Moai Targets Mid-market

Offers hosted e-sourcing solution with per-event pricing for small, midsize enterprises

Pittsburgh — March 31, 2003 — e-Sourcing specialist Moai Technologies today rolled out a new hosted, per event-priced offering designed to bring the benefits and flexibility of strategic sourcing to small and midsize enterprises.

Moai said its hosted OnDemandSourcing solution offers e-sourcing at volume prices initially starting at less than $1,600 per Web-based event. To accommodate the needs of different organizations, the provider is offering OnDemandSourcing at three separate service levels, including self-service, managed service and full-service.

For OnDemandSourcing events, Moai staff will be available to help firms select items, configure events, train buyers and suppliers, invite suppliers and run reverse auctions and multi-line sourcing events.

The OnDemandSourcing program was introduced to suppliers at Cessna Aircraft's supplier conference, held earlier this month. Cessna, a Textron company, has provided its suppliers with the opportunity to access Moai's CompleteSource online sourcing capability.

"We recommend that our suppliers consider implementing online sourcing such as Moai's OnDemandSourcing, since it gives them the ability to provide customers like us with more competitive pricing, while reducing their costs and sourcing cycle times," said Cessna's Chris Addington, e-sourcing process leader. "OnDemandSourcing offers both us and our suppliers the benefits available from extending strategic sourcing through the entire supply chain."

Pierre Mitchell, vice president at technology consultancy AMR Research, said the new Moai offering may be applicable for large enterprises as well as smaller companies. "Moai's OnDemandSourcing is definitely tailor-made for upper mid-market firms that need a fast, friendly system for their few effective spending categories," Mitchell said. "But it's also great for large firms looking to take one small step toward e-sourcing, but not wanting to take one giant leap toward a six-figure e-sourcing suite."

Moai also offers its flagship strategic sourcing solution, called CompleteSource, which is targeted at Global 2000 firms.