Manugistics, Azerity Partner

Joint offering targets high tech, aims to help sales reps manage complex price quotes and catalogs

Rockville, MD — April 15, 2003 — Solution providers Azerity and Manugistics have partnered to jointly offer price optimization solutions to the high-tech industry.

Azerity is a provider of customer relationship management (CRM) and channel automation software focused on the high-technology industry, while Manugistics offers supply and demand chain solutions.

The joint offering will incorporate the price optimization capabilities of Manugistics' Pricing and Revenue Optimization (PRO) suite with Azerity's ProChannel applications to deliver a solution targeting sales representatives and call center personnel that are required to manage increasingly complex price quotes and catalogs.

"Manugistics PRO solutions are designed to analyze specific market conditions and customer buying behaviors to help create optimized prices for price list development, customized bids and promotional offerings," said Gregg Westerbeck, Manugistics' vice president, communication and high technology. "The Azerity ProChannel solution can help Manugistics PRO clients in the high tech industry to integrate these optimized prices with the front lines of deal and bid development."

The jointly marketed solutions can help address challenges faced by the high-tech industry by combining Manugistics' price optimization with Azerity's global price management capabilities, with the potential to improve sales force productivity and market responsiveness, reduce pricing inconsistencies, improve top-line revenue growth through optimized prices and help to better align demand with inventory and supply decisions, the two providers said.

Kevin Scott, an analyst with technology consultancy AMR Research, wrote in a January 13 report that companies putting a strategic focus on how prices are set, negotiated and managed have seen up to 10 percent in incremental revenue.