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A selection of recent solution-related announcements from the supply chain community.

April 25, 2003 — Following is a selection of recent solution-related announcements that have come into the iSource Business newsroom. These press releases are, for the most part, presented as received. Datelines have been edited for consistency, and trademark and similar notations, as well as "forward looking statement" and similar notices, have been removed.

KDS and Travel Analytics Team up to Optimize Online Travel Purchasing

New Technology Will Deliver Greater Savings for Corporations by Ensuring Unbiased Travel Sourcing, Greater Negotiation Power, and Stricter Enforcement of Travel Policies

New York, NY, and Paris, France — March 24, 2003 — Travel Analytics, the travel industry's leading provider of strategic sourcing software and analysis, and KDS, a leading provider of online business travel management solutions, today announced their partnership by which both companies will leverage each other's technology to provide corporations with advanced e-sourcing capabilities.

Under the agreement, Travel Analytics and KDS will integrate products to deliver an enhanced and automated travel policy management solution. The joint technology will analyze the travel purchasing behaviors at both company and traveler levels, define the most appropriate travel options including preferred suppliers, and adapt travel policy rules. By linking KDS and Travel Analytics software, corporations will obtain greater control and savings by the continuous self-optimization of their travel policy.

The two companies are developing an interface to integrate their flagship products, Travel Analytic's Bravo and KDS Corporate. The integration of these two solutions will enable travel managers to automatically import preferred suppliers and display the best fares to corporate travelers to maximize savings.

Further, as part of this agreement, corporations deploying KDS Corporate and
Bravo can benefit from the industry-recognized consulting and services of Travel Analytics. Services available will include supplier negotiations, definition and enforcement of travel policy, and strategic management of airline agreements.

"We are delighted to join forces with KDS, a truly global and independent business travel technology provider. With our combined solution, corporations can expect to realize even greater savings from their online booking initiative," says Scott Gillespie, CEO of Travel Analytics.

"The combination of KDS and Travel Analytics will provide an automated, efficient and fact-based methodology for corporations to maximize supplier relationships," explains Jean-François Vergnangeal, Vice President Marketing and Strategic Alliances at KDS. "We share with Travel Analytics the strong desire to deliver results-oriented technology and services."

The partnership of Travel Analytics and KDS covers technological integration of products and marketing collaboration in the US and Europe. The integration will be available mid-2003.

About Travel Analytics

Travel Analytics, founded in 1999 by Scott Gillespie, is the travel industry's leading provider of strategic sourcing software and analysis. TANGO, the firm's flagship software tool, has been applied to more than ten billion dollars of airline spend. Travel Analytics serves a growing list of Fortune® 500 clients across North America and Europe. More information about Travel Analytics, TANGO and BRAVO are available at .

About KDS

KDS is a leading provider of online business travel management solutions. The company's award-winning applications and services enable organizations to reduce costs and increase productivity by automating business travel processes. Leading companies and business travel service providers use KDS's innovative software to efficiently plan and book travel via the Internet. KDS Solutions are based upon time-tested technology and provide direct access to global GDSs and travel suppliers. KDS customers include Accenture, Alstom, autodesk, BP, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Galileo, Gray Dawes, Henkel, Novartis, and Shell. Founded in 1994, KDS maintains offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Additional information about KDS can be found on the Web at

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nMetric 4C Provides Event-based, Dynamic Shop Floor Scheduling

Traditional Scheduling Software Delays Production and Relies Too Heavily on Standards

Costa Mesa, CA — March 26, 2003 — nMetric today announced that production scheduling software must provide dynamic scheduling for two reasons. First of all, it should not hinder. Every second a process is delayed affects the start of other processes. When that happens, conventional scheduling systems, such as Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), Forward Scheduling, Backward Scheduling, Finite Scheduling and Infinite Scheduling, usually recalculate the entire schedule. This takes time, leading to vicious cycles of creating production schedules with time lines that are close, but not real.

Secondly, traditional scheduling software is based on standard rates rather than real-time, live production data. "Standards" often do not accurately reflect actual rates and capacities. Standard lead times are not competitive — and may be wrong — when trying to win business in build-to-order business environments. Worse, actual real-time production anomalies may fall outside "standard" conditions, making moot any window into manufacturing.

"Current software systems don't deliver manufacturing visibility and live scheduling," explains Tom Carpenter, nMetric CEO. "Finite capacity scheduling (FCS) systems are deterministic; they schedule orders on the shop floor based on applicable resource constraints, but they do not respond to or interact with the dynamic nature of the production environment. Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) systems focus on materials, but don't address required manufacturing resources, such as equipment, tooling, and labor needed to manufacture product.

