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A selection of recent solution-related announcements from the supply chain community

March 27, 2003 — Following is a selection of recent solution-related announcements that have come into the iSource Business newsroom. These press releases are, for the most part, presented as received. Datelines have been edited for consistency, and trademark and similar notations, as well as "forward looking statement" and similar notices, have been removed.

SAP Extends ERP Offering, Defines Best-in-Class ERP Solution

SAP Launches mySAP ERP, Most Comprehensive and Extendable ERP Solution; Allows Customers to Leverage Existing IT Investments While Driving Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Hanover, Germany — March 12, 2003 — SAP AG today extended its enterprise resource planning (ERP) offering with the unveiling of mySAP ERP, the most comprehensive ERP product available today. SAP, the company that pioneered ERP as standard business software, is further solidifying its market leadership with an enhanced ERP solution that allows companies to gain better control of their whole administrative and operations environment and increase efficiency and profitability. mySAP ERP enables new levels of business process and technology integration while laying the foundation for incremental evolution.

Widely recognized as the world's premiere ERP solution provider, SAP announced that mySAP ERP is available for customer shipment immediately. Powered by SAP NetWeaver, the industry's leading integration and application platform, mySAP ERP is fully interoperable with Microsoft .NET and IBM WebSphere and supports portal and mobile technology, business intelligence, and knowledge management. With the inclusion of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform, mySAP ERP will help customers enable SAP Enterprise Services Architecture, SAP's recently announced blueprint for complete, services-based business solutions. An enterprise services architecture will allow companies to drive additional business value from existing technology investments, enabling, for the first time, enterprise-scale usage of Web services.

"Companies are realizing the significance of ERP as an essential pillar in building the real-time enterprise," said Derek Prior, research director, Gartner, Inc. "Real-time enterprises need extendible business functionality based on a solid but flexible IT infrastructure that allows them to quickly adapt business processes and add functionality without having to overhaul their underlying technology foundation."

With businesses worldwide facing new requirements for transparency, enterprises must assimilate reliable information from a variety of sources and gain control of increasingly complex business processes and diverse assets. mySAP ERP offers companies a comprehensive solution to managing financials, human resources, operations, and corporate services with the flexibility to selectively deploy and extend the necessary functionality.

"mySAP ERP is state-of-the-art ERP," said Henning Kagermann, co-chairman and CEO of SAP AG. "mySAP ERP drives down the costs of integration and deployment by shortening time to benefit and leveraging existing IT investments. In addition, mySAP ERP is designed as a deploy-as-you-go package, which enables companies to implement only the business functionality they need when they need it, thus simplifying upgrades and reducing total cost of ownership. Companies can incorporate enhanced capabilities such as mobile services, business intelligence, and portal collaboration to gain unprecedented control over their extended enterprise resources, IT budgets, and business processes."

Evolutionary Approach to Customer Upgrades Unique to SAP

With the introduction of mySAP ERP, SAP defines a clear course for companies to develop and plan for smooth and orderly upgrades of their ERP systems as business requirements change. Existing SAP R/3 software customers (more than 19,000 companies) can add important capabilities by upgrading to mySAP ERP, as can customers of SAP R/3 Enterprise, the latest version of SAP R/3, which is fully compatible with and incorporated within mySAP ERP. Finally, customers can easily, at any point, upgrade to add any or all of the full range of SAP solutions — including, for example, customer relationship, product lifecycle, and supply chain management — found in SAP's premier offering mySAP Business Suite. This evolutionary approach enables customers to leverage their existing technology investments as their needs change, rather than requiring them to fully replace their current systems, speeding time to value and lowering cost of ownership.

Over the course of the last year, SAP has been further solidifying its ERP market leadership. Today's launch of mySAP ERP follows rapidly growing deployments of SAP R/3 Enterprise. Since the first shipments of SAP R/3 Enterprise, twenty-seven companies, such as Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Sony UK, and PREH-Werke, Germany, successfully completed the upgrade and went live. More than 200 customers have begun upgrade projects during the ramp-up phase-from July 2002 to mid-January 2003. Over the last sixty days, since the beginning of mass shipment, SAP has received orders and delivered SAP R/3 Enterprise to more than 1,500 companies, indicating strong customer demand to support upgrade projects this year.

