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A selection of recent solution-related announcements from the supply chain community.

April 16, 2003 — Following is a selection of recent solution-related announcements that have come into the iSource Business newsroom. These press releases are, for the most part, presented as received. Datelines have been edited for consistency, and trademark and similar notations, as well as "forward looking statement" and similar notices, have been removed.

Sapient, Embrace Networks and ThingMagic Show How RFID and Enterprise Applications Can Work Together to Dramatically Improve Supply Chain Visibility

Cambridge, MA, and Sunnyvale, CA — March 25, 2003 — Sapient, a leading business and technology consultancy, Embrace Networks, Inc. , the inventor of the Device Brokerage Platform, and ThingMagic, a design and development company, today announced they have created a proof of concept using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The companies created the proof of concept to help companies understand how emerging technologies, such as RFID, can be seamlessly integrated into existing back-end systems — automating and improving supply chain visibility. A demonstration was showcased at the Smart Labels USA 2003 conference from March 25-26, 2003 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The demo presented a sample event — the movement of goods from a warehouse to a retail outlet. Several RFID readers, which scan RFID tags, were used to track the movement of the tagged goods. The demo showed how the information is tracked, aggregated, routed and integrated into the back-end warehouse management system.

The demo system is the result of a collaborative effort between Sapient, Embrace Networks and ThingMagic, and was developed using standards-based technologies. Each company contributed a specific component in the development of the demo:

  • ThingMagic provided its Mercury 2 networked RFID readers, which scan the unique identity of the goods as they move from location to location.

  • Embrace Networks provided its Device Brokerage Platform, which manages the RFID reader and the information flow between it and the back-end system — instantly obtaining and transferring critical information about the goods.

  • Sapient created an integration front to what would be the back-end warehouse management system in a real situation — fully, seamlessly and instantly integrating the data to and from the Embrace Platform.

"RFID is one of the next big steps in the automation of complex processes such as supply chains and retail distribution," said Ben Gaucherin, Sapient's chief technology officer. "By combining our expertise in supply chain and enterprise integration with Embrace's platform and ThingMagic's readers, we are able to showcase the possibilities of these new and developing technologies and bring RFID a step closer to reality for our clients."

"Supply chain solutions will significantly benefit from this type of evolving technology," said Michel Burger, chief technology officer of Embrace Networks, Inc. "This demo provides a powerful example of how companies can use, connect and integrate new and developing technologies such as RFID to its back-end system — increasing visibility into the supply chain and automating processes."

"RFID technology has been proven on a small scale, but the implementation of scalable RFID systems and the attendant IT issues remain an open problem," said Ravi Pappu, ThingMagic's co-founder. "Our demonstration illustrates how companies can rapidly deploy real or pilot systems today, by integrating readers and applications with their existing back-end enterprise systems."

More information about the Smart Label 2003 conference can be found at

About ThingMagic

Based in Cambridge MA, ThingMagic LLC ( is a design and development company with broad experience in RF and analog design, embedded computing and networks. ThingMagic licenses its RFID Reader designs and other embedded computing platforms and provides its customers services ranging from custom product design and prototyping to long-term R&D. ThingMagic, a sponsor of the MIT Auto-ID Center since 2001, has been actively involved in the development of the Auto-ID Center's EPC specifications, and the Auto-ID Center's field tests.

About Embrace Networks, Inc.

Embrace is the inventor of the Device Brokerage Platform, a comprehensive, general-purpose software platform that enables the simple management and dynamic integration of nearly unlimited numbers and types of electronic devices by or into remotely located software applications through the medium of the Internet.

The Device Brokerage Platform creates the required infrastructure for a device-centric or "extended" Internet ecology through the medium of "brokers" — powerful, secure, cooperating software services that decouple physical devices from applications while dynamically managing the context of all interactions.

