D Design models for various subsystems of the engine will be converted from PTC's Pro/ENGINEER into EDS PLM Solutions' I-DEAS environment. The project will last two years, during which thousands of models will be converted.

"Wartsila Switzerland selected Proficiency's Collaboration Gateway after a lengthy pilot, and in our opinion, today there is no more efficient way to convert intelligent 3D models from one design system into the other," said Mr. Rudolf Holtbecker, Project Manager for the engine development at Wartsila.

The Proficiency Collaboration Gateway is a Web-based, feature-level CAD interoperability software application that facilitates the sharing of product design information throughout the extended product development process. The revolutionary technology platform of the Universal Product Representation (UPR) enables an independent representation of design intelligence, including features, history, constraints, assembly structure, dimensions, metadata and other information. It enables design teams to collaboratively develop new products using the CAD system of their choice, while eliminating the wasted time and cost associated with data re-mastering.

Commenting on the value of the software, Marcus Hummel, Chief Financial Officer of Wartsila Switzerland said, "We estimate that the Collaboration Gateway will save us approximately 20,000 hours of manual CAD work over the next two years."

About Proficiency

Proficiency is the innovator in engineering collaboration. The Company's Collaboration Gateway allows development teams within manufacturers and their suppliers to efficiently collaborate on the design of complex products. A privately held company headquartered in Marlborough, Mass., Proficiency has secured nearly $40M in venture capital investment led by Concord Ventures, Charles River Ventures, and Carmel Ventures. The Company has numerous patents pending in engineering information representation technology. For more information on Proficiency, please visit

About Wartsila

Wartsila Corporation is the leading global ship power supplier and a major provider of solutions for decentralized power generation and of supporting services, with its head office in Helsinki, Finland. Wartsila Corporation supplies ship machinery, propulsion and maneuvering solutions, and related services for all types of vessels. Wartsila's net sales in 2002 totaled EUR 2.5 billion.

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Vitria's Integration Solutions Selected by One of America's Largest Electricity Producers for Supply Chain Management and Automation of Business Processes

Vitria's BusinessWare Integrates Southern Company's Supply Chain Application with Third Party Trading Exchange, Facilitates Real-Time Trading with Suppliers

Sunnyvale, CA  March 10, 2003  Vitria, the leading provider of business process integration solutions, today announced that Southern Company, one of the largest producers of electricity in the United States, has implemented Vitria's BusinessWare in the first step of its multi-year Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) strategy. Vitria, selected after an intense review process, successfully designed and implemented a Business-to-Business Integration (B2Bi) solution connecting Southern Company's supply chain Accounting Materials & Procurement System (AMPS) to the Pantellos Energy Trading Network.

The key business drivers that led Southern Company to seek a new solution were cost savings, enhanced business efficiencies, reliability and revenue maximization.

In order to maintain its competitive edge, Southern Company needed a solution that would enable real-time business process integration with its partners and suppliers. The Information Resources team within Southern Company realized that their current infrastructure was not allowing them to respond to market needs as quickly as possible due to the complexity of data integration across their existing systems. The point-to-point solutions they were using led to a less flexible architecture that was difficult to maintain in support of new and existing business processes. Likewise, B2B integration was more difficult within the IT environment.

In this first phase of its EAI rollout, Southern Company's goal was to integrate its legacy Supply Chain Management solution, AMPS, with the Pantellos Trading Network in real-time and to automate the exchange of purchasing information between them. The Supply Chain Management applications encompass the business processes involving materials management, site services, vendor-managed inventory, procurement and invoicing. The BusinessWare solution was deployed and in production within six weeks and is now in place to conduct business with key suppliers and partners over the Internet.

"To respond quickly to the dynamic supply chain challenges in the energy industry and provide our customers with the best service, at the best price, it is imperative that we have a very responsive, very rapid, very agile supply chain," said Jacki Lowe, vice president of supply chain management for Southern Company. "Vitria's strength and experience with EAI implementations and B2B connectivity was critical because we were seeking to institute the most robust and flexible procurement process possible."

"Imperative to the success of any supply chain management process, organizations must be able to tie together the disparate data coming in from suppliers, traders, distributors and customers," said Gary Velasquez, president of Americas operations, Vitria. "This is what BusinessWare was created to do. At the end of the day, it's about business value. We look forward to working with Southern Company to extend its integration solution enterprise-wide."

With 4 million customers and nearly 37,000 megawatts of generating capacity, Atlanta-based Southern Company is the premier super-regional energy company in the Southeast and a leading U.S. producer of electricity. Southern Company owns electric utilities in four states, a fast-growing competitive generation company, an energy services business and a competitive retail natural gas business, as well as fiber optics and wireless communications.