"None of these approaches provide accurate, timely, and comprehensive information to make responsible real-time commitments for Build to Order," emphasizes Carpenter. "Without real-time scheduling, decisions are made about delivering on time, without knowing what can be manufactured on time. Shop floor schedulers adapt. They anticipate and prepare for production problems by building in buffers in time, tooling, capacity and inventory. The result is costly inventory buffers, inefficient production, missed order dates, lost customers and low profit margins with little visibility to upper management."

According to Carpenter, nMetric's 4C is a real-time, always-on, probabilistic scheduling system. It schedules, monitors, tracks and optimizes shop floor and related activities based on production data. The scheduling engine continuously monitors shop floor processes and events that have occurred on time, plus those both ahead and behind schedule. As events progress, 4C reschedules production loads as new customer orders come in.

4C also supports collaboration through user-configurable event messaging, which alerts appropriate people when shop floor processes are not progressing as expected or planned so management can respond to production events in time to make a difference. It analyzes production data by running a virtual production operation into the future to see where scheduling conflicts may arise. Coupled with user access through wireless or network devices, 4C provides capable-to-build information that highlights whether the production process is capable of delivering a new order by a specific date.

About nMetric

nMetric's 4C system is the only software that provides midsize and smaller manufacturers with live scheduling, monitoring and tracking, messaging updates and analyses so that they can completely oversee all steps of their manufacturing process and proactively supervise the dynamics of their supply chain in real time to accurately predict what will happen. Company headquarters are at 3070 South Bristol Avenue, Costa Mesa, Calif. 92626. Phone is 888-561-9700. Website is

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Indus Announces CBM Connector

New Integration Tool for Condition-Based Maintenance Expands ActionPoint Management Solution Benefits

Atlanta — March 27, 2003 — Indus International Inc., provider of ActionPoint Management solutions, today announced the planned release of the company's new CBM Connector product, which provides integration between Indus asset management solutions and leading condition monitoring and assessment tools, critical for the implementation of condition-based maintenance (CBM).

The new CBM Connector was developed by Indus in collaboration with leading CBM vendors to allow real-time and periodic data capture of physical asset condition and assessment results to be linked to Indus' ActionPoint Management solutions. As a result, customers using Indus and CBM solutions will achieve significant performance improvements and cost savings by having the most up-to-date asset statistics on which to base time-critical operations & maintenance decisions. Leveraging open industry standards such as Machinery Information Management Open Systems Alliance (MIMOSA), the participants developed the CBM Connector's functionality to provide a host of benefits, from a more efficient integration with lower software maintenance cost, rapid time for deployment and flexibility for integrating new monitoring technologies to improved timeliness and accuracy of asset information.

"Indus and key participants in the condition monitoring and analytics field are leading the asset management industry with an open standards approach to CBM integration," said Indus International Executive VP of Worldwide Operations Greg Dukat. "As a result of this approach, our customers can purchase the CBM Connector to achieve productized connectivity with industry-leading CBM solution components — even if the components are upgraded. This ability will further increase our customers' world-class performance and breakthrough cost savings through Indus ActionPoint Management solutions."

Dukat added, "Our customers will benefit from the CBM Connector in two ways. First, the CBM Connector allows an integrated EAM/CBM solution which provides accurate longer-term planning based on actual asset condition, with automatic generation of pre-planned work orders and associated logistic support elements. Second, it provides a more efficient integration with lower software maintenance costs."

The CBM Connector product will be available in May 2003.

True Collaboration with Industry Leaders

Industry leaders in the condition monitoring and analytics field collaborated with Indus and each other, in the truest sense, in creating the CBM Connector. The product was developed in close collaboration with Bently Nevada, CSI a Division of Emerson Process Management, The DEI Group, DLI Engineering, PdMA Corporation, Scientific Monitoring Inc. and SmartSignal Corporation.

Commenting on the CBM Connector, Marco Alcalde, Bently Nevada's software product line manager, notes that condition monitoring software is focused on identifying asset malfunctions and wear. Says Alcalde, "It fundamentally answers the question 'What should I work on and why?' Maintenance management software provides a complementary function by answering the question 'How can I best perform this work?' When integrated, these systems improve the overall effectiveness of asset management more powerfully than when used as standalone systems." Alcalde concludes, "Indus' new CBM Connector makes this integration a reality, and we're in the process of releasing support for this interface in our System 1 Plant Asset Management software."

