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A selection of recent product announcements from the supply chain community.

April 10, 2003  Following is a selection of recent product announcements that have come into the iSource Business newsroom. These press releases are, for the most part, presented as received. Datelines have been edited for consistency, and trademark and similar notations, as well as "forward looking statement" and similar notices, have been removed.

Selectica Announces Availability of Configuration Platform Release 6.0

San Jose, CA  March 21, 2003  Selectica Inc. today unveiled the newest version of Selectica's flagship Configuration Platform Release 6.0. Continued development efforts in Selectica Interactive Selling Solutions (ISS) have resulted in a unique solution with greater flexibility to select, price, configure, and quote complex products, enabling enterprises to reduce costs and enhance revenue.

The introduction of Release 6.0 further positions Selectica as a true leader among its competitors. Building on years of deployment experience with industry leaders such as Dell Computer and Cisco Systems, Selectica Release 6.0 offers one of the most powerful configuration platforms available today.

"We understand our customers' needs to successfully fulfill the Configure to Order cycle, which bridges sales to operations. We are pioneers in providing a 100 percent Java, multi-channel solution, thereby empowering our customers to become more agile, responsive and efficient," said Dr. Sanjay Mittal, Chairman and CEO, Selectica. "We are enthusiastic about the wealth of additional refinements we have been able to incorporate into our Selectica platform, including scalability, enhanced XML openness, and increased maintainability and usability in the development of both simple and complex solutions. Additionally, Selectica's platform runs on Linux, Solaris, AIX, and Microsoft Windows."

A major area of enhancement in Selectica Release 6.0 is Selectica Application Data Manager (ADM), a powerful, Web-based data administration tool that allows business users to control the underlying data that drives their Selectica applications. Changes made with ADM are reflected in real-time, enabling responsiveness to changing market conditions and accelerated new product and service introductions. ADM's key benefits include:

  • Empowering sales and marketing to manage Selectica application data without IT intervention

  • Allowing for secure role-based authorization and access control

  • Providing a global view of corporate data using a powerful, yet intuitive Web-interface for anytime, anywhere access

  • Preserving application data integrity and performing automatic data validation

In addition to ADM, another key enhanced area is Selectica Development Tools. Release 6.0 benefits include:

  • Openness  standard XML format for extending development and integration

  • Improved Application Programming Interface (API) architecture for communication with Selectica's Configuration Platform

  • Faster development and integration through new Java Server Page (JSP) module

  • Enhanced usability and ease of modeling  seamless integration with Selectica Repository results in a unified modeling environment for distributed collaborative development

  • Introduction of AppBuilder, an easy-to-use graphical tool that allows users to quickly create feature-rich Selectica applications through a simple drag-and-drop interface

  • Rapid application development through enhanced diagnostics and debugging capabilities

"Selectica Release 6.0 was designed for users in the areas of sales, service, operations, manufacturing and finance. Customers can integrate our solution with their existing enterprise systems such as Oracle, SAP, and Siebel and application servers such as IBM WebSphere and BEA WebLogic. Powered by ADM, business users can manage Selectica application data without programming expertise," said Desta Buchowski, Selectica's director of product management. "With extended scalability, Selectica Release 6.0 meets the needs of customers in a wide variety of industries. This is an important milestone for Selectica."

About Selectica, Inc.
Selectica, Inc. enables enterprises to reduce costs and enhance revenue from complex product and services offerings. Selectica solutions unify customers' business processes to correctly configure, price, and quote offerings across multiple distribution channels. As a result, Selectica helps improve profitability by reducing process costs, optimizing pricing, eliminating rework and concessions, and avoiding high-risk business.

Selectica's customers represent manufacturing and service leaders including: ABB, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, BMW of North America, British Telecom, Cisco, Dell, General Electric, Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, Hitachi, Mitel, Rockwell Automation and Tellabs. Selectica is headquartered in San Jose, CA. The company's Web site is .

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Praxair's StarDirect Offers Instant Order Processing and Tracking

Danbury, CT  March 21, 2003  Praxair, Inc. today announced the launch of its StarDirect order processing and tracking service that offers same-day shipping of hardgoods and consumables directly from 25 distribution centers strategically located throughout the United States and Canada.

"We're partnering with our key suppliers to provide a world-class supply chain for welding and cutting machines, filler metals, gas apparatus, safety equipment and other products," said Dave Wilson, Director of Industrial Hardgoods for Praxair Distribution, Inc., a subsidiary of Praxair, Inc. "With guaranteed fill rates of at least 95 percent, the StarDirect service ensures one-stop shopping and reliable, on-time delivery. We're confident that it will be the best hardgoods replenishment service our customers have ever experienced."

The StarDirect service begins with instant, accurate order processing and tracking. When the customer places an order on Praxair's Express, the easy-to-use, e-business extranet Web site, the order automatically is sent to the regional distribution center that will provide optimum service. Customers also have the option of ordering by phone through a customer service representative.

Over 30,000 items from more than 200 manufacturers, including Praxair's premium quality ProStar brand products, are consolidated into regional distribution centers to ensure high fill rates. Other advantages of the StarDirect service include:

  • Automatic selection of the most efficient, cost-effective transport methods for overnight and second-day delivery

  • Reduced product handling ensures shipping accuracy and reliability

  • Premium quality product sourcing

  • Immediate access to the largest inventory of welding products in North America through Praxair's Express extranet and Praxair's eCatalog

  • Automated warehousing management systems assures continuous product rotation

  • Access to innovative solutions and technical support

  • Orders placed by 4 p.m. will be shipped that day

Praxair Distribution, Inc. and its subsidiaries and distributors deliver a large array of industrial and specialty gases, equipment and supplies, technical expertise, and services to thousands of customers in the United States and Canada. With hundreds of locations throughout North America, Praxair provides differentiated product and service offerings that help customers achieve their objectives faster, better and at lower total cost. For more information on Praxair's offerings to the metal fabrication industry, visit

Praxair is the largest industrial gases company in North and South America, and one of the largest worldwide, with 2002 sales of $5.1 billion. The company produces, sells and distributes atmospheric and process gases, and high-performance surface coatings. Praxair products, services and technology bring productivity and environmental benefits to a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, food and beverage, healthcare, semiconductor materials, steel, chemicals and refining, metal fabrication, water treatment, glass and others. For more information, visit Praxair on the Internet at

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ProcurePoint Integrates Best Practices, Promotes Corporate Compliance and Drives Effective Negotiations with Enhanced Enterprise Meetings Product

Sausalito, CA  March 24, 2003  ProcurePoint Travel Solutions Inc., the only software and services provider to optimize 100 percent of corporate hotel spend through procurement best practices, today announced a significant new release of its Enterprise Meetings product, an automated solution for managing the consolidation and procurement of hotel services for corporate off-site meetings. Since 1998, ProcurePoint (then known as EventSource) has facilitated negotiations for more than 12,500 group meetings and two million room nights.

The new features are designed to enhance managerial control, ensure best practices throughout the request for proposal process, and automate effective negotiations. As a result, corporations are able to increase visibility into meeting planning activity, promote process efficiencies, and achieve measurable savings for offsite meetings. Companies which negotiate preferred hotel rates using ProcurePoint Enterprise Transient can consolidate 100 percent of their hotel spend, increasing operational efficiencies, and driving additional cost savings through an integrated product suite.

Enterprise Meetings offers a comprehensive solution for professional planners working within centralized meetings departments, while also providing a streamlined, intuitive process for occasional meeting planners, those individuals within companiessuch as administrative assistantswho are assigned meeting planning tasks on an ad hoc basis. By making Enterprise Meetings available to employees throughout the organization, companies can ensure that all contracts include only pre-approved corporate terms and conditions, reducing the risk and potential liability that can arise when inexperienced planners negotiate with hotels.

Enterprise Meetings automates the entire meeting planning process from sourcing through to reporting. A detailed global hotel database, containing extensive information about more than 37,000 properties, simplifies the challenge of identifying suitable hotels. Industry best practices are built into the solution, enabling meeting planners to quickly create comprehensive and effective RFPs and electronically distribute them to selected hotels. Review and approval processes route all RFPs to designated managers before being sent to hotels.

The second-generation ProcurePoint OpenBid reverse auction and closed bid negotiation engine automates effective online negotiations within Enterprise Meetings. OpenBid is the only real-time negotiation tool designed specifically for the hotel industry. Default and custom bid templates, covering seventy bid variables, help planners negotiate all hotel services, including guest rooms, meeting space and additional services such as food and beverage, parking, and telephone charges. With non-guest room charges representing from 25 percent to 50 percent of hotel costs, corporations using ProcurePoint save significantly on their total hotel spend. Corporate visibility is enhanced with new integrated reports, including information about individual meeting planners, suppliers, and total costs of offsite meetings. These reports provide a consolidated view of all meetings and aid managers in administering company travel policies.

"There's too much money at stake for corporations to be nonchalant about potential savings when it comes to planning off-site meetings," said Ed Sarraille, ProcurePoint president and CEO. "Using Enterprise Meetings, companies can be assured that their meeting planners have the tools they need to efficiently complete the tasks required of them in accordance with corporate policies. And by providing a means to consolidate meetings and preferred hotel negotiations, we're providing companies the tools they need to gain control over one of their largest expenses."

About ProcurePoint Travel Solutions
ProcurePoint Travel Solutions Inc. is the only software and services provider to optimize 100 percent of corporate hotel spend through procurement best practices. Designed to optimize negotiations with hotels for transient preferred rates and offsite meetings, the ProcurePoint Enterprise suite of products offers corporations a unique and leveraged combination of process automation and online negotiation tools, including the industry leading OpenBid reverse auction platform. Fortune 1000 companies, including HP, Newell Rubbermaid, and HealthNet rely on ProcurePoint solutions to reduce negotiation cycles from weeks to days and to achieve visibility into and control over their total hotel spend. Hotels also benefit from participating in ProcurePoint hosted negotiations through expanded market reach, operational efficiencies, shortened sales cycles and enhanced competitive intelligence. For more information, visit

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Tradec Announces Tradec Network Services

Sourcing Intelligence Integrated With Tradec Cost Management Solution

San Jose, CA  March 24, 2003  Tradec, a leading provider of cost management solutions that enable manufacturing companies to reduce direct material spend, increase productivity, and improve supplier performance, today announced that the company is launching a first-of-its-kind strategic sourcing content network called Tradec Network Services. Tradec Network Services is a marketplace of third-party content, integrated with the Tradec Cost Management System, which delivers content in the context of the strategic sourcing process.

Tradec Network Services represents a bold strategy, cutting-edge enabling technologies, and key content partnerships. Under the Tradec Network Services (TNS) strategy, Tradec is assembling a full set of best-of-breed content providers in three functional areas  supply risk intelligence, market price intelligence, and supplier discovery.

"It's true what they say, 'What you don't know can hurt you,'" said Tim Minahan, vice president of supply chain research at Aberdeen Group. "This is particularly critical in the high-tech manufacturing sector where globalization, technology advances, and price fluctuations occur at a blistering pace. Tradec Network Services augments Tradec's core sourcing and cost management solutions with current and in-context market and costing intelligence. Such intelligence can fill a key gap in manufacturers' supply strategies and position users to make more accurate costing estimates and more informed sourcing decisions."

Key to Tradec Network Services is new technology enabling real-time integration between the TNS content providers and the Tradec Cost Management System (TCMS). The technology includes a Web services-based API added to TCMS as well as a Partner Tool Kit which allows Tradec Partners to "Tradec-enable" their content.

Tradec today also unveiled the inaugural set of TNS partners. These partners represent premier providers in their respective areas.

  • S&P Comstock provides real time market data and financial information, including securities, foreign exchange and commodities data. Through S&P Comstock, Tradec customers have access to current and historical currency exchange rates. Using the information, Tradec customers can make more informed global sourcing decisions, better understand currency risk exposure, and better model the effect of exchange rate fluctuation over time.

  • PCNalert is the premier provider of real-time component information for the electronic supply chain including End of Life Notices (EOLs), Product Change Notices (PCNs), datasheets and other critical component information. By delivering this information in context of the sourcing process, supply chain and procurement professionals have an opportunity to address supply continuity risks before they become problems. The marriage of PCNalert's component obsolescence information with Tradec's Cost Management solution enables the unique capability of placing risk in context of cost and revenue impact.

  • SiliconExpert is a leading provider of electronic component information such as cross-referencing, lifecycle status and parametric data. By integrating the SiliconExpert content to Tradec's Cost Management Solution, supply chain and procurement professionals have the opportunity to reduce cost and risk by validating that part numbers are purchase-able and by identifying lower cost alternatives.

  • iSuppli is a global leader in applied electronics industry intelligence. By delivering iSuppli market intelligence data in context of the Tradec Cost Management solution, Tradec customers have the unique ability to measure their cost performance against the market. The marriage of market pricing data and actual performance provides an objective framework for productive discussion between commodity managers and their suppliers.

"Tradec is building on the power of the Tradec Cost Management System with the launching of Tradec Network Services," said Troy Augustine, vice president of marketing for Tradec. "The integration of TNS with the Tradec Cost Management solution provides our customers with insightful intelligence which enables better strategic sourcing decisions that directly impact a company's bottom line."

About Tradec
Based in San Jose, California, Tradec, Inc. delivers cost management solutions that enable manufacturing companies to reduce direct material spend, increase productivity, and improve supplier performance. Combining strategic sourcing, direct procurement and supplier relationship management, Tradec's comprehensive solutions help companies maintain their competitive edge and ensure operational excellence. To learn more about Tradec, please visit or call 408-291-2565.

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AspenTech Enhances Solution for Oil & Gas and Refining Markets with Latest Version of HYSYS

Integrated simulation environment features advances in steady-state and dynamic capabilities critical for optimal design of upstream and refining processes

Cambridge, MA  March 24, 2003  Aspen Technology, Inc. today announced an enhanced solution for the Upstream Oil & Gas and Refining markets with the release of the latest version of HYSYS. Part of the Aspen Engineering Suite (AES), HYSYS is a fully integrated steady-state and dynamic simulation environment that supports collaborative engineering and promotes engineering-to-business knowledge transfer. HYSYS 3.1 features a range of improvements that will enable companies to optimize the design of upstream and refining processes, and achieve more reliable and stable plant operations.

A tougher market environment and increased competition have forced process manufacturers to improve engineering productivity and enhance decision-making across the enterprise. Environmental restrictions also make it increasingly important for these companies to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their processes. In response to these challenges HYSYS 3.1 incorporates a number of significant new features, including an innovative separation model that allows accurate simulation and understanding of the liquid and gas separations that occur in Oil & Gas plants. The ability to reliably predict phase separation is critical to the safe operation and performance of the capital-intensive rotating equipment employed in many Upstream Oil & Gas processes.

"The Upstream Oil & Gas industry is currently undertaking heavy investments at a very fast rate," said Manolis Kotzabasakis, Sr. Vice President of Engineering at AspenTech. "With our AES Process Asset Lifecycle Management solution, and specifically with HYSYS 3.1, we enable companies to quickly and accurately identify alternatives and implement economically optimum decisions, providing adopters with a strong competitive advantage."

Gas properties available in HYSYS simulations have been extended to include virtually all the key performance indicators used by the Oil & Gas industry to make better operation and engineering decisions. HYSYS 3.1 has been further integrated with the AES Icarus Economic Evaluation and the AES HTFS Equipment Design & Rating products to help companies make optimal design and investment decisions. The dynamic capabilities of HYSYS have also been extended to increase ease-of-use and to allow process operability studies to be made seamlessly as part of any engineering or operations improvement project.

The Aspen Engineering Suite is an essential element of AspenTech's solutions for Enterprise Operations Management in the process industries. These integrated, enterprisewide solutions combine engineering and manufacturing/supply chain technologies to help companies optimize the way they engineer and run their manufacturing and supply chain operations.

About AspenTech
Aspen Technology, Inc. provides industry-leading software and implementation services that enable process companies to increase efficiency and profitability. AspenTech's engineering product line is used to design and improve plants and processes, maximizing returns throughout an asset's operating life. Its manufacturing/supply chain product line allows companies to increase margins in their plants and supply chains, by managing customer demand, optimizing production, and streamlining the delivery of finished products. These two offerings are combined to create solutions for Enterprise Operations Management (EOM), integrated enterprisewide systems that provide process manufacturers with the capability to dramatically improve their operating performance. Over 1,500 leading companies already rely on AspenTech's software, including Aventis, Bayer, BASF, BP, ChevronTexaco, Dow Chemical, DuPont, ExxonMobil, Fluor, Foster Wheeler, GlaxoSmithKline, Shell, and TotalFinaElf. For more information, visit

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Industry-Specific Solution Provides Faster ROI by Accelerating Technology Deployment and Team Adoption

Framework Technologies Announces Project Execution Template Suite for Faster, Improved Project Completion

Burlington, MA  March 24, 2003  Framework Technologies, the leader in solutions that increase success for product introduction, facilities and construction projects, today announced its Project Execution Template suite, a series of templates with content specific to various industries and situations. This offering will target industries involving consumer products, industrial products, tier one and tier two automotive suppliers, pharmaceutical and architecture/engineering/construction (AEC). The templates define the best practices for executing common projects and processes specific to these markets. By offering industry-specific content, Framework will enable customers to accelerate solution deployment and expand adoption with a proven solution.

"One of our core missions is to help our customers achieve a fast payback from their technology investment because that is most helpful to them in the current economic climate. The Project Execution Templates allow us to offer customers a solution that is already customized to help them perform basic functions and processes, so implementation and adoption is even faster and business benefits are achieved more quickly," said Donald Tomkinson, president and CEO of Framework Technologies. "In addition, because the Project Execution Templates guide project teams in an evolutionary manner rather than force revolutionary shifts, companies can use the software for the processes and projects which make the most sense for their corporate objectives. In this environment, companies can constantly re-evaluate how they use the software to support company strategy, allowing them to follow a continuous improvement paradigm to select, improve and streamline the projects and processes that will have the most impact on their bottom line."

Through its broad customer experience, Framework has developed a keen understanding of the best practices for collaborative projects in the consumer products, industrial products, automotive, pharmaceutical and AEC markets. As a result, the Project Execution Templates offer an online workspace structure that is targeted to these various markets through customized tabs, icons and terminology for each market. The Project Execution Templates synchronize cross-functional teams and guide them during the execution of industry-specific processes and projects for on-time project delivery. Additionally, the Templates keep teams on track by defining all the basic deliverables and metrics that each process or project involves. For instance, the Project Execution Templates can be used for the following initiatives: design-build projects (AEC), compound discovery processes (pharmaceutical) or phase-gate processes for product introduction (consumer/industrial).

With their high degree of industry customization, the Project Execution Templates offer guidance on the best way for teams to execute projects focused on key initiatives in these markets. Project leaders and team members gain a solution requiring little or no customization prior to deployment, so companies can begin using and benefiting from the software in days rather than weeks or months. The templates provide a broad range of cross-functional activities leading to higher adoption and improved team synchronization.

"Framework's experience in project execution across multiple industries is evident upon review of the cost reduction template workspace and process layout, and the associated content. Framework has clearly leveraged its existing ad hoc templates to create the standard templates. I believe these standard project execution templates will accelerate implementation time by guiding globally located team members to use existing cost reduction terminology and not require reengineering of methodologies," said Shelley Gilliland, director of corporate quality for INTERMET. "Rapid implementation and wide adoption are keys to considering any technology investment. Reducing costs is critical to INTERMET success and Framework's focus on cost reduction templates is especially appropriate in today's economic environment".

Framework will build upon this offering in the future by releasing additional templates that will address even more complex processes and projects for these markets.

Pricing and Availability:

Pricing for the Project Execution Template suite is $6,500. The software is immediately available.

About Framework Technologies
Framework Technologies is a leader in project execution decision support software, helping manufacturing and AEC companies implement key projects paramount to achieving growth and cost objectives. Framework's solutions, ActiveProduct and ActiveAEC, help large organizations such as Borg Warner, INTERMET, Moen, Emerson, MACTEC, Valley Transit Authority, Kiewet, and Modern Continental select the right projects and execute projects right.

ActiveProduct and ActiveAEC offer real-time visibility into key project information and support standard, stage gate and design build processes for successful project execution, which enables improved executive decision-making capability to select the right projects. This information sharing is possible through ActiveProduct's and ActiveAEC's ability to synchronize dispersed team members on the tasks, activities, specifications, drawings/models, analysis, and project status data essential to project success. Ultimately, companies achieve a project portfolio that aligns with business strategy and reorients resources to yield maximum results.

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AssetMetrix Launches License Compliancy Calculator for Microsoft Windows and Office Products

Industry-first license determination solution helps AssetMetrix clients identify potential license violations

Ottawa, ON  March 25, 2003  AssetMetrix, the managed service for PC Inventory, discovery, analysis, and management of an organization's IT assets, today announced the release of its License Compliancy Calculator. AssetMetrix customers will be able to instantly determine their license compliancy (and license violations) for OEM and non-OEM editions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office products. These calculator reports join the existing library of over 150 AssetMetrix analysis reports and cost-forecasting engines.

AssetMetrix's extensive knowledge base of Microsoft's product identification methods  combined with its experience with Microsoft's current licensing policies  has created an industry-first license determination solution for companies of all sizes. AssetMetrix's License Compliancy Calculators for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office gives clients the power to identify personnel who used the same CD (or activation key) to install their Microsoft Windows and/or Office Suites software, and to determine if the software originated from an OEM provider or not.

According to Steve O'Halloran, AssetMetrix's Licensing Evangelist, "Most companies are under the false belief  despite Microsoft's recent education efforts  that a Volume License Agreement (VLA) is a safety blanket with respect to license compliancy. Yet VLA customers have the same risk of license infringement as smaller companies due to the differences in license policies between OEM and non-OEM software."

"AssetMetrix helps Worldheart to proactively fulfill our license obligations," said Phil Jackman of Worldheart Corporation. "AssetMetrix's ability to identify shared Microsoft installations enables us to easily confirm whether or not we are compliant with software license agreements, and to act quickly if a problem is identified."

The Business Software Alliance (BSA), a watchdog group representing major software manufacturers, issued over US$1,000,000 in fines between January and March 2003 related to unlicensed copies of software. A survey by the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) reported "61 percent of respondents feel that the legal risk to their organization of non-compliance is high or very high. 56 percent of respondents state it would be difficult to prove ownership of all software."

Softchoice, one of North America's fastest growing hardware and software resellers, sees license compliancy as a critical issue for its customers. "AssetMetrix enables our customers to gain greater control over their software licenses, the number one IT challenge that our customers face today," said David MacDonald, president of Softchoice.

About AssetMetrix
Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, AssetMetrix is the industry's first managed service for PC inventory and asset analysis. AssetMetrix gives IT managers the power to discover, analyze, and manage their MS Windows desktop and server environment at the rate of 1,000 PCs per minute, regardless of location or connection. AssetMetrix discovers over 250 hardware elements, identifies and categorizes 138,000+ software titles, and reports these findings in over 150 reports, making it the most comprehensive PC inventory and asset analysis solution available today.

To date, AssetMetrix is deployed in over 4,000 customer sites, and is used in the management of hundreds of thousands of seats for international resellers and service providers, including Softchoice, Dell Corporation, CompuCom and Nexinnovations. For more information, visit the AssetMetrix Website at

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Simplify Complex Enterprise Computing Environments with New AES ActionPoint System

Aladdin Enterprise Introduces New Platform-Independent Policy-Based Computing Environment To Align Business Objectives With IT Infrastructure

Watsonville, CA  March 25, 2003  Aladdin Enterprise Solutions (AES), an Aladdin Systems Holdings Inc. company and developer of enterprise software solutions, today announced the availability of the AES ActionPoint System, a platform-independent policy-based computing environment designed to align business objectives with IT infrastructure and resources. Using ActionPoint policies, an enterprise can transform its diverse computing environments into a single integrated, adaptive network with autonomic capabilities for enhanced security and self-management.

Currently, companies like Sun, IBM, HP, and Microsoft are investing in autonomic computing functionality within their own operating environments. Using Aladdin's ActionPoint System, firms can manage and control their multi-vendor environment as one integrated and manageable entity.

"Fortune 1000 companies have billions of dollars invested in internal computer systems, yet these systems are often unable to function well together because of differences in software and computers," said Tom Saleh, CEO, AES. "In today's economy, successful companies must maximize the use of current systems, successfully integrate them with legacy systems, and automate IT services to improve service and efficiency to their users and customers. AES provides that solution."

With Aladdin Enterprise Solutions, customers can continue utilizing the variety of computers and platforms already in place and make them run well together as one entity. The ActionPoint System runs any of these systems, or combinations of these systems, using autonomic policy-based decision making and management.

AES's ActionPoint brings system management costs in line and leverages the computing resources that exist throughout the organization, addressing the top two priorities of CIOs: reduce spending and increase shareholder return. Other advantages include: greatly improving performance, adaptability, change management, security, and disaster recovery  all without making expensive architectural changes.

"With AES ActionPoint, management can satisfy computing requirements while meeting business goals and be assured that users will have the right resources available to them at the right time," said Tony Concolino, Executive VP at AES.

Aladdin Enterprise Solutions, Inc.: Aligning Business, Technology, and People Aladdin Enterprise Solutions' policy-based AES ActionPoint System solution aligns business objectives with enterprise computing requirements. On the Net: For more information contact: or

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