"SAP knows the needs of its customers and the new requirements placed on ERP and has developed SAP R/3 Enterprise accordingly," said Alfons Wahlers, chair of the DSAG (Deutsche SAP Anwendergruppe, the German SAP users group). "Having been deeply involved in the upgrade process, we are sure SAP customers will benefit from the flexibility of SAP's new ERP upgrade options and the extendibility of the technology platform SAP NetWeaver. We believe SAP is taking the right step into the future of ERP with solutions to help customers quickly deploy new functionality on demand while reducing their total cost of ownership."

"Our upgrade proved to be smooth and easy," said Martin Limpert, CIO at PREH-Werke, Germany. "With SAP R/3 Enterprise we've got the flexibility we need to quickly adapt business processes and keep down cost of ownership. The ability to incrementally add on functionality to create new efficiencies gives us a significant advantage in staying on top in the rapidly changing automotive market."

About SAP

SAP is the world's leading provider of business software solutions. Through mySAP Business Suite, people in businesses around the globe are improving relationships with customers and partners, streamlining operations, and achieving significant efficiencies throughout their supply chains. Today, more than 19,300 companies in over 120 countries run more than 60,100 installations of SAP software. With subsidiaries in over 50 countries, the company is listed on several exchanges including the Frankfurt stock exchange and NYSE under the symbol "SAP." (Additional information at

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Prescient Advocates Creation of New Demand-Driven Processes for Consumer Products Companies

Supply Chain Innovator Delivers Holistic Path for Manufacturers to Support Profitable Growth

Miami — March 13, 2003 — Prescient, a provider of supply chain planning solutions for consumer products companies, used the Logicon industry event here to share its vision for an enterprisewide solution to provide consumer products manufacturers a more holistic approach to demand-driven management.

The provider says that it is evolving beyond pure supply chain planning, adding functionality to its existing suite of products to address such consumer products issues as new product introductions, promotions management and performance measurement.

The narrowing margins and increased market pressures on consumer products companies mandate greater interoperability and better connectivity, Prescient argues. For consumer products companies to achieve comprehensive demand-driven operations and increased profitability, Prescient advocates the following:

  • Influence — Better management of promotions, new products and accounts to help consumer products companies understand and hone demand creation; increased support and focus on product, price, promotion and place.

  • Plan — Improved tools for demand, replenishment and supply planning needed to better balance supply and demand.

  • Measure — Proactive measurement and management of performance, from the executive suite to the functional users, utilizing active alert technology and analytic capabilities for continuous process improvement.

  • Interoperability — Enhanced capabilities to facilitate the flow of data between consumer products companies, their suppliers and retail trading partners across all channels by providing open standards for communicating and transacting with trading partners.

  • Collaboration — Practical and process-oriented collaboration that supports consumer products initiatives whose requirements vary by trading partner, i.e., vendor managed inventory (VMI) and collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR).

  • Infrastructure — An affordable and comprehensive technology platform that addresses the current and future needs of consumer products companies with a low total cost of ownership.

Prescient, a proven expert in providing consumer products manufacturers with targeted supply chain solutions, has been a strategic partner for more than 100 market leaders such as Tropicana, Welch's, AAi.FosterGrant, Binney & Smith and Sara Lee Household & Body Care. Prescient has enabled its clients to collaborate more efficiently with their retail partners, achieve greater visibility into consumer demand and increase profitability through better business processes. Six clients have already upgraded to Prescient 5, the current offering in Prescient's product evolution, including Wyeth Consumer Healthcare, a leader in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of a broad range of consumer health care products.

According to an article by research director Roddy Martin in The AMR Research Alert, March 6, 2003, "The Consumer Connected Supply Network (CCSN) is the primary area of attention for consumer packaged goods (CPG) and life sciences manufacturers. The CCSN concepts reach back through the entire supply chain, from retailers, to suppliers, to manufacturers  for example, a company providing processed meat or poultry to a manufacturer making soup or processing the meat or poultry in canned foods that are sold off retail shelves. Business executives in charge of building business strategies to support the CCSN, or the Consumer Driven Supply Network, as one leading CPG manufacturer calls it, report a similar point of view. The problem is building the business processes to support the CCSN across many fragmented, back-end IT applications that support mostly isolated business areas."

