Seagate Selects Vastera

Hard drive provider deploying global trade software to speed exports, ensure on-time international deliveries

Dulles, VA — April 7, 2003 — Disc drive manufacturer Seagate Technology has implemented a trade management solution from Vastera to speed exports and help ensure on-time delivery of its products.

Seagate is using Vastera's TradeSphere Exporter software in 10 countries spread across North America, Europe and Asia to file shipment information, generate trade documentation, perform regulatory compliance checks and determine if end-use destinations are under embargo.

In addition, Seagate is deploying Vastera's TradeSphere Importer software in its U.K. operations.

"Our worldwide clients rely on quick and predictable delivery of data storage and access devices," said Pranab Sinha, executive director of IT at Seagate. "Because our disc drives are central to the enterprise, PC and consumer electronics applications that our clients manufacture, we go to great lengths to ensure that our international shipments arrive complete and on-time."

The TradeSphere solution has streamlined Seagate's export process, increasing compliance and reducing operational costs. "Vastera's TradeSphere software has simplified the way we perform regulatory checks at the time of order, as well as electronically file trade information with the appropriate government agencies," Sinha said. "In short, TradeSphere helps us maintain a high level of customer service."

In the United Kingdom, Seagate is deploying Vastera's TradeSphere Importer software to electronically file import declarations, control customs warehousing and inward processing relief and generate periodic reports to customs.

Michael Jepsen, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for Vastera, said, "We have been able to drive efficiency improvements at Seagate by standardizing its export systems around the world, and automating many of the complex tasks required to ship goods internationally."