Embrace is a venture-backed company located in Sunnyvale, California, with a development center in Naperville, Illinois. Its products are being deployed worldwide. Investors include August Capital, JP Morgan, Intel, Thales, Crystal Internet Ventures and TechFund. Embrace Networks is a member of the MIT Auto-ID Center. The company URL is

About Sapient

Sapient, a leading business and technology consultancy, helps Global 2000 clients achieve measurable business results through the rapid application and support of advanced technology on a fixed-price basis. Founded in 1991, Sapient employs approximately 1,500 people in offices in Atlanta, Cambridge (Mass.), Chicago, Dusseldorf, London, Los Angeles, Milan, Munich, New Delhi, New York, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington, D.C. More information about Sapient can be found at

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Combination of Kivera Software and TrafficCast Data Predicts Travel Time Based on Real-Time Traffic Conditions

Oakland, CA — March 25, 2003 — Kivera, a leading technology provider for location-based products and services, today announced an agreement with leading traffic information company and digital traffic data provider TrafficCast to integrate TrafficCast's predictive data feed with Kivera's powerful location-based software.

Combining Kivera's Traffic Server and carrier-grade Location Engine with TrafficCast traffic and travel time data, Kivera enables wireless, directory assistance, telematics and logistics companies to deliver estimated travel time and alternative route information to their customers.

Drawing from numerous sources including Departments of Transportation, emergency service agencies, law enforcement, government call centers, private data sources and highway sensors all over the U.S., TrafficCast's data feed provides travel time given variables such as traffic jams, accidents, construction delays and detours.

For example, wireless subscribers can now use the Kivera Location Engine and Traffic Server in conjunction with TrafficCast data to:

  • Receive an alert for their commute to work before they set out

  • Request an alternative route to avoid delays caused by jams, accidents or road construction

  • If stuck in a jam, find out the expected delay, locate the nearest available exit, and obtain a reroute using surface streets

"As the market for location-based services evolves, enterprises are increasingly looking for new ways to differentiate their products and services and derive new revenues," said Kivera President and CEO Stuart Jacobson. "We believe the adoption of LBS services will increase and revenues will grow based on innovative new services like predictive traffic reporting and dynamic rerouting, and Kivera intends to be the technology partner that enables all of them."

"In cooperation with leading technology providers like Kivera, TrafficCast supports North America's best traffic products," said Dr. Connie Li, Chief Operating Officer of TrafficCast. "Our patented predictive capability combined with Kivera's powerful software is enabling the newest and most exciting location-based services available."

Kivera software sets the industry standard for speed, scalability, flexibility and performance. Leveraging map and traffic data from several sources, Kivera delivers dynamic, real-time traffic coverage in more than 70 metropolitan markets and 100 cities nationwide. The Kivera Traffic Server 2.0 integrates map and traffic databases with the Kivera Location Engine to provide real-time traffic information, traffic-sensitive turn-by-turn routing and directions, speed maps, and incident-based routing via any connected device. For more information, please visit

About Kivera

Kivera is a category innovator and core technology provider for location-based products and services. As one of the pioneers in the field of location-based services (LBS) software, Kivera serves leading wireless, directory assistance, emergency response and logistics companies around the world and helps drive LBS efficiencies and revenue across the enterprise. Kivera's software has earned its customers high praise, often ranking their services #1 in their respective categories. Kivera customers and partners include AAA, AT&T Wireless, BeVocal, Cross Country Automotive Services, DENSO, HeyAnita, IBM, MetroOne, VoltDelta, and Sun Microsystems, among many others.

About TrafficCast

TrafficCast ( is the only firm that generates personalized, route-specific real-time and predictive traffic and travel time information for the entire United States. The firm provides current and predicted travel times for more than 400,000 miles coast to coast including interstate highways, other expressways, and major arterials. By fusing historic traffic patterns, "live" traffic information, weather forecasts, construction and event schedules with accident reports, TrafficCast provides value today, but also has laid the foundation for tomorrow's business in telematics, routing and dispatching, and other location-based consumer and commercial services.