According to The DEI Group, this innovation is an important step in emphasizing the collaborative value of condition monitoring and condition assessment solutions as critical enablers of ActionPoint Management capabilities. "The DEI Group has partnered with Indus for more than five years to enable the Indus Asset Optimization solution," said Marton Dundics, President/CEO of The DEI Group. "The Indus CBM Connector provides a cost-effective way for our mutual clients to achieve the benefits associated with open industry standards for asset management."

Michael Sander, director of marketing for Emerson Process Management's CSI division said, "CSI is very excited to work with and support Indus International in its open standards integration of condition-based monitoring systems through MIMOSA. CSI feels that the information exchange between its RBMware Machinery Health Management Platform and Indus International's ActionPoint Asset Management solutions is an important step in bringing higher value and better return on assets to both CSI and Indus customers."

"Asset management and equipment reliability has become vitally important to today's manufacturing companies," said Tim Owens, President and CEO of PdMA Corporation. "To maximize productivity and reduce maintenance costs and downtime, it has become necessary to incorporate asset health condition and maintenance history into enterprise asset management applications. CBM Connector integration is the tool to exchange critical asset information between our products and Indus International's Passport software solution without the headache of customized integration."

"The new CBM Connector using MIMOSA standards represents an inflection point for the condition-based maintenance industry in general and predictive condition monitoring solutions in specific," noted Gary Conkright, President and CEO, SmartSignal Corporation. "Clients using Indus ActionPoint Management solutions with the new CBM Connector and SmartSignal eCM will be able to automatically transform reactive maintenance strategies using emergency work orders into proactive maintenance strategies using planned work orders in real time. Doing so will decrease downtime, increase asset availability, reduce maintenance costs and improve return-on-assets."

"This is an important milestone for the asset management industry and the open industry standards provided by MIMOSA," said Alan Johnston, a MIMOSA Director and Principal Consultant for Virtual Convergence. "The MIMOSA vision of open, collaborative and comprehensive asset management solutions is being supported by a broadening range of commercial product releases. We think this approach will enable the true breakthrough asset management solutions of the future."

About Indus International

Indus International provides breakthrough value to its clients by delivering ActionPoint Asset Management, a business improvement program which delivers all the information needed by an end user to make the best decision possible at the point where that decision is made. Indus software products, professional services and hosted service offerings improve our clients' profitability by reducing costs, increasing capacity and competitiveness, servicing their customers and billing for services and ensuring regulatory compliance. Indus solutions are used by more than 300,000 end users in more than 40 countries and diverse industries — including manufacturing, utilities, telecommunications, government, education, transportation, facilities and property management, consumer packaged goods and more. For more information, visit our Website at

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ClearOrbit's Version 4.0 of its Connect Software Platform Offers Extended Supply Chain Execution and Certified Integration to SAP

New Release of "Device Integration Operating System" Features Scalable Print Server and Web-based Integrated Management Tools

Austin, TX — March 27, 2003 — ClearOrbit, the leading provider of extended supply chain execution (SCE) software solutions, announced today the launch of Connect 4.0, the latest generation of its technology foundation platform. Connect provides manufacturers and distributors the unique ability to integrate their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or other applications directly to wireless and industrial devices to drive significant supply chain efficiency improvements. It provides the infrastructure and adapters necessary for business applications to proactively manage process automation and collaborative supply chain execution, while exploiting AutoID technologies including bar code, RF and RFID.

"ClearOrbit was clearly the best solution for Waterpik's operations. They offer superior functionality, including an optimized mobile interface, integrated label printing and the ability to customize using PL/SQL," said Reggie Thurn, Business Analyst, Waterpik Technologies. "Most important was the level of responsiveness and support we received from the ClearOrbit team."

Since 1994, ClearOrbit has extended supply chain execution for more than 250 of Oracle's largest ERP applications customers by providing "last mile functionality" and trading partner collaboration to meet their industry vertical and/or unique operating requirements. With the release of Connect 4.0 and SAP Certified Integration, ClearOrbit's products are now available to extend SAP R/3 to control material movement within manufacturing, warehousing and fulfillment operations. In collaboration with trading partners, Connect provides SAP R/3 clients with the foundation for ClearOrbit's proven Web-based supply chain management software to manage and control key process points of inventory ownership transfer.

