CRM for Fire Protection Company

U.K.'s TVF reports improved service efficiencies using customer relationship management solution

Horsham, PA — May 9, 2003 — TVF plc, a supplier of fire protection equipment and services in the United Kingdom, is reporting greater-than-expected improvements in customer service operations since implementing a customer relationship management solution, according to the software company involved.

Established in 1982, TVF is one of the United Kingdom's top suppliers of fire protection and security services. The company specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of a variety of fire protection and related products, and it counts 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace among its 10,000 customer sites.

Approximately 60 percent of TVF's revenue comes from rolling maintenance contracts that are individually priced and re-evaluated annually. Astea International says its Astea Alliance CRM solution enables TVF to automate and streamline business processes that ensure compliance with service level agreements; coordinate, prioritize and dispatch installation, planned maintenance and service calls; review data for new service contracts; and track invoicing information.

The software, which is integrated with a financial package from Sage Group, provides TVF with a consolidated enterprise view of its service business.

Since going live with Astea Alliance CRM from Astea International over a year ago, the company is reporting that it has not only improved its service efficiencies and customer satisfaction but has gained better control of profit margins as well.

"Astea Alliance CRM provides us with the contract visibility, process automation and management reporting to deliver a higher standard of service profitably," said Rachel Patterson, information technology manager for TVF. "By improving our operating efficiencies with Astea Alliance we can offer more value to customers, which in turn builds greater customer loyalty and the success of our service-oriented business."

Today, having fulfilled TVF's initial enterprise automation objectives, Astea Alliance has the company considering future system enhancements. "There is a wealth of possibilities for further business improvements with Astea Alliance's mobile and Web capabilities," said Patterson. "We are looking at the system's marketing, sales and customer self-service modules. The self-service would be of particular interest to our first-tier facilities management clients and is certainly on our future agenda."

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