Enterprise Apps on a "Smartphone"

Sony Ericsson certifies P800 phone for use with Xora solutions to access e-business solutions on the run

Mountain View, CA — May 7, 2003 — Wireless workforce solutions provider Xora this week reported that its solution can now give mobile professionals the ability to access a variety of enterprise applications through Sony Ericsson's P800 Smartphone.

The P800 is a multimedia "smartphone" for worldwide use. It has a relatively large color touch-screen, built-in camera, access to the Internet and runs on tri-band GSM and GPRS networks.

Enterprises now can use Xora's EnterpriseOne mobile platform to give professionals equipped with the P800 access to Siebel, Clarify, SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle and other applications, according to Xora. EnterpriseOne provides both real-time and disconnected transactional access to enterprise application data sources. Xora's solutions are compliant with Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME).

"Being able to provide real-time and J2ME access to application data for the mobile sales or field service professional is ground-breaking technology, and will change the way companies do business," predicted Rikko Sakaguchi, senior vice president and head of content and applications at Sony Ericsson. "Xora's mobile solution leverages the advanced functionality of the P800 and delivers unprecedented capabilities for the mobile workforce."

"Delivering superior mobile enterprise solutions on the P800 furthers the capability of a mobile worker being able to perform most of their mission critical functions while away from the office," said Peter Tsou, vice president of business development and alliances for Xora.

Meanwhile, Xora also announced that it has signed an agreement with technology distributor Ingram Micro for the distribution of Xora products in the United States.

Besides EnterpriseOne, Xora offers Mobile Office, which allows mobile professionals to wirelessly access e-mail, calendars, contacts and tasks from either Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes using PDAs and mobile phones.

For more information on solutions for the service and support chain, see "In the Field and All Grown Up," the Net Best Thing column in the June/July 2002 issue of iSource Business.

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