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A selection of recent announcements from the solution provider community regarding supply and demand chain enablement projects.

May 14, 2003 — Following is a selection of recent announcements from the solution provider community regarding supply and demand chain enablement projects. These press releases are, for the most part, presented as received. Datelines have been edited for consistency, and trademark and similar notations, as well as "forward looking statements," "safe harbor" and similar notices, have been removed.

Omegatrend to Use Movex to Manage Expanding Global Supply Chain

Intentia's Movex Solution to Enable 1200 Members to Place Product Orders via Internet

Stockholm, Sweden, and Sydney, Australia — May 6, 2003 — Intentia International AB today announced that Omegatrend, a Perth-based direct-selling organization, is investing in Intentia's Movex solution to manage its expanding global supply chain. Once implementation is complete approximately 120 internal users will use Movex to enable Omegatrend's members to place product orders via the Internet.

By shopping directly and having other consumers do the same Omegatrend's members are able to build profitable businesses from their homes. The organization started in a small garage in Kalamunda, Western Australia, over 12 years ago. "From there, it has expanded around Australia, to New Zealand and Malaysia, and we are gearing up to launch into the US next year," said Roger Hunt, information director at Omegatrend.

"We need a solution that can manage our expanding global supply chain," he said. "With our growth throughout Asia, we needed a multilingual solution, which is part of Intentia's standard product. The key business driver was more information-based decision making and better management and visibility of our supply chain."

Omegatrend has been experiencing significant growth and the pressure this has put on its existing systems.. Its ten-year-old Masterpac solution has reached the end of its lifecycle and is no longer supported. In its search for a new solution, Omegatrend initially reviewed 16 vendors before it settled on a shortlist of four.

"Intentia's biggest single selling point was its partnering philosophy. We were impressed by the fact that we are buying a product directly from the owner of the product, rather than from some independent consultants sitting in the middle," Roger Hunt said. "As well, Intentia had some pretty impressive references. It was a good indication of their commitment to their customers and the close, ongoing relationships that ensue. I am very confident in Intentia's ability to deliver and to implement another successful solution.

"I had hardly even heard of the term ERP before we started our search for a new solution, but since then I've learned a lot," Roger Hunt said. "From my experience, I would recommend that organizations put together a business case and desired outcomes and then identify the product and vendor that provide the closest fit — that's how we chose Movex.

"I think one of the main areas of savings and return that Omegatrend will realize initially is in inventory management," Steve Ironside, managing director of Intentia in Australia and New Zealand, said. "On top of that, I'm confident that Omegatrend will experience significant benefits in many other areas as a result of its Movex implementation, both in the short and long term. We at Intentia look forward to establishing a strong and lasting partnership with Omegatrend.

"This contract is of strategic value to Intentia in Australia as it is our first customer in Western Australia, which means we are breaking into a new, potentially lucrative market," Steve Ironside said.

The contract is also the first customer win in Australia that is based entirely on Movex Workplace, Intentia's completely role- and Web-based portal solution.

About Omegatrend

Omegatrend is a direct-selling organization, founded in Perth, Western Australia, in 1990. The following year it opened a distribution center in Sydney to provide further logistical support for the growing Australian market. By shopping directly and having other consumers do the same, members can build a profitable business from their homes. Following a great period of significant growth, the company opened Omegatrend New Zealand in Auckland in 1995 and Omegatrend Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur in 1997. Such is the popularity of the Omegatrend business and the quality range of Sanden Brook products that each country of operation has grown at a significant rate and now has a major presence within the direct-selling industry in each of these markets.

About Intentia

Intentia is one of the world's leading suppliers of collaboration solutions. Our vision is to become the leading global collaboration solutions vendor by supplying our customers with tomorrow's solutions today. Intentia offers a one-stop shop for all collaboration needs within numerous industry segments. We develop, implement and maintain our own solutions to produce the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. The Intentia Solution consists of applications covering customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise management (ENM), supply chain management (SCM), business performance measurement (BPM), e-business and value chain collaboration (VCC). Intentia has more than 3,300 employees and serves over 3,500 customers in the manufacturing, maintenance and distribution industries via a global network spanning some 40 countries. Intentia is a public company traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (XSSE) under the symbol INT B. Visit Intentia's Web site at

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Entertainment UK Successfully Deploys MicroStrategy Technology to Optimize its Supply Chain

EUK's Suppliers Able to Anticipate and Plan for Future Demand

Mclean, VA — May 6, 2003 — MicroStrategy Incorporated, a leading worldwide provider of business intelligence software, today announced that Entertainment UK (EUK), one of the largest wholesalers and distributors of music, video, CDs and DVDs in the UK, has successfully deployed the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform to improve customer relationships and supply chain operations.