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IDS Scheer Announces New Additions to ARIS 6 Collaborative Suite

Expanded Web-based Capabilities Streamline Inter- and Intra-Company Processes Worldwide

Berwyn, PA — March 25, 2003 — IDS Scheer, Inc., the leading provider of business process excellence services and tools, today announced a series of enhancements to the ARIS 6 Collaborative Suite, the next-generation of IDS Scheer's award-winning business process modeling solution.

ARIS 6 Collaborative Suite is specifically designed to support today's global businesses, offering a complete suite of Web-based tools to document, analyze, implement, and optimize inter- and intra-company business processes worldwide. As a result, organizations can extend collaboration, efficiency, and cost savings across borders.

ARIS 6 Collaborative Suite features a fully browser-based interface, offering complete platform-independence and access for any user, from any location, at any time. New features include a comprehensive matrix modeler, cost analyzer, screen modeling, and expanded Web-based tools for change management, reporting, and collaboration.

Matrix Modeler

The new Matrix Modeler provides companies with the capability to isolate specific business processes from an existing model for in-depth analysis, modification, or optimization. As a result, they can effectively identify and manage relationships between objects and processes from different models, regardless of model type. Updated processes can be re-inserted into their original models to evaluate projected performance gains as well as time and cost savings. Organizations can use the matrix to analyze any process at any level, including departmental, enterprise, supplier or partner.

Cost Analyzer

Organizations can use ARIS' Cost Analyzer tool to analyze the time and cost parameters of process models developed in ARIS, establish key performance indicators, and evaluate the cost impact of implementing certain solutions. Information can be shared via the Internet with controllers, decision makers, and process managers. Cost analyses can be adapted to individual customer requirements, and can also be viewed using a variety of approaches, such as activity-based costing and target costing. As a result, companies can make smart purchasing decisions throughout the business process excellence cycle, easily implementing cost-saving measures such as researching product alternatives, determining whether to buy a specific solution or develop it in-house, and optimizing key processes to reduce overall costs.

Screen Modeling

ARIS' new screen modeling capabilities offer improved transparency of business processes, allowing users to easily navigate through screens to access a complete overview of recent activity, changes, and communications. Models can be displayed in full picture mode, with a range of options for displaying model content and its relevant assignments. A navigation window and separate object window offer a clear picture of the occurrences, relationships, assignments, and maintained attributes of each selected object.

Expanded Web-based Features

By moving business process management online with ARIS 6, IDS Scheer ensures improved collaboration and communication among all parties involved, anywhere around the world. ARIS 6 now includes a Web-based change management tool, enabling end-users and process modelers to work closely together to continuously define measures for improvement, and implement change across their organization on an ongoing basis. ARIS 6 also features online reporting capabilities, with support for all major languages to enable seamless sharing and communication worldwide.

About IDS Scheer, Inc.

IDS Scheer, Inc. is the global leader in providing consulting and software solutions to organizations to enable business process excellence. With more than 1,500 employees worldwide, IDS Scheer combines leading edge technology with a range of vertical market expertise to help organizations streamline enterprise resource planning, supply-chain management, customer relationship management, and e-business initiatives. The company's ARIS product suite is the market leader in business process management, including the award-winning ARIS Toolset and ARIS Process Performance Manager (PPM) which are used by more than 3,000 organizations worldwide, and consistently recognized by the industry's leading analyst groups. For more information, visit

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SciQuest Launches LifeCycle Biologicals Manager at Bio-IT World Conference

Materials Management Solution Streamlines Biological Sample Management to Reduce Redundant Processes and Enable Global Access to Critical Research Assets

Research Triangle Park, NC, and Boston — March 25, 2003 — SciQuest, Inc. today at the Bio-IT World Conference announced the launch of LifeCycle Biologicals Manager, a specialized materials management solution for biological samples and related data.

LifeCycle Biologicals Manager is a materials management solution for life science organizations seeking to consolidate biological assets and related data to enable global access to samples used and created in the drug discovery process. Biologicals Manager assists research-intensive organizations in all aspects of biologicals management including collection, characterization, acquisition and logistics.