About BusinessWare

Vitria's BusinessWare is a business process integration platform that orchestrates interactions across a company's existing applications, data, people and partners to continuously improve one or more strategic business processes. BusinessWare gives companies complete control and visibility of their business operations across their extended enterprise, enabling them to improve the efficiency of their business operations, reduce time to market for new products and services, develop closer relationships with their partners and customers, and rapidly respond to changing business conditions. The proven BusinessWare solution was the industry's first platform for business process- centric integration and is widely recognized as one of the most flexible and powerful solutions available, adopted by more than 500 customers and partners in a broad range of industries.

About Vitria

Vitria is the leading provider of business process integration solutions. The company pioneered the enterprise application integration market in 1994 and the use of business process management in 1997, and is now the first integration solution provider to solve integration challenges through collaborative applications. With 35 offices around the world, Vitria's customer base includes such companies as Bell South, The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, BP, DaimlerChrysler Bank, Dana, Generali, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, PacifiCare Health Systems, Reynolds and Reynolds, Schneider Logistics, Sprint, Trane, and Trans Union, and the U.S. Departments of Defense and Veteran's Affairs. For more information call +1-408-212-2700, email or visit

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Arena Solutions Simplifies Outsourcing and Enables Efficient Change Management for Innovative Manufacturers

Airespace, Celite Systems, Infinera, Salira Networks and Strix Systems Choose the Web-Native Arena PLM Solution to Unify the Extended Design and Manufacturing Supply Chain

Mountain View, CA  March 11, 2003  Arena Solutions, Inc. (formerly, the leading provider of online Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, today announced select new customers in diverse industries, representing continued momentum for the rapidly deployed Arena PLM solution.

These customers  including broadband, optical and wireless system providers  will use the web-native Arena PLM solution to centralize and manage their product data in a secure, collaborative online workspace. As the system of record for product information, Arena PLM helps them manage outsourced manufacturing activities more easily and streamlines the change management process throughout the product lifecycle.

These innovative manufacturers chose Arena PLM because of its web-native architecture, which has significant functional and economic advantages over client/server PLM systems and manual processes. New Arena PLM customers include: Airespace (, an emerging leader in next-generation wireless LAN infrastructure; Celite Systems (, a provider of residential broadband access products that help service providers bring broadband to the home market at a low cost; Infinera (, which offers innovative optics and telecommunications technologies; Salira Networks (, which builds systems that enable service providers to provision broadband services more quickly and economically; and Strix Systems (, which delivers the Access/One Network, a complete wireless system for enterprises.

"We were spending a great deal of time managing our product information in Excel, and still didn't have real-time visibility into the true status of our products," said Brian Ronald, Director of Operations at Strix Systems. "With Arena PLM, we have a centralized system of record for our product data that can be accessed by any team member, anywhere in the world. This helps us manage changes more efficiently, especially when we're working with contract manufacturers and other outsourced partners."

Arena PLM provides a centralized environment for managing product data, making it easy for OEMs, suppliers and outsourced partners to collaborate in real time around a single set of information  regardless of geographic location or time zone. This is particularly valuable for OEMs that need a secure way to share continually changing product data with contract manufacturers. Other benefits include fewer costly mistakes, improved product quality and faster time to market. The cost-effective subscription model, which makes Arena PLM affordable for organizations of any size, means that Arena PLM customers realize rapid ROI.

"The web-native Arena PLM solution provides immediate, tangible benefits to globally distributed product development teams," said Michael Topolovac, CEO of Arena Solutions. "By providing real-time visibility into product status across OEMs and their outsourced partners, Arena PLM enables customers to make more informed decisions more quickly. We're very pleased to welcome these new customers and help them compete and win through better control over complex development and manufacturing processes."

Pricing & Availability

The Arena PLM solution includes three application suites: Product Arena, Sourcing & Costing Arena and Integration Arena. For a limited time, Arena is bundling the Product Definition, Manufacturer Management, Vendor Management and Change Management modules for a one-time cost of $9,995. Those individual modules are normally available for a one-time cost of $4,995 each. User licenses are available for $995 per year with no set-up or installation fees. Customers can access Arena PLM from any computer with a web browser; there is no traditional software to install, maintain or upgrade. New Arena customers can be up and running within days. They can register by visiting the company's website at or by calling the sales department at 866/937-1438.

About Arena Solutions

Arena Solutions (formerly is the leading provider of online product lifecycle management (PLM) software. The Arena PLM solution facilitates rapid product development and efficient product management by unifying fragmented product teams, outsourced partners and remote suppliers into one cohesive design and manufacturing chain. As the system of record for product data, Arena PLM provides a unified product definition and a controlled change management process from product concept through end-of-life. By offering a real-time, integrated view of complete product information  which incorporates data authored in design tools and which can be automatically synchronized with production systems  Arena PLM enables the extended manufacturing enterprise to reduce errors, increase efficiencies, lower product costs and engage in more accurate planning. The web-native architecture of Arena PLM keeps the total cost of ownership low by eliminating the need to install, upgrade or maintain traditional software or hardware. Founded in February 2000, Arena Solutions is based in Mountain View, Calif. More information is available at

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