After using MicroStrategy technology for several years, EUK knew that further use of its business intelligence platform would not only provide its customer with the information they needed to take advantage of the shifting demographics and social trends, but could also benefit its suppliers. In 2002, EUK decided to leverage its MicroStrategy infrastructure and open up its supply chain downstream to the supermarket chain and upstream to its suppliers.

"Deploying the MicroStrategy platform has resulted in some very significant benefits," said Richard Driver, EUK's Business Information Manager. "Our suppliers can see what is happening in the real world. With the technology, we're able to optimize our entertainment offerings and track product sales by location. This enables us to improve our sales strategies, thereby strengthening customer relationships."

The technology is helping approximately 200 supplier end users more effectively manage their production and manufacturing processes, resulting in improved terms for Entertainment UK on its purchases. In addition, EUK's internal users are leveraging the value of the MicroStrategy platform to generate a wide range of reports and investigate data patterns using the full range of ad hoc query, reporting, statistical and data mining analyses.

"The MicroStrategy platform is flexible and can scale to a large and diverse user population, and that is one of the reasons we chose it. The technology has certainly been a differentiator for us and we plan to expand its usage by bringing in more customers when they are ready," added Driver. "The MicroStrategy platform is the most complete product compared to what else is available. Management of the platform is also very straightforward. It's easy to set up, it's easy to keep going and we haven't looked back."

About Entertainment UK

Entertainment UK is Europe's largest wholesale distributor of home entertainment products, supplying many of Britain's best-known retailers with music, video and games products. Entertainment UK is part of the Woolworths Group and its customers include Comet, MVC, Safeway, Tesco, Woolworths and Waitrose. For further information on Entertainment UK, please visit

About MicroStrategy Incorporated

Leadership in a Critical Market: Founded in 1989, MicroStrategy is a worldwide leader in the increasingly critical business intelligence software market. Large and small companies alike are harnessing MicroStrategy's business intelligence software to gain vital insights from their data to help them proactively enhance cost-efficiency, productivity and customer relations and optimize revenue-generating strategies. MicroStrategy's business intelligence platform offers exceptional capabilities that provide organizations — in virtually all facets of their operations — with user-friendly solutions to their data query, reporting, and advanced analytical needs, and distributes valuable insight on this data to users via Web, wireless, and voice. For more information on the company, or to purchase or demo MicroStrategy's software, please visit MicroStrategy's Web site at

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SUPERVALU Expands Relationship with Lawson

Nation's 6th Largest Grocery Company Selects Lawson Merchandising 2.10 and Smart Notification

St. Paul, MN — May 5, 2003 — Lawson Software, Inc. said that SUPERVALU will use the company's Merchandising 2.10 application suite and Smart Notification intelligent alert system to optimize store merchandising functions. Merchandising 2.10 and Smart Notification applications will be integrated with SUPERVALU's existing Lawson financial solutions and implemented for use in the chain's retail stores and independent grocers across the United States.

SUPERVALU had been using Armature merchandising software since 1998. In July 2002, the assets of Armature were acquired by Lawson, as part of its strategy to further strengthen its offering in retail.

Lawson's Merchandising 2.10 software supports strategic pricing, category management, assortment planning, multi-channel order management, promotion management, and supply chain applications, including automated order management and allocation, which optimizes inventory turns. Smart Notification functions to monitor, filter and automatically forward data to key personnel, leveraging a wide variety of data sources.

"This new agreement with SUPERVALU is significant for Lawson and is a testament to our commitment to the retail industry," said Jim DeSocio, executive vice president of retail, Lawson Software. "With Merchandising 2.10 software, SUPERVALU's retail chains are able to optimize data management with one source for item management, sourcing, ordering and delivery. SUPERVALU has been a Lawson client since 1989 using financial management software."

"We are pleased to expand our relationship with Lawson to include merchandising software applications," said John Eversman, vice president, retail technology at SUPERVALU. "Lawson's strategic focus on the retail channel and its excellence in proven IT solutions will enable a seamless integration of this new merchandising software with our existing financial applications."