The solution enables researchers to submit biological samples into a centralized database using customized forms that capture key properties specific to each sample class, such as vectors, microbial strains or cell lines. Using a comprehensive search interface, researchers locate and order biological samples from local or centralized storage facilities. Repository managers can fulfill orders and globally manage sample inventory through integrated tools.

"LifeCycle Biologicals Manager was developed with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who are facing the growing challenge of effectively leveraging their biological assets," said Jamie Duke, vice president of products, operations and strategy for SciQuest. "By listening closely to the needs of researchers, repository managers and research executives, we've been able to develop a solution that provides enhanced visibility into an organization's biological sample inventory to deliver significant productivity gains for all stakeholders."

LifeCycle Biologicals Manager features a flexible architecture that easily integrates with legacy sample databases, laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and automated high-throughput systems. The scalable platform and intuitive browser-based interface allows for rapid deployment and user adoption giving organizations that implement LifeCycle Biologicals Manager the ability to quickly achieve a significant return on investment.

Key features of LifeCycle Biologicals Manager include:

Sample Submission

Each biological sample class has a unique submission form to capture specific properties and characteristics that are most relevant. Related documents, such as vector maps or gel images, can be submitted and associated with a sample for quick reference.

Comprehensive Searching

Researchers can quickly find samples based upon key decision-making attributes such as project names, registration numbers, expression products or storage locations. Unique search forms for each biological type allows for detailed, parametric searching within a particular sample class.

Order Processing

Researchers electronically order samples directly from their search results — eliminating paper sample requests. These orders are routed to a repository manager who assigns orders for fulfillment. All activities, including order status, can be viewed and reported on for validation and compliance.

Inventory Management

Repository staff can monitor and manage all aspects of biological sample inventory including receipt, logistics, replenishment and disposition.

LifeCycle Biologicals Manager is currently available. For more information, visit us on the Web at

About SciQuest

SciQuest provides technology, services and domain expertise to optimize procurement and materials management for the life sciences, industrial research and higher education markets. SciQuest solutions enable research-intensive organizations to reduce costs, improve quality and speed the process of innovation by helping them find and acquire resources and manage the lifecycle of critical assets.

Many of the world's leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and academic organizations rely on SciQuest solutions to streamline the Innovation Supply Chain including GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Roche, Schering-Plough Research Institute, Procter & Gamble, the Rensselaer Polytechnic University and Indiana University. SciQuest is headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, with offices in Philadelphia, San Francisco and London. For more information about SciQuest, please visit or call +1-919-659-2100.

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Everypath Makes Mobile Task Automation a Reality

New Product Delivers Streamlined User Interface, Multi-Application Integration Regardless of Connectivity

San Jose, CA — March 26, 2003 — Everypath, the leading mobile task automation software company, today announced the immediate availability of Everypath MTA, the mobile market's first mobile task automation (MTA) solution. Everypath MTA enables subsets of any existing application logic to be mobilized for use on virtually any handheld device, improving user productivity, reducing operating expense and increasing management visibility.

"Everypath MTA is the product of 18 months of intensive research and development effort, working with some of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical, consumer and industrial products industries," said Mark Tapling, CEO and president of Everypath. "Our systematic research revealed that most mobile projects rarely go beyond pilot phases because the applications fail to deliver measurable business value with an acceptable user experience. Everypath MTA delivers a streamlined user interface, structured process flows and smart connector technology to extend logic from existing applications to handheld devices. The new product is designed to deliver high-impact business applications for use by sales, service and order management related mobile workers."

"Everypath MTA will enable over 1,700 Toshiba field engineers to be more responsive to our customers while streamlining our internal operations and increasing productivity," said Shunsuke Okada from Toshiba. "Our Everypath MTA software-built applications permit field engineers to work on the handheld device while inside of buildings, outside of network coverage, and then complete bi-directional synchronization over a wireless connection in-between customer visits."