"Companies are seeking to leverage and unlock the value of their ERP investments. By using the ERP data model and providing last mile functionality to meet specific vertical industry and operational requirements, ClearOrbit's product suite does just that," said Steve Banker, Director of Supply Chain Research, ARC Advisory Group. "They are like the BASF of software: they don't make your ERP; they make your ERP better."

Connect is the technical foundation for the company's application products for supply chain execution and trading partner collaboration. It allows industrial devices such as RF scanners, bar code printers, scales, carousels, PLCs and RFID tags, printers and readers to integrate directly to the ERP data model in real time. Connect features a Web-based management console for ease of configuration and real-time device control.

The Web-based console provides highly configurable options and supports a variety of device types that are integral to receiving, inventory, manufacturing and shipping efficiency. Through Connect 4.0, devices can communicate directly to the enterprise data model, providing immediate, accurate information enabling the real-time enterprise. Unlike most alternative solutions, Connect 4.0 provides certified ERP connectivity without proprietary third party databases that significantly increase integration requirements and the total cost of ownership.

It includes a powerful print server with proven scalability and performance that provides real-time control over all printers and network hardware. Users can install the print server on single or multi-tier systems, and dynamically balance the load across servers. For example, one ClearOrbit client is printing 1000 to 1500 labels per minute across their network, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The console handles both local and Internet-based printers, supporting compliance labeling programs among trading partners using ClearOrbit's Endeavour Series collaboration products.

"Having just installed the new version of Connect, we are very pleased with the ease of implementation and the power of features such as the Web-based device management console," said Lisa Huckins, Senior Programmer Analyst, of Portex, Inc. "Connect will provide a solid foundation for mobile supply chain transactions as we grow our business."

More than 250 companies are using Connect in conjunction with ClearOrbit extended supply chain execution products to optimize their supply chain processes, with tens of thousands of mobile users at thousands of locations around the world. By providing this last mile functionality to meet customer requirements that are unique to their vertical industry or operating environment, ClearOrbit customers are able to leverage and implement standard ERP solution modules without changing the core code nor having to seek "best of breed" competitive solutions.

"By making significant R&D investments in our infrastructure product, we intend to provide continued value to our current customers, while further increasing our capabilities to serve new customers," says Richard Sherman, Chief Marketing Officer at ClearOrbit. "This release is available to new ClearOrbit customers, while existing customers with an active maintenance contract for Connect will receive a software upgrade at no charge."

"While a 'single vendor solution' sounds good in concept, in some cases you need a partner with specific functional expertise," added Ms. Thurn. "Since ClearOrbit leverages our Oracle 11i environment, we can go this route without compromising data integrity or re-inventing the wheel."

About ClearOrbit

Since 1994, ClearOrbit has assisted more than 250 clients in automating and controlling their supply chain execution processes. ClearOrbit extends enterprise systems value with proven Supply Chain Execution (SCE) software solutions that allow customers to fully leverage their investment in enterprise applications while also gaining additional value by incorporating their trading partners into their supply chains. ClearOrbit products work within the existing enterprise system to leverage a "single version of the truth," expanding rather than duplicating functionality to eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain. By using the customer's data model, ClearOrbit delivers on the promise of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with fully integrated supply chain execution and collaboration solutions that address "last mile functionality" issues inherent in most ERP systems. ClearOrbit customers include Cisco Systems, Texas Instruments and Applied Materials. See how enterprise systems can reach a higher level at or call us at 800-324-5143.

Back to Top Announces Outlook Email Integration

On-Demand Platform Enables Tight Coupling of Ubiquitous Microsoft Email Application and Market Leading CRM Service without IT Headaches

San Francisco — March 27, 2003 —, the technology and market leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM), today announced the availability of its Outlook integration solution. Featuring bi-directional integration between's award-winning CRM service and Microsoft Corp.'s Outlook application, the solution provides the flexibility to communicate with customers using either application without concern that vital information will be trapped in desktop silos. Unlike other e-mail integration options on the market,'s solution builds on its on-demand platform to tightly couple Outlook with its CRM service, without Exchange server integration. Instead, the solution leverages real-time data lookups via's XML API to deliver immediate benefit without hassle or additional cost. Sales and customer service personnel can easily send and receive e-mail messages through Outlook and log relevant messages in through familiar Outlook controls to ensure a complete 360-degree customer view.

"Since it doesn't require integration with our Outlook Mail configuration or an Exchange Server, there are no IT headaches in getting started and no maintenance required to keep our team up and running," said Steve Katz, vice president of sales for Sentius Corporation. "That is success on demand."

With's e-mail integration solution, users can associate inbound and outbound e-mails with the appropriate lead or contact in Providing users with the flexibility to decide which e-mails to log in, the solution reduces e-mail clutter while ensuring that complete information on all deals and every customer service issue is captured and transparent to team members and management. By eliminating double entry in favor of full information capture,'s Outlook integration solution increases productivity, as well as effectiveness of sales.

"Our Outlook integration solution eliminates the need for server integration, and the IT headaches that go with it, in favor of one-click installation, with no learning curve," said chairman and CEO Marc Benioff. "The strength of our utility model lies precisely in this ability to continually expand our capabilities without requiring our customers to make a further financial or IT commitment. As we progress on our path to profitability we will continue to build seamless enhancements to meet the critical business needs of our customers."

A recent Gartner survey found that 42 percent of all enterprise CRM software licenses purchased are never deployed (Gartner Group, March 2003). In contrast,'s utility model delivers robust CRM technology on a pay-as-you-go basis for immediate success. currently has over 6,000 customers and 80,000 users in 110 countries, making it the world's most successful application utility.

About builds and delivers customer relationship management (CRM) applications on demand via its Web services platform.'s product suite — Team Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, Wireless Edition and Offline Edition — gives companies of all sizes a complete 360-degree view of the customer. The company's award-winning CRM solutions provide integrated online sales force automation, customer service and support management, and marketing automation applications to help companies meet the complex challenges of global customer communication. has received considerable recognition in the industry, including Editors' Choice and two Five-Star ratings from PC Magazine, two Deploy Awards from InfoWorld, Red Herring 100, Upside Hot 100, Investor's Choice Award from Enterprise Outlook, Editors' Choice from TMCLabs, Top 10 CRM Implementation from Aberdeen Group, and InfoWorld's 2001 CRM Technology of the Year. Founded in 1999, is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Europe and Asia.

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SAP Launches Innovative New Solution for U.S. Small and Midsize Businesses

SAP Joins Forces with Professional Services Business Unit of American Express

New York — March 27, 2003 — SAP AG today announced the launch of the U.S. version of SAP Business One, a new solution that extends the company's software expertise to a new segment of the small and midsize business (SMB) market. At the same time, in a major pairing of two of the most trusted names in technology and business services, SAP also announced that the Tax and Business Services (TBS) unit of American Express will distribute and provide support services for SAP Business One. Together, the two companies will also develop specialized vertical-industry editions of SAP Business One and establish a new distribution and support service model to meet the needs of small and midsize firms.

SAP Business One

While many small and midsize firms have invested in multiple software applications, several report that they lack the ability to access the information they need, when they need it, to make critical decisions. They report a pressing need for easy access to real-time information. SAP Business One was designed to address these problems in an affordable, easy-to-implement solution. The solution helps small and midsize businesses streamline their operational and managerial processes by providing robust and fully integrated financial and sales management capabilities.

"The introduction of SAP Business One to the U.S. market is a significant addition to our product portfolio that will open up SAP's expertise in enterprise management to an entirely new segment of small and midsize business," said Bill McDermott, CEO and president, SAP America, Inc. "More and more small business owners are recognizing that business software is a tool not only to help them improve efficiency, but also to improve collaboration with customers, partners, suppliers, and distributors, ultimately giving them a competitive edge. SAP Business One offers a technology entry point for growing organizations hoping to achieve that edge."

SAP Business One supports companies with as few as ten and as many as several hundred employees, and can be implemented in as little as one week. The solution's award-winning Drag & Relate data navigation system provides users with intuitive data access simply by highlighting and dragging pieces of information on the screen. It features an integrated sales force automation system for pipeline tracking, opportunity management, strategic selling, and contact management. Key functionalities also include comprehensive financial management, with multi-currency, budgeting, and bank reconciliation; a complete inventory management system, with kitting and multi-level price lists; and a comprehensive reporting module that allows easy access to any data.

NextiraOne Federal, an enterprise networking solutions provider focused on the federal government, was able to replace multiple solutions with SAP Business One and have their fifteen users up and running after only two weeks. "With SAP Business One, we were able to streamline multiple solutions down to just one and, simultaneously, achieve much wider functionality than we had previously," said Duane Taylor, vice president of finance, NextiraOne Federal. "As a growing company in a competitive environment, it was important to us to work with an industry leader that could help us leverage technology to achieve our business goals."

In addition to the United States, SAP Business One is currently available twelve countries and fourteen languages. Part of SAP Smart Business Solutions, SAP Business One has more than 1,300 customers worldwide.

American Express Partnership: New Distribution Model, Industry Versions of SAP Business One

The relationship between SAP and American Express involves two major components. American Express will serve as an individual reseller of SAP Business One and is building its own national network of highly qualified channel partners. In addition, American Express is working with SAP to develop specialized versions of SAP Business One, to be offered exclusively by American Express and its channel partner network under the brand SAP Business One — The American Express Edition.

"Because American Express has been involved in helping small and midsize businesses make IT decisions and implement solutions for more than ten years, we have an in-depth understanding of their needs," said Tom Meador, CEO and president, American Express Tax and Business Services Inc. "We have a staff of 150 outstanding consulting and IT professionals in major metropolitan regions across the country and have committed to building an even larger network of qualified consultants to deliver the kind of service midsize firms typically cannot find."

American Express will provide qualified business partners that join the larger national network with day-to-day support on account management, as well as assistance in all aspects of marketing, sales, implementation, and support.

Working with SAP, American Express is already building a specialized edition of SAP Business One that will meet the unique needs of distribution and wholesale firms. Building on its expertise as a management consultant to firms in wholesale distribution, the first release of SAP Business One — The American Express Edition will provide distributors with pre-integrated capabilities such as warehouse management, shipping manifest, multi-jurisdiction taxation, EDI, credit card authorization, and document management. The special edition will add other services and address additional vertical industries over time as well as incorporate services currently provided through other American Express business units. Clients using SAP Business One — The American Express Edition will be able to obtain support for all of these capabilities and services with a single phone call from anywhere in the United States.

"Small and midsize businesses are looking for support from vendors with existing relationships, knowledge of their vertical and business processes, ample local resources, and the commitment to support them on site to achieve value over a long-term relationship," said Mika Krammer, research director, SMB Group, Gartner. "A network emphasizing quality, return on investment, strong relationships, and depth of industry knowledge instead of quantity of relationships equates to longer term growth for partners and users and meets the evolving needs of the marketplace."

"American Express combines an unparalleled brand reputation and vast SMB experience with a national network of knowledgeable experts to work closely with our clients. This relationship offers our clients the technology and long-term expert support they need to realize fast and sustainable return on their IT investment," said McDermott.

Following this launch, SAP and American Express will conduct a regional tour to introduce SAP Business One and SAP Business One — The American Express Edition to qualified business partners and small to midsize firms in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Boston, Baltimore, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Chicago. More information about the events and dates can be obtained by calling 1-866-836-7940.

About American Express

American Express Tax and Business Services Inc. is a professional services firm that provides innovative solutions for the financial and business consulting needs of small to mid-sized organizations. The firm has 54 offices in 16 states.

American Express Tax and Business Services employs CPAs but is not a licensed CPA firm. American Express Tax and Business Services operates in an alternative practice structure, through which it has a continuing professional services relationship with public accounting firms who perform attest services for its clients. American Express does not provide IT products and services to publicly held attest clients. American Express Tax and Business Services Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Express, a publicly owned company.

American Express Company is a diversified worldwide travel, financial and network services company founded in 1850. It is a world leader in charge and credit cards, travel, financial planning, business services, insurance and international banking.

About SAP Smart Business Solutions

SAP's Smart Business Solutions provide small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with affordable, easy-to-implement and scalable solutions to meet their technological needs. SAP Smart Business Solutions have a proven track record of helping companies across the globe enhance customer service, manage operations more efficiently and meet the unique needs of various industries. SAP offers partners two solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of SMBs: SAP Business One, designed for smaller companies with less complex needs, and mySAP All-in-One, tailored solutions to meet the industry-specific needs of more sophisticated companies. More than 60 percent of SAP's current installations are in the small and midsize business market. More information available at

About SAP

SAP is the world's leading provider of business software solutions. Through mySAP Business Suite, people in businesses around the globe are improving relationships with customers and partners, streamlining operations, and achieving significant efficiencies throughout their supply chains. Today, more than 19,300 companies in over 120 countries run more than 60,100 installations of SAP software. With subsidiaries in over 50 countries, the company is listed on several exchanges including the Frankfurt stock exchange and NYSE under the symbol "SAP." (Additional information at

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Avexus Releases Impresa 7i3; New Advanced Planning & Scheduling Module Streamlines MRO Processes

Avexus Adds Significant Functionality to Its Flagship Product Impresa for Commercial and Defense MRO Organizations

San Diego — March 31, 2003 — Avexus Inc., a leading provider of software solutions for the management of manufacturing and aftermarket services operations, today announced the release of Impresa 7i3, the latest version of its Web-based flagship product. Impresa 7i3 features a new Advanced Planning and Scheduling Module that facilitates proactive and reactive planning and scheduling of manpower, materials and capacity. Impresa 7i3 also includes enhanced functionality for contract management, government reporting and business intelligence. These capabilities make Impresa 7i3 one of the few software solutions that can meet the unique needs of commercial and/or government organizations engaged in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations. Other enhancements include expanded technology platform support, event-driven messaging and alerts and more.

Ernie D'Amico, vice president of Goodrich Wheel & Brake Services, comments, "Being the world's largest third-party service network for aircraft wheels and brakes, Goodrich Wheel & Brake Services relies on Impresa's powerful process-management capabilities to manage all our MRO processes across eight sites worldwide. Now, with the release of Impresa 7i3, we will be able to provide key decision makers with timely and easy access to critical business information. This will ultimately facilitate our efforts to continuously improve our operations and provide world-class service to our customers."

Avexus' Impresa is a comprehensive process management solution that enables OEMs and aftermarket services providers to dramatically improve profitability and business predictability. Using Impresa, organizations are able to effectively schedule, plan and manage the tear down, disposition and rebuild cycle of high-value, complex assets. By drastically reducing work in process inventory and improving turn times, Impresa helps organizations reduce lifecycle costs and efficiently return assets to service. In addition, the Impresa architecture is built on Oracle technology, which enables scalable Web-based collaboration among customers, supply chain partners and multi-site operations.

"The fine-tuning of Impresa for military MRO processes and financial reporting, and the addition of advanced planning and scheduling functionality represents an important milestone for Avexus," said Avexus CEO Andrew Dumke. "Impresa 7i3's new enhanced features and functionality will make our solution that much more attractive to both commercial and government organizations looking for a powerful and intuitive tool to improve the predictability and profitability of their operations."

Impresa 7i3 New Feature Overview

Advanced Planning & Scheduling Module

This powerful tool enables users to effectively plan or forecast revenues and costs associated with contract renewals and additions, "what-if" scenarios, project scope-creep, and multi-plant capacity restrictions. All information is then presented in real-time to provide a consolidated view of resource requirements and limitations. Additionally, successful simulations can be seamlessly integrated with work in progress in the live production environment. Specific module features include: on-the-fly resource and material planning for controlling costs and profits; virtual shop floor configuration for employing "lean" management practices; and modeling functionality that can optimize resources on a job-by-job basis.

Defense Requisitioning and Tracking Module

This module automates the parts requisitioning and tracking process associated with the fulfillment of third party defense MRO contracts and the facilitation of military depot inventory needs such as NSN, ERRC Codes, MILSTRIP requisitioning and G009 reporting. Data from Impresa is exported via EDI to the DAMES system where federally approved shipments are expedited and easily tracked to ensure efficient turn times.

Event-Driven Alert System

With Impresa 7i3, users are able to define triggering events based upon a company's unique business management requirements. This functionality automatically generates e-mail messages that contain detailed task and dependency information once certain business rules are either met or unmet. Triggered e-mail alerts, containing URL links to the live production environment, can be sent to role-based users, individual users, customers and vendors. Among their many possible applications, these automatic alerts may be used to automate customer order acknowledgements or to initiate simple workflow processes.

About Avexus Inc.

Avexus Inc. provides software solutions for organizations involved in manufacturing and/or aftermarket support of long-life, highly engineered assets. The company's flagship product, Impresa, crosses the boundaries between traditional enterprise asset management (EAM), maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system capabilities, delivering a comprehensive service-focused solution that helps organizations involved in aftermarket services manage every aspect of daily operations, including planning, scheduling, order management, resource management, inventory, financials and many other functions. Avexus customers include ATK Thiokol, Bearing Inspection, Boeing, Dallas Airmotive, General Electric, Goodrich, Pemco Aeroplex, TRW, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy and Victorville Aerospace. Avexus is headquartered in San Diego, Calif. For more information on Avexus, visit

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Documentum Delivers Enterprise Records Management Edition

Enterprise-Scalable Solution Manages All Record Types — E-mail, Electronic and Physical — Integrated with Full Content Management Capabilities

Pleasanton, CA — April 1, 2003 — Documentum, the leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM), today announced Documentum Enterprise Records Management Edition, the latest release of Documentum's standards-compliant, enterprise-scalable solution for the management of both physical and electronic records, including e-mail and attachments. The Documentum Enterprise Records Management Edition automates the management of all types of records — including incoming and outgoing e-mail and attachments, documents, Web content, graphics, video and physical records — from creation through archiving or destruction. This new solution also offers automatic records classification capabilities to enable accurate archiving, fast searching and rapid retrieval. It is the only records management solution capable of handling the vast and growing volume of content and range of content types that exist within most organizations.

"Records management has become a top priority for organizations, governments and corporations throughout the world, and is no longer just an IT issue," said Bob Wells, chief information officer, Department of Energy Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management. "Documentum's approach to uniting a compliant records management solution with its enterprise content management platform can satisfy the requirements for organizations that are looking to cost-effectively manage electronic and physical records."

Key capabilities include:

  • Automatic and consistent capture, records classification, archival and disposition of all types of content from all types of sources, based on corporate, regulatory or legal requirements.

  • Automatic categorization and tagging of records with descriptive properties, enabling fast, accurate classification, search, navigation and retrieval of archived records.

  • Multi-level security to prevent unauthorized access to archived records.

  • Automated monitoring of records and e-mail, flagging of questionable content and notification of potential issues requiring additional review.

The Documentum Enterprise Records Management Edition enables organizations to automate, uniformly apply and validate retention and disposition policies for volumes of records stored in disparate repositories. Because storage of and access to e-mail, attachments, other types of electronic and physical records are now legally mandated for many industries, organizations are searching for cost-effective solutions that help them manage and archive content, without incurring burdensome IT costs. Until the introduction of Documentum Enterprise Records Management Edition, organizations often had to build costly custom solutions or resort to narrow solutions that handle a limited number of record types, such as e-mail only, and often require manual steps for integration, resulting in content silos and increasing the risk of non-compliance.

"Regardless of industry, companies are facing stricter corporate governance and regulatory issues along with exponential growth in content, which together necessitate some form of records management," said Dave DeWalt, president and chief executive officer for Documentum. "Because most organizations create and retain many content types, in many applications, implementing and maintaining a records management system can be formidable. While many vendors offer point solutions as a single-step in helping organizations to achieve a successful records management strategy, the Documentum Enterprise Records Management Edition is a comprehensive, enterprise-scalable, single-platform records management solution that simplifies and streamlines management and archiving of any form of content, while minimizing administration and storage costs."

Certified Solution for Security, Archiving and Storage

The Documentum Enterprise Records Management Edition is certified against the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2 and UK Public Record Office standards for electronic recordkeeping systems, both widely accepted benchmarks that are being adopted as guidelines for recordkeeping policies. In addition, the Documentum Enterprise Records Manager Edition is integrated with online storage solutions, such as optical storage and EMC Centera content addressed storage, providing end-to-end systems that ensure the proper retention of enterprise content at the storage level. The combined solution is optimal for customers who need to archive and access large amounts of content to enable regulatory compliance. The comprehensive Documentum Enterprise Records Management Edition enables companies to adhere to various requirements for the retention of messages, financial documents and other electronic and physical records regulations, including the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 17a-3 and 17a-4, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and the UK Data Protection Act.

"Electronic records management poses the next great challenge in IT," said Tom Heiser, EMC Corporation's Vice President & General Manager of Content Addressed Storage. "The joint solution from Documentum and EMC provides customers with tomorrow's records management solution today, combining Documentum's next-generation records management features with EMC Centera content addressed storage, the world's first online storage medium optimized for retaining, authenticating and instantly retrieving regulated digital assets."

About Documentum

Documentum provides enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that enable organizations to unite teams, content and associated business processes. Documentum's integrated set of content, compliance and collaboration solutions support the way people work, from initial discussion and planning through design, production, marketing, sales, service and corporate administration. With a single platform, Documentum enables people to collaboratively create, manage, deliver and archive the content that drives business operations, from documents and discussions to e-mail, Web pages, records and rich media. The Documentum platform makes it possible for companies to distribute all of this content in multiple languages, across internal and external systems, applications and user communities. As a result, Documentum's customers, which include thousands of the world's most successful organizations, harness corporate knowledge, accelerate time to market, increase customer satisfaction, enhance supply chain efficiencies and reduce operating costs, improving their overall competitive advantage. For more information, visit Documentum on the Web at

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