Prescient was ranked fifth among top supply chain companies and second in client experience by Consumer Goods Technology. It was the only best-of-breed provider in the listing specifically focused on consumer products manufacturers and out-ranked giants Oracle and J.D. Edwards.

"The pressures facing consumer products companies are enormous: Demanding retailers, shrinking margins, increasing competition and fickle consumer tastes," said Jane Hoffer, president and CEO of Prescient. "Our goal is to provide comprehensive, practical solutions for the demand-driven enterprise by expanding our offering to provide consumer products companies with the supply chain knowledge and expertise necessary for ongoing success."

About Prescient

Prescient is one of the fastest-growing providers of supply chain planning solutions to consumer products companies. Prescient 5, the company's flagship software, covers the four key areas of supply chain planning: Demand, Supply, Collaboration and Performance Measurement. Prescient 5 is one of the industry's first fully integrated supply chain planning suites, architected with a common data model and user interface across all modules to ensure rapid implementation, ease of use and low total cost of ownership. Household brand names like The Dial Corporation, Domino's, Binney & Smith (Crayola Brand), AAi.FosterGrant, Welch's and Wyeth Consumer Healthcare rely on Prescient. For more information, visit us on the Web at

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Informatica PowerAnalyzer 4 Brings Business Intelligence to the Masses with Groundbreaking Innovations in Usability

Major New Release Delivers Unprecedented Ease of Use and Industry's First Internet-Centric Architecture to Help BI Spread like Wildfire

Redwood City, CA — March 17, 2003 — Informatica Corporation, the leading provider of business analytics software, today announced a significant release of its PowerAnalyzer business intelligence (BI) platform with groundbreaking ease-of-use enhancements, finally delivering on the industry's long-standing promise to bring BI to the masses. The result of an 18-month development process, PowerAnalyzer 4 (code name "Wildfire") features innovations that further extend the power of BI beyond the traditional group of power users and business analysts to the everyday user.

"We are very excited about the enhancements we've seen in Informatica's PowerAnalyzer business intelligence platform, catapulting this product light years ahead of anything else we've seen on the market," said Joeri Carty, Employee Information Systems at Florida Power and Light. "With new features geared specifically to enhance our end users' experience — including intelligent analytic workflows for guided analysis, real-time-aware dashboards, and an unequaled level of integration with Microsoft Excel — this is now the top-of-the-line product in the business intelligence industry. I don't see anyone else even coming close."

"Informatica has leveraged its second-mover advantage in the business intelligence market to bring to market a highly usable, broadly deployable BI platform built upon a 100-percent Internet architecture," said Joshua Greenbaum, principal, Enterprise Applications Consulting. "The rich functionality and close attention to the needs of real-world customers make this a very compelling solution to the problem of managing dynamic enterprises, regardless of whether they are running real-time, just-in-time, or less time-sensitive processes."

Pioneering Innovations in Business Intelligence

In its PowerAnalyzer 4 release, Informatica has introduced five significant technology innovations: overall usability enhancements, unparalleled integration with Excel, guided-analysis capabilities, integrated performance-management capabilities, and true real-time awareness. All new features are geared toward extending BI capabilities to a much broader base of users within an organization.

1. Extreme usability. In an approach that is common within the consumer packaged goods industry but unique to enterprise software, Informatica used a "persona driven" design methodology in its PowerAnalyzer 4 release to greatly enhance usability. Using the results from extensive interviews, Informatica developed features and functionality tailored for a core group of personas, or user-personality profiles, that are common to almost all companies. This persona-driven approach has resulted in a product with unprecedented ease of use, helping customers solve their business problems intuitively, while successfully hiding the underlying technology.

"In order for any Global 2000 organization like Motorola to make business intelligence broadly deployable, it is imperative that the product be easily used by a wide number of individuals across the organization — each with distinct roles and responsibilities," said Chet Phillips, IT director, business intelligence at Motorola. "Informatica has achieved this in the business intelligence space, innovating an extremely usable product in PowerAnalyzer 4 that marries the best of digital dashboards for high-level managers, with deeper ROLAP-style analysis for business analysts."

2. Embedded Excel. PowerAnalyzer is the first BI platform that allows users to leverage the full functionality of their Excel installation while remaining within the BI interface. Data can be refreshed live from PowerAnalyzer directly into Excel templates or Excel pivot tables. Particularly well suited for industries or departments that tend to "live" within Excel, such as banking, finance, sales and marketing, this feature can help users save time, increase productivity and leverage the powerful formatting, calculation, forecasting and modeling capability of Excel.

"The world's most ubiquitous analytic tool is Excel, with users in almost every part of an enterprise relying on it for financial reporting, calculations or modeling," said Brian Lillie, vice president, Management Information Systems, VeriSign. "We are very excited about PowerAnalyzer's capability to now embed and embrace Excel within the browser, thus offering our finance users the ability to maintain sophisticated Excel reports refreshed live with financial data — without having to constantly export the data into Excel. This capability can make finance and other users enormously more productive in our organization."

3. Guided analysis. With its patent-pending Analytic Workflow technology, PowerAnalyzer bridges the gap between identifying a problem on a dashboard and understanding its root cause in the underlying data. Users click through a visual "decision tree" that easily guides them through the analysis of business metrics such as profitability, employee turnover, or sales performance. Users can create and save paths using existing reports for greater enterprise collaboration and decision making.

"The key to effective analytic decision making across an organization is spreading business-process knowledge from experts within the organization to others, so that everyone reads from the same sheet of paper," said Chris Lemnah, director, Brunswick Strategic Sourcing Center. "Informatica has broken new ground with its concept of Analytic Workflows for guided analysis, finally allowing business users to share their business-process knowledge with others in the organization. This functionality will help users at Brunswick more quickly and easily get to the root cause of supply-chain anomalies by tracking, for instance, commodity spend, supplier scorecards and supplier performance in a very intuitive set of nested workflow steps that can help improve our strategic sourcing process."

4. Integrated performance management. PowerAnalyzer has added new features like scorecarding, dashboards, Six Sigma metrics, metrics management, ad-hoc query, analysis and report-bursting all within a single-server, single-product architecture. Unlike first-generation BI tools, PowerAnalyzer's integrated approach allows users to be up and running with little to no training. Additionally, IT professionals do not have to install and maintain a mix of multiple Web and client/server products on multiple servers. With these benefits, as well as those that come from PowerAnalyzer's 100-percent Internet-centric architecture and server-based pricing model, PowerAnalyzer 4 delivers the lowest total cost of ownership and fastest time to market of any BI platform.

"Performance-management features in a BI platform need to be built into the core product, not treated as separate standalone products that are architected and priced separately," said Ted Ledman, director of information management of TCF Bank. "Informatica PowerAnalyzer 4 has taken the right approach to performance management by organically building into the core product features like scorecarding, metrics management and time-series analysis. These are very compelling features of PowerAnalyzer that we are looking forward leveraging at TCF Bank."

5. Real-time enabled. Informatica PowerAnalyzer 4 is the first BI platform that incorporates a true "real time" architecture that can be coupled with contextual "right time" metrics. Leveraging Informatica PowerCenterRT data integration software, or modern innovations in Java Messaging Services (JMS) and federated-querying capabilities that PowerAnalyzer uniquely supports, users can view moving indicators in real time on their dashboards in order to better monitor their business, and compare them against other right-time metrics that provide context and help identify anomalies as they arise.

"An imperative to achieving the zero-latency enterprise is immediate visibility into operations to power real-time decision-making," said Jim Mackay, senior vice president of webMethods Business Technology Group. "With the BI industry's first completely Internet-centric architecture, together with its ability to display data from webMethods' EAI and standards-based feeds in asynchronous fashion into real-time user dashboards, PowerAnalyzer 4 is a powerful BI platform that can help our joint customers fully realize the benefits of real-time decision making across the extended enterprise."

Additional Architectural Features

In addition to its usability enhancements, Informatica PowerAnalyzer has also added a number of architectural and platform enhancements. For example, the product has added intelligent caching to the back-end analytic engine. PowerAnalyzer also now has the industry's first Internet-centric SDK for extensibility by third-party developers.

Pricing and Availability

Informatica PowerAnalyzer 4 will be available in early May. Pricing starts at $50,000. The pricing model is CPU based, but is flexible to incorporate concurrent and named-user pricing as appropriate.

About Informatica

Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq:INFA) is the leading provider of business analytics software that helps Global 2000 companies monitor and optimize the performance of key business operations across the enterprise. Using Informatica, companies can improve their operational efficiency, increase customer profitability and streamline supply chain operations. With more than 1,700 companies worldwide, Informatica provides organizations with business analytics products that span their end-to-end needs for data integration, data warehousing and business intelligence — whichever best suits their requirements and resources. For more information, call 650/385-5000 (800/970-1179 in the U.S.), or visit the Informatica Web site at

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NetCracker Outside Plant Expands OSS Functionality

Fills void with comprehensive information on inventory, connectivity and topology

Waltham, MA — March 18, 2003 — NetCracker Technology, a leading provider of OSS and IT infrastructure management solutions, announced today the release of NetCracker Outside Plant. NetCracker Outside Plant seamlessly integrates with NetCracker Inventory Management and Provisioning Solutions and provides customers with updated and accurate information on outside plant assets.

"NetCracker Outside Plant fills a significant void in OSS functionality by supplying telecom providers with high-quality information about outside plant assets," said Julie Wingerter, Vice President of Strategy for NetCracker. "Now, field engineers, planning groups and customer facing organizations within a company have additional resources to aid them in delivering faster, highly accurate and cost effective service to their customers."

Outside Plant provides customers with a comprehensive picture of outside plant infrastructure by storing all inventory information in a single repository. Outside plant assets can include devices, tracks, ducts, pipes/bores, cables, coil/over-lengths, manholes, fiber, splices, distribution frames, poles and other aerial and underground items, as well as connectivity and topology information.

Using Outside Plant, customers can obtain updated information on their customers and customer location, specific customer circuits, the equipment these circuits are riding over, and the status of the network at any point in time. Additionally, NetCracker provides centralized document management for records and attachments, including engineering sketches, maintenance records, test reports and technical guidelines. Outside Plant provides accurate, complete, real-time data that helps shorten service delivery time, maximize utilization of existing network capacity and equipment, and streamline workforce management, particularly of field technicians.

Telecom providers can maintain an efficient operational environment when Outside Plant is linked with Inventory Management and the broader OSS environment. This results in ready access to consistent and logically linked information about customers, networks, circuits, facility and outside plant assets. The advantage to Netcracker Outside Plant is that it can be successfully deployed as a stand-alone application or as part of the overall NetCracker OSS solution set-seamlessly integrating with NetCracker Inventory and Facility Management Products.

"As tier one service providers scramble to modernize their OSS environments, they are being pressed to manage both physical as well as logical resources to provision service," said Mike Jude, Research Director with Enterprise Management Associates. "Traditional asset management systems have been challenged to provide this capability while at the same time providing a source of data for network design processes. NetCracker has significantly advanced the state of the art by combining real-time asset management with a GIS enabled outside plant management capability. For the first time, outside plant data can now reflect the true state of available assets."

About NetCracker Technology

NetCracker Technology is a leading provider of inventory-based OSS and IT Infrastructure Management solutions for telecommunications service providers and IT intensive enterprises. Built on an architecturally open, 100% web-based J2EE platform, NetCracker's pre-integrated modular solutions manage IT assets and telecom service delivery from start to finish. NetCracker provides customers with an intuitive GUI and the flexibility to implement out of the box or custom tailored solutions. Some of NetCracker's end-to-end OSS modules include Network Inventory Management, Order Management and Resource Provisioning. Asset Management, Asset Purchasing and Lifecycle Financials are just three of the modules included in NetCracker's IT Infrastructure Management Solutions. Founded in 1993, NetCracker Technology is headquartered in Waltham, MA, and can be reached at 781-736-0860 or

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Servicecraft Launches E-Commerce Enterprise

ServiceCraft's Extranet Delivers Technology Solutions That Return Real Value to Their Customers, Giving Them a Competitive Advantage

Buena Park, CA — March 18, 2003 — Servicecraft, LLC has launched an e-commerce enterprise with the release of their Extranet and web enabled Warehouse Management System (WMS).

"To stay competitive today, companies must deliver technology solutions to their customers via web-enabled applications and services that return real value to the customer," states Jeff Miller, president and chief executive officer of ServiceCraft. "The Warehouse Management System is the first application launched on our customer extranet and provides our user customers real-time access to their inventory within ServiceCraft facilities enterprise wide. In addition, the Extranet WMS provides our customers the capability to manage their order fulfillment process for inventories stored in ServiceCraft facilities using the Internet."

The Extranet-WMS provides customers the ability to review, approve, release or place on-hold all orders, including EDI orders. Orders can be viewed by open, shipped and canceled status. For transportation moves handled by ServiceCraft, proof of delivery documents are available online. Load tracking information is available for products shipped via UPS through a direct link from the ServiceCraft "Shipped Order" status screen to the load information on the UPS web site. Additionally, download capabilities are available into Excel, HTML, or PDF format for critical report information, including Stock Report, Stock Activity, Receiver History, Receiver Summary, Unshipped Orders, Product Shortage, Cases Picked, Pallets Received, Cut/Fill, and Product Reorder. Additional reports are scheduled for future roll-out.

The ServiceCraft Extranet with its Warehouse Management System is the first step in providing customers with quick, reliable access to supply chain management tools. "Providing customers with the tools to access and better manage their inventory via the Internet gives them a competitive advantage," continued Miller.

ServiceCraft is a third-party logistics company providing integrated logistics, e-commerce solutions and specialized value-added services for leading food, consumer packaged goods, electronics, paper and business forms manufacturers and retailers. Logistics services include warehousing, transportation and information management; distribution; order fulfillment; specialized retailer-oriented packaging solutions, as well as S.C.O.R.E., its branded multi-vendor consolidation program.

ServiceCraft ( is owned by May Logistics Services, Inc. ( and has a sister company specializing in integrated logistics and supply chain solutions for the metals industry. For further information on ServiceCraft, contact Dawn P. Thrasher, Director Public Relations and Communications, at 708-922-2024,

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Amdocs Enriches Its ClarifyCRM Application Suite With Acquisition of Xchange

St. Louis — March 19, 2003 — Amdocs, the world's leading provider of CRM and billing, today announced the acquisition of the assets of Exchange Applications Inc. (Xchange).

Xchange is a provider of campaign management and real-time marketing automation software to hundreds of large companies worldwide. The acquisition of Xchange's leading technology enriches the Amdocs ClarifyCRM application suite, particularly for the telecom and financial services markets, and reinforces Amdocs' commitment to ClarifyCRM and its customers.

"The Xchange products complement the Amdocs ClarifyCRM application suite, enhancing our industry leading set of capabilities that all Amdocs customers can leverage to optimize customer interactions, maximize ROI and enhance lifetime customer value," said Peter Hurst, Vice President Marketing, Amdocs ClarifyCRM.

Amdocs will incorporate the Xchange products as new integrated modules within the Amdocs ClarifyCRM application suite. Customers may purchase these campaign management and real-time marketing automation modules independently or as part of a broader, integrated ClarifyCRM offering. In addition, Amdocs plans to offer support services as well as future product extensions to existing customers of the Xchange products.

About Xchange

The Xchange products offer award winning marketing campaign management capabilities including a wizard-enabled user interface that guides users through the planning, creation and execution of targeted, cross channel marketing campaigns. The products are capable of tracking and measuring the impact of marketing promotions on customer behaviors and can capture information for response rates, target audience and costs. The Xchange products also offer a real-time recommendation technology that allows specific offers to be made to a customer through multiple channels based upon definable business rules.

About Amdocs

Amdocs is the world's leading provider of CRM and billing. Amdocs offers pre-integrated products, customized solutions and outsourcing services with time-to-market advantages and advanced support for next-generation services. With a 20-year track record of delivery excellence, Amdocs provides competitive software solutions, which enable its global customer base to achieve profitable growth, improved customer loyalty and lower total cost of ownership. For more information, visit Amdocs at

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