Everypath MTA adds a number of new capabilities to the company's impressive product line-up:

  • Everypath MTA — "template" process flows and user interface modules for a variety of sales, service and order management related mobile tasks

  • Everypath Connector — new "smart" connection capabilities to Siebel 7 and other applications, permitting extraction of business components and automatic mapping to mobile task flows

  • Everypath Mobile Management Console — permitting robust security, provisioning and application maintenance through a Web-based interface

  • Everypath Server — a 10X performance upgrade for bi-directional, store-and-forward based synchronization between devices and back-end applications

  • Everypath Smart Client — "dual-mode" support for both online and offline interaction with Siebel, Lotus Notes, JDBC, Web Service or HTML data source

"Corporations are now looking to mobilize specific business processes by connecting backend infrastructure with focused mobile applications that are only occasionally connected," said J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., principal analyst for MobileTrax. "I believe companies like Everypath that provide MTA solutions for field force automation (FFA), customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) represent the beginning of a major new trend in enterprise mobile computing that focuses on end-to-end mobile solutions."

"While a lot of companies in this market are talking about the challenges to mobility, Everypath's MTA offering overcomes the very real issues of high integration costs, network connectivity and security for any enterprise looking to mobilize their workforce," said Dana Tardelli, research director, communication services at Aberdeen Group. "Everypath's MTA concept provides companies with a compelling way to realize a greater return on investments they have already made in existing infrastructure. That will translate into improved cash flows, lower direct operating expense and overall a more productive business."

Everypath MTA is now available with pricing starting at $95,000 for a base configuration.

About Everypath, Inc.

Everypath is the leading provider of mobile task automation software to global 1000 enterprises, including the pharmaceutical, consumer products, industrial products and service, and financial services industries among others. Our software is used by over one million consumers and thousands of sales, service and order management professionals. Customers include leaders such as Toshiba, Biogen, NTT, and E*TRADE. Computerworld honored Everypath in 2002 as one of the top 5 emerging mobile software providers. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., the company serves customers in North America, Japan, and Europe. For more information visit or call toll free 1.800.2.EVERYPATH (1.800.238.3797).

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Astea International Introduces Service Lifecycle Management Solutions to Service & Support Professionals Association

Astea Alliance CRM for Service Lifecycle Management Enables Companies to Capture Up to 70 Percent of Missed Service Revenues

Horsham, PA — March 26, 2003 — Astea International Inc., a leading global provider of Service Smart, Enterprise Proven CRM solutions, exhibited its latest Astea Alliance software for Service Lifecycle Management at the Service & Support Professionals Association (SSPA) Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, March 31 to April 2, 2003.

In addition to reducing customer support and field service costs, Astea solutions for Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) enable equipment manufacturers, distributors and pure service providers to increase revenue, profit margins and market share. Higher return on investment is achieved from reducing customer churn, capturing more revenue from existing customers, and increasing the long-term value of new customer acquisitions.

According to AMR Research analyst Marc McCluskey, "SLM positions companies to go after the 50 percent to 70 percent of potential revenue that they miss in the latter part of the (product) lifecycle." (Source: AMR Research Report, August 2002, "Service Lifecycle Management (Part 1): The Approaches and Technologies to Build Sustainable Competitive Advantages for Services)

Marikit Klein-Smith, vice president of marketing at Astea International, explains: "Other CRM suite providers prioritize sales force automation and new customer acquisitions. Astea Alliance CRM is engineered with best-of-breed customer support, field service, and back-office systems integration at its applications core. Priorities are placed on preserving customer loyalty and the revenue upside from a strong customer base."

Traditionally, companies have been reactive when it comes to handling service issues. They wait for a customer to call, and then react to the problem. With Astea Alliance, companies become proactive by using customer service data to anticipate and market to customer needs. A product or service can be suggested or performed before the customer asks or is contacted by a competing vendor. Companies capture previously lost revenue opportunities and reduce customer turnover. The value of each customer relationship is enhanced, and there is a stronger customer base from which to expand market share.

Astea Leverages 23-Year History to Seize SLM Leadership

Astea's SLM vision and product offerings are built upon the Company's 23-year history — from pioneer in field service automation to global provider of service-centric CRM suite solutions — serving midsize to Fortune 500 companies. The latest Astea Alliance CRM software, engineered for Web-based deployment on a Microsoft.NET framework, provides a solid SLM core that is rich in infrastructure, enterprise systems integration, portal and mobile capabilities. The software includes nine applications suites:

  • Astea Contact Center 6

  • Astea Depot Repair 6

  • Astea Field Service 6

  • Astea Marketing 6

  • Astea Mobile 6

  • Astea Portals 6

  • Astea Professional Services 6

  • Astea Sales 6

  • Astea Analytics 6 (available 2003)

All suites and modules are fully integrative in a multi-lingual, multi-currency, global database and configurable to enterprise needs, business rules and terminology.

Astea Alliance Integration Capabilities Part of Successful SLM Implementation

To implement SLM, Astea Alliance offers a wide range of XML-based Applications Programming Interfaces (APIs) to exchange data with the other enterprise systems. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems provide the backbone for back-office automation. Wireless data transmission services and remote equipment monitoring and diagnostic systems are increasingly used to streamline and improve business processes between the field and the front office. SLM with Astea Alliance seeks to integrate and synchronize all enterprise processes to better serve customers and increase revenue opportunities.

"Astea Alliance delivers superior front-office automation that emphasizes service delivery and customer retention, but the SLM isn't complete without integrating the other systems," says Klein-Smith. "The idea is to have all business processes exchange data and operate together with a coordinated focus on increasing customer loyalty, revenue and margins."

About Astea International

Astea International Inc. ( is a global supplier of integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that provide service-centric companies with a rapid return on their technology investment. Astea's flagship product, Alliance CRM Suite, integrates, automates and streamlines sales and service business processes, thereby increasing productivity, competitive advantage, customer focus, top-line revenue growth and profitability. The full module set includes Sales & Marketing, Contact Center, Field Service, Professional Services and Mobile CRM solutions. Extending relationship from the field to the front office, the Company offers over twenty years of domain expertise, linking disparate business organizations and collapsing the time from contract to cash. Astea Alliance solutions manage the entire customer lifecycle from generating leads, to closing sales to providing world-class support that drives business.

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ClearOrbit's Version 4.0 of Its Connect Software Platform Offers Extended Supply Chain Execution and Certified Integration to SAP

New Release of "Device Integration Operating System" Features Scalable Print Server and Web-based Integrated Management Tools

Austin, TX — March 27, 2003 — ClearOrbit, the leading provider of extended supply chain execution (SCE) software solutions, announced today the launch of Connect 4.0, the latest generation of its technology foundation platform. Connect provides manufacturers and distributors the unique ability to integrate their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or other applications directly to wireless and industrial devices to drive significant supply chain efficiency improvements. It provides the infrastructure and adapters necessary for business applications to proactively manage process automation and collaborative supply chain execution, while exploiting AutoID technologies including bar code, RF and RFID.

"ClearOrbit was clearly the best solution for Waterpik's operations. They offer superior functionality, including an optimized mobile interface, integrated label printing and the ability to customize using PL/SQL," said Reggie Thurn, Business Analyst, Waterpik Technologies. "Most important was the level of responsiveness and support we received from the ClearOrbit team."

Since 1994, ClearOrbit has extended supply chain execution for more than 250 of Oracle's largest ERP applications customers by providing "last mile functionality" and trading partner collaboration to meet their industry vertical and/or unique operating requirements. With the release of Connect 4.0 and SAP Certified Integration, ClearOrbit's products are now available to extend SAP R/3 to control material movement within manufacturing, warehousing and fulfillment operations. In collaboration with trading partners, Connect provides SAP R/3 clients with the foundation for ClearOrbit's proven Web-based supply chain management software to manage and control key process points of inventory ownership transfer.