As part of this agreement, Lawson and SUPERVALU plan to jointly develop and offer merchandising services to SUPERVALU's independent grocers. The service agreements will include category management, assortment planning and pricing solutions. In addition, the two companies plan to develop other merchandising and store operations software products.

Lawson merchandising solutions will help enhance the value proposition for SUPERVALU by maximizing the efficiency of its activities associated with merchandising, including demand planning, promotions, pricing, supply chain management and category management.

Lawson's industry-focused software solutions enable retailers to integrate the systems they use to run and grow their businesses. These solutions provide financial information and analysis needed to increase profit margins, and solutions to manage inventory flow and the employee "hire to retire" process. Lawson customers include five of the top 10 U.S.-based retailers, eight of the top 20 apparel retailers, seven of the top 25 grocery chains, 23 of the top 100 restaurant chains and 20 of the top 100 specialty chains.

About Lawson Software

Lawson Software provides business process software solutions that help service organizations in the healthcare, retail, professional services, public sector, financial services and other strategic markets achieve competitive advantage. Lawson's solutions include enterprise performance management, distribution, financials, human resources, procurement, merchandising and services automation. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., Lawson has offices and affiliates serving North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Additional information about Lawson is available at


SUPERVALU is one of the largest companies in the United States grocery channel. With annual revenues approaching $20 billion, SUPERVALU holds leading market share positions with its 1,417 retail grocery locations, including licensed Save-A-Lot locations. Through its Save-A-Lot format, the company holds the number one market position in the extreme value grocery retailing sector. In addition, through SUPERVALU's geographically diverse distribution centers, the company provides distribution and related logistics support services across the nation's grocery channel. At year-end, SUPERVALU had approximately 57,400 employees.

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Aspen Technology Announces Software Licensing Agreement with Nippon Oil Corporation

Leading Japanese petroleum company expands deployment of AspenTech's production-planning software for the refining industry

Cambridge, MA — May 7, 2003 — Aspen Technology, Inc. today announced a new software licensing agreement with Nippon Oil Corporation, the largest petroleum refining company in Japan. Under the terms of the agreement, the company will expand its use of AspenTech's production planning solution to its entire network of seven refineries.

The solution, which is based on the Aspen PIMS supply chain software, will enable Nippon Oil Corporation to maximize the utilization of its refineries, and increase the profitability of its extended production network. These efficiency improvements will be achieved by ensuring the company makes feedstock selections and production-planning decisions that are optimized for the overall network, rather than for individual refineries. This approach will also enable Nippon Oil Corporation to respond more effectively to customer demand.

"By implementing Aspen PIMS throughout our entire network, we will be able to make more informed decisions on crude selection and the scheduling of our refineries," said Keizo Takeuchi, General Manager of Engineering Dept. of Nippon Oil Corporation. "The technology will enable us to operate our refineries more efficiently, decrease our procurement costs and integrate key business processes. We believe this solution will provide significant business value for our company."

AspenTech's production-planning solution enables petroleum companies to support the migration of business operations from the traditional supply/push model to the more responsive demand/pull model. The implementation of Aspen PIMS will help Nippon Oil Corporation recognize and prevent production scheduling problems before they arise. The solution also supports improved operations planning throughout the production process from raw material recipes to process operations, product blending and product shipping.

"Our production planning solution has become a critical element of improving the efficiency of refinery networks throughout the world," said David McQuillin, President and CEO of AspenTech. "This success is a reflection of the significant value provided by our technology, and our 20-year track-record in successfully delivering solutions to the process industries. By enabling companies to optimize the performance of their manufacturing and supply chain operations, we can help them significantly improve their profitability and competitiveness."

The Aspen PIMS solution for production planning is an important element of AspenTech's solutions for Enterprise Operations Management in the petroleum industry. These integrated, enterprisewide solutions combine engineering and manufacturing/supply chain technologies to help companies optimize the way they engineer and run their manufacturing and supply chain operations.

