GXS Debuts Process Integrator

Combines process automation with messaging to address breakdowns in the supply chain

Gaithersburg, MD — April 1, 2003 — Connectivity specialist Global eXchange Services (GXS) this week rolled out a new solution designed to orchestrate supply chain processes that span multiple enterprise systems and execute workflow to automate exception handling and proactive notifications in order to create a more efficient supply chain.

GXS says its Enterprise System Process Integrator complements existing data integration servers and an organization's underlying set of legacy and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications to automate complex, business rules-based transaction processing. As exceptions arise, the solution's workflow engine triggers exception-handling processes that may use e-mail, fax or interactive mobile notifications to proactively engage the right people to prevent unnecessary delays.

"In isolation, traditional workflow and message automation have their limits: people-based workflow does not make allowances for the automation of data into and out of individual applications, while message automation fails to capture human interaction that is critical to process flow," said John Radko, GXS chief architect. "Enterprise System Process Integrator solves these problems by merging traditional workflow and message automation to facilitate end-to-end process integration."

The solution offers a Web-based "cockpit" that provides status and visibility into business processes as they are being executed, whether it's RosettaNet ordering, promotions pricing, item synchronization across multiple store brands, debt collections or procurement rules enforcement for commodity goods. GXS believes that the ability to standardize business processes and gain the intelligence needed to improve supply chain interactions will allow organizations partnering with the provider to achieve a return on investment from their technology investments.

"In today's challenging business environment, buyers and their suppliers are demanding real-time visibility into each step of a supply chain process," said Chor-Ching Fan, global marketing manager for business process integration at GXS.

Fan offered an example of how the new solution could provide benefit. "First, a retailer places an order with a supplier," Fan said. "Did the order make it to the supplier? Next, the order gets directed to the ERP system for order processing. Did the ERP respond? Did the retailer ever receive the supplier's confirmation? And so on. By providing visibility and automating the exception handling process, Enterprise System Process Integrator addresses failure points within a supply chain process."

The solution supports e-commerce scalability requirements through its J2EE architecture and supports major infrastructure environments, according to GXS.

Enterprise System Process Integrator is available with "Rapid ROI" packages to accelerate orchestration around key supply chain processes, including credit approval, risk management, accounts payable, sourcing or product development, supplier scorecards, order fulfillment and supplier ramping, among others.

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