Sour Creamery Sweet on TIBCO

Daisy Brand looks to integration specialist to automate core business processes

Palo Alto, CA — May 1, 2003 — Daisy Brand, a U.S. sour cream manufacturer, has tapped integration specialist TIBCO to automate core business processes as part of an initiative to move the company toward a process-oriented management model.

The project, which will integrate disparate systems and applications across the organization, is intended to enable privately held, Dallas-based Daisy to communicate more efficiently and rapidly both internally and with its suppliers and customers.

"Daisy Brand is the fastest-growing provider of sour cream in the United States," said Kevin Brown, chief technology officer for Daisy. "Our rapid growth rate demanded that we eliminate interdepartmental boundaries and empower our managers with a comprehensive, unified view into core business processes across the organization."

TIBCO said its BusinessWorks solutions would provide Daisy with a bridge between plant control systems, such as lot and quality controls, and enterprisewide activity such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) processes, for a comprehensive view of operations and real-time decision-making.

In addition, TIBCO will provide an enterprise backbone to integrate plant operations. The project will enable Daisy to leverage its existing systems and applications, automate business processes and build custom applications for customers, brokers and suppliers, according to the solution provider.