About Nippon Oil Corporation

Nippon Oil Corporation is a leading company in the Japanese oil refining industry, achieving annual revenues of 4 trillion JPY in Japan. The company has the largest refining capacity and retail system in the Japanese market, and has established a strong competitive position by adopting the latest manufacturing and information technologies within its refineries. The company is also fully committed to meeting the future needs of the energy market by ensuring that it can provide its customers with a stable supply of low cost energy, and by developing its entire network to deliver energy both reliably and efficiently. Nippon Oil Corporation operates seven refineries, located at Muroran, Sendai, Negishi, Yokohama, Osaka, Mizushima and Marifu, and with a total capacity of 1,167,000 bbl per day. For more information, visit

About AspenTech

Aspen Technology, Inc. provides industry-leading software and implementation services that enable process companies to increase efficiency and profitability. AspenTech's engineering product line is used to design and improve plants and processes, maximizing returns throughout an asset's operating life. Its manufacturing/supply chain product line allows companies to increase margins in their plants and supply chains, by managing customer demand, optimizing production, and streamlining the delivery of finished products. These two offerings are combined to create solutions for Enterprise Operations Management (EOM), integrated enterprisewide systems that provide process manufacturers with the capability to dramatically improve their operating performance. Over 1,500 leading companies already rely on AspenTech's software, including Aventis, Bayer, BASF, BP, ChevronTexaco, Dow Chemical, DuPont, ExxonMobil, Fluor, Foster Wheeler, GlaxoSmithKline, Shell, and TotalFinaElf. For more information, visit

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Icelandair Selects the webMethods Integration Platform as Part of Long-Term Integration Strategy

Iceland's National Air Carrier Selects webMethods to Automate and Enhance the Efficiency of the Airline's Business Processes

Stockholm, Sweden, and Fairfax, VA — May 7, 2003 — webMethods, Inc., the leading independent provider of integration software, announced today that Icelandair has selected the webMethods Integration Platform as part of an ongoing program to increase the airline's operational efficiency by integrating a number of existing IT systems. As a result of the integration project, a number of manual stages in the back-office booking process will be automated and simplified.

Icelandair is a streamlined, cost-conscious, flexible organization that constantly looks for ways to improve its business processes. The company will use the webMethods Integration Platform to enhance the efficiency of its electronic booking process.

webMethods will enable Icelandair to automate the business processes associated with its electronic reservation and ticketing system and, as a result, shorten the time spent on each transaction. Through the use of the webMethods Integration Platform, the travel bookings will be automatically entered directly into all of the necessary IT systems at one time. This initiative will create resource savings for Icelandair.

"We selected the webMethods Integration Platform because we apply a long-term view to everything that we do. Integration for us means far more than simply linking a couple of existing internal applications. Our basic requirement was to chose a solution that would allow us to integrate our business applications with external contacts, such as partners, in a simple and standardized manner today and in the future," said Hjortur Thorgilsson, CIO, Icelandair. "In our opinion, the webMethods Integration Platform is the only solution that meets both our existing and future requirements."

In the past, the airline developed several of its own integration solutions by connecting systems on an individual basis. Unfortunately, these solutions do not provide the scalability and interoperability that Icelandair requires long-term.

By implementing the webMethods Integration Platform, Icelandair gains a secure and flexible integration solution that can be leveraged across the enterprise to automate business processes, increase supply chain efficiencies and achieve real-time information exchange between business systems residing on virtually any platform. Among other benefits, this means that the IT environment can be developed and expanded without dismantling existing IT investments. The webMethods Integration Platform will enable Icelandair to automate the airline's business processes, increase efficiency and deliver significant return on investment.

"We are seeing that integration solutions are playing an increasingly important role among our Scandinavian customers," said Richard Dobber, managing director, webMethods Northern Europe. "Today, the organizational work undertaken often focuses on streamlining business processes and optimizing operating efficiency. webMethods occupies a strong position in the Scandinavian integration market and the newly initiated cooperation with Icelandair further solidifies our position in the expansive Icelandic market."

About webMethods, Inc.

As the leading independent provider of integration software, webMethods, Inc. delivers the industry's most comprehensive platform for enterprisewide integration, including complete support for Enterprise Web Services. The webMethods' integration platform allows customers to achieve quantifiable R.O.I. by linking business processes, enterprise and legacy applications, databases, Web services and workflows both within and across enterprises. Through this seamless flow of information, companies can reduce costs, create new revenue opportunities, strengthen relationships with customers, substantially increase supply chain efficiencies and streamline internal business processes.

