Preconfigured Software for the Mid-Market

PeopleSoft's new solutions designed to automate business processes, lower costs

Pleasanton, CA -- April 14, 2003  Application software provider PeopleSoft Inc. today delivered 13 new mid-market solutions designed specifically for companies with $50 million to $500 million in annual revenues.

Preconfigured to automate mid-market business processes, PeopleSoft Mid-Market Solutions include an unlimited user license for PeopleSoft applications, training, and implementation services. The provider said the solutions address a growing demand from mid-sized organizations to integrate critical business processes, and provide the flexibility to implement one module at a time.

"Mid-market organizations require solutions that automate business processes but are affordable and flexible enough to support a phased, modular implementation in which high-impact areas can be addressed first," said Carl Lehmann, vice president, META Group Inc. "As IT spending in mid-market organizations increases, savvy [enterprise resource planning] companies can position themselves to increase market share through continued product innovation and executive commitment."

PeopleSoft said its new solutions are designed to automate business processes such as source-to-settle and recruit-to-hire. They enable mid-market organizations to have the flexibility to purchase only the solutions they need to address core business processes, and companies can implement one application at a time and deploy additional applications to extend business processes as needed.

"Our business required solutions that would quickly automate and integrate key business processes," said Al Jones, IT business systems manager, Environmental Systems Products Holdings Inc. "PeopleSoft's fixed-price solution -- and the flexibility to implement only what we need, when we need it -- mitigates the risk, cost and complexity typically associated with enterprise solutions."

Market-Partners, an independent research firm, surveyed more than 700 top decision makers at companies with annual revenue between $50 and $500 million. The study concluded:
* 41 percent of mid-market customers plan to increase spending on applications in 2003;
* 34 percent of respondents identified integration as the largest hidden cost for mid-market organizations, closely followed by unpredictable user licenses and training fees;
* 46 percent of mid-market organizations demand solutions that are built to support business processes;
* 48 percent of mid-market companies require a complete suite of applications from one vendor allowing them to implement the functionality they need, when they need it.

"Selling a mid-market business a suite of applications and expecting them to implement it all at once is completely unreasonable," said Jeffrey Read, vice president and general manager, PeopleSoft Mid-Market. "Customers need the flexibility to deploy solutions at their own pace. Based on practices learned from our existing mid-market customers, PeopleSoft has preconfigured the solutions required to automate business processes that will result in an accelerated return on investment."

PeopleSoft Mid-Market Solutions are generally available in the United States. Pricing starts at $50,000 per implemented module.