"Companies are seeking to leverage and unlock the value of their ERP investments. By using the ERP data model and providing last mile functionality to meet specific vertical industry and operational requirements, ClearOrbit's product suite does just that," said Steve Banker, Director of Supply Chain Research, ARC Advisory Group. "They are like the BASF of software: they don't make your ERP; they make your ERP better."

Connect is the technical foundation for the company's application products for supply chain execution and trading partner collaboration. It allows industrial devices such as RF scanners, bar code printers, scales, carousels, PLCs and RFID tags, printers and readers to integrate directly to the ERP data model in real time. Connect features a Web-based management console for ease of configuration and real-time device control.

The Web-based console provides highly configurable options and supports a variety of device types that are integral to receiving, inventory, manufacturing and shipping efficiency. Through Connect 4.0, devices can communicate directly to the enterprise data model, providing immediate, accurate information enabling the real-time enterprise. Unlike most alternative solutions, Connect 4.0 provides certified ERP connectivity without proprietary third party databases that significantly increase integration requirements and the total cost of ownership.

It includes a powerful print server with proven scalability and performance that provides real-time control over all printers and network hardware. Users can install the print server on single or multi-tier systems, and dynamically balance the load across servers. For example, one ClearOrbit client is printing 1000 to 1500 labels per minute across their network, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The console handles both local and Internet-based printers, supporting compliance labeling programs among trading partners using ClearOrbit's Endeavour Series collaboration products.

"Having just installed the new version of Connect, we are very pleased with the ease of implementation and the power of features such as the Web-based device management console," said Lisa Huckins, Senior Programmer Analyst, of Portex, Inc. "Connect will provide a solid foundation for mobile supply chain transactions as we grow our business."

More than 250 companies are using Connect in conjunction with ClearOrbit extended supply chain execution products to optimize their supply chain processes, with tens of thousands of mobile users at thousands of locations around the world. By providing this last mile functionality to meet customer requirements that are unique to their vertical industry or operating environment, ClearOrbit customers are able to leverage and implement standard ERP solution modules without changing the core code nor having to seek "best of breed" competitive solutions.

"By making significant R&D investments in our infrastructure product, we intend to provide continued value to our current customers, while further increasing our capabilities to serve new customers," says Richard Sherman, Chief Marketing Officer at ClearOrbit. "This release is available to new ClearOrbit customers, while existing customers with an active maintenance contract for Connect will receive a software upgrade at no charge."

"While a 'single vendor solution' sounds good in concept, in some cases you need a partner with specific functional expertise," added Ms. Thurn. "Since ClearOrbit leverages our Oracle 11i environment, we can go this route without comprising data integrity or re-inventing the wheel."

About ClearOrbit

Since 1994, ClearOrbit has assisted more than 250 clients in automating and controlling their supply chain execution processes. ClearOrbit extends enterprise systems value with proven Supply Chain Execution (SCE) software solutions that allow customers to fully leverage their investment in enterprise applications while also gaining additional value by incorporating their trading partners into their supply chains. ClearOrbit products work within the existing enterprise system to leverage a "single version of the truth," expanding rather than duplicating functionality to eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain. By using the customer's data model, ClearOrbit delivers on the promise of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with fully integrated supply chain execution and collaboration solutions that address "last mile functionality" issues inherent in most ERP systems. ClearOrbit customers include Cisco Systems, Texas Instruments and Applied Materials. See how enterprise systems can reach a higher level at or call us at 800-324-5143.

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Axonom Ships New Powertrak System for Microsoft CRM

Mid-Tier Firms and Vertical Industries Empowered with Full-function CRM

Minneapolis, MN — March 31, 2003 — Axonom Inc., a leading provider of Microsoft and Outlook-centric CRM solutions, today announced the shipment of Powertrak V6.0 for Microsoft CRM. Developed to operate on top of the Microsoft CRM platform, the Powertrak product suite includes three industry solutions that marry the proven Worldtrak product line with Microsoft's new offering to provide robust CRM solutions.

Powertrak V6.0 provides mid-tier and Microsoft-centered firms seeking to implement CRM with the first global solution built for quick and easy deployment on top of the Microsoft CRM offering. With this new release users now have increased options, flexibility, and control in speeding all customer interactions and maintaining the best relationships while reducing costs and streamlining marketing processes.

The new Powertrak V6.0 release includes Powertrak Core, Advanced Marketing, and Powertrak Tools.

Powertrak Core, built using Microsoft .NET, delivers a comprehensive set of features that allows users to create a business command center that significantly extends the functionality of the Microsoft CRM investment. Powertrak Core features shipping with Powertrak V6.0 include:

  • PowerRelate Relationship Tracking — Moves beyond a simple organization chart to provide a visual, tree-based view of the relationship between contacts, accounts, and third-party contacts that are influential to the process

  • Threaded Discussions — Connects appointments, tasks, and activities to provide a comprehensive history of the interactions and events that both precede and follow an event

  • Built-in Business Process Management — Goes beyond MS CRM activity reporting to provide granular information and complete visibility of activities and other interactions

  • Advanced Profiling — Allows users to profile contacts using multi-select profiling attributes

The Powertrak Advanced Marketing module provides feature-rich utilities that allows businesses to automate and accelerate all aspects of traditional and e-mail-based marketing campaigns. Powertrak V6.0 Advanced Marketing includes:

  • Campaign Management — Supports unlimited traditional and e-mail campaigns; provides easy management roll up of results, hits, costs, and sales yield for every step of the campaign

  • Advertising Control — Tracks media and advertising hit rates, costs and sales yield

  • One-to-One Marketing — Scores customers using recency, frequency, and monetary values (RFM) to help you target one-on-one marketing campaigns to your best customers

  • Automated and Customized Literature Fulfillment — Delivers the right literature in a timely manner through the appropriate channel

  • Web-based Lead Scripting — Qualifies and automatically allocates leads from Internet sites

Powertrak Tools, designed for the programmer and non-programmer alike, provide unlimited schema extensions and robust easy-to-use tools for building rich Web screens. With Powertrak Tools, marketers now have to ability to quickly and easily create and update Web screens to reflect changing business conditions.

Powertrak V6.0 is currently shipping and will be followed by the release of additional Powertrak Core modules as well as industry-specific modules for the Powertrak Wealth Management, Non-profit Association, and High-tech product lines by June 30, 2003.

Powertrak Wealth Management allows retail financial services businesses to manage complex personal and business accounts and build long-term, advice-driven client relationships while delivering superior customer experiences to maximize sales and customer retention.

Powertrak Association Management provides robust donation and fundraising management along with core tools to manage events, committees and legislation tracking.

Powertrak High-Tech Management includes multi-channel, multi-currency forecasting, time and billing, technical case management and field service enhancements.

Each industry solution supports active workflow and implementation procedures that follow proven best practices and support a controlled, phased implementation approach, allowing businesses to quickly grow and extend customer relationships while containing costs and increasing return on investment.

"Our extended Microsoft CRM solutions are really becoming a new CRM category for companies that want to leverage their investment in Microsoft technology — we are delivering high-function award-winning solutions today," said Clark Dircz, Chief Executive Officer of Axonom. "With Microsoft CRM and Powertrak now shipping, we are already seeing great demand for this solution from both our customers and the Microsoft Business Solutions channel."

"Building out from the Microsoft CRM platform and Microsoft Outlook provides companies with a safe, simple to use and familiar access point," added Mike Belongie, Senior Vice President with Axonom. "With projects now being delivered on the new platform, we are already seeing quick results and promising ROI."

Axonom Inc.

Axonom is a CRM Mid-Market focused company, providing Microsoft-based solutions to the financial services, non-profit and manufacturing industries. Axonom supports a North American and worldwide customer base. For further information please call Axonom at 888-814-2880 or visit our Web sites at or

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