Founded in 1996, webMethods is headquartered in Fairfax, Va., with offices throughout the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. webMethods has more than 900 customers worldwide including Global 2000 leaders such as Bank of America, Citibank, Dell, Eastman Chemical, The Ford Motor Company, Grainger, and Motorola. webMethods' strategic partners include Accenture, AMS, BearingPoint, BMC Software, BroadVision, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, CSC, Deloitte Consulting, EDS, HP, i2 Technologies, J.D. Edwards, SAP AG, Siebel Systems and TCS. More information about the company can be found at

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Softface Continues to Broaden Foothold in Enterprise Spend Management Market with Customer Wins in Manufacturing and Financial Sectors

Using the Softface Procurement Intelligence Product Suite, Customers Attain Instant, Comprehensive Spend Visibility and Increase Bottom Line Profits

By Editorial Staff

Walnut Creek, CA — May 9, 2003 — Softface, Inc., The Procurement Intelligence Company, today announced it has secured two marquee customers in the manufacturing and financial sectors. The new customers include one of the world's largest manufacturers of brand-name consumer products for the home and family, and a two hundred year old, United States-based financial institution, ranked as one of the world's largest managers of institutional accounts with approximately $763 billion of assets under management and $5.3 billion in revenue.

Using the Softface Procurement Intelligence Suite, both of these new clients now have a consistent and repeatable analytical software solution that quickly transforms spending history from any system into enriched spending visibility that saves them millions of dollars. The manufacturer, which averages $338 million in annual expenditures on spend, expects by controlling its spending better with the Softface approach, it will reduce its annual spend by 2-3 percent resulting in over $10 million in savings. The recent client wins continue to build Softface's growing customer base, including Global 2000 companies spanning energy, healthcare, high-technology, hospitality, oil and gas, and maintenance repair and operations (MRO) sectors. Due to the competitive advantage Softface offers to companies, a few clients choose to keep their identities and net results confidential.

"Softface's continued successes in this down market speak directly to enterprises' heightened focus on controlling spend and to the strength of the Softface Procurement Intelligence Suite," said Tim Minahan, Vice President of Supply Chain Research at the Aberdeen Group, Inc. "Aberdeen research found that inadequate spending analysis capabilities are costing businesses $260 billion in missed savings opportunities annually. The Softface Procurement Intelligence Suite automates the time-consuming and painstaking processes of aggregating and cleansing spending data at a level detailed enough for meaningful analysis. Most importantly, the platform enables enterprises to make spending analysis a repeatable process for continually identifying opportunities for savings and performance improvements."

Despite a difficult economy, Softface continues to show momentum in the Spend Management space. In the last twelve months, Softface has seen a 66 percent increase in revenue through marquee accounts and its established alliances with recognized market players including Ariba, Informatica, SAS, Strategic Procurement Solutions, and others. Softface is scheduled to release its enterprise-class Procurement Intelligent Suite 4.0, an integration-ready solution that leapfrogs the enterprise pending visibility software industry with new features and scalability in the third quarter of 2003.

Softface Procurement Intelligence Suite

The Softface Procurement Intelligence Suite is a repeatable analytical software solution that quickly transforms spending history from any system into enriched spending visibility data. A majority of enterprise companies funnel spending records through several systems making spending information fragmented and difficult to analyze. Softface has solved this spend visibility problem with a proven solution that delivers actionable information to customers automatically. Unlike other products on the market that provide simple data categorization solutions, the Softface solution extracts configuration-level details from purchasing history enabling Softface customers know exactly what was purchased and from whom instantly. With this information, customers can immediately reduce purchasing costs through consolidating suppliers, negotiating configuration-level discounts, identifying duplicate payments, and reducing off-contract spending.

About Softface, Inc.

Softface is the Procurement Intelligence Company. Softface's solutions speed and simplify the transformation of previously unusable product, services, and supplier data into intelligence that helps our customers save millions of dollars. Our Global 2000 customers leverage our proven core technology to transform the data they already own, inside their transaction systems, into granular spending visibility and precise product content. The results of Softface's solutions drive cost-effective decisions, increase revenues, and enhance profits. Softface's products include the Procurement Intelligence Suite and the Enterprise Content Suite. Global 2000 customers include Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Cadence Design Systems, Hagemeyer North America, Wilson Supply and Sasol. Softface is a privately held company located in Walnut Creek, California. For more information on Softface, visit the company's Web site at or call 1-925-279-1097.

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Hansen Foodservice Selects Amphire to Streamline Business Processes and Reduce Supply Chain Costs

Redwood Shores, CA — May 12, 2003 — Amphire Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of supply chain management solutions via the Internet, today announced that Hansen Foodservice, a leading broadline distributor has signed an agreement to deploy Amphire Connect to electronically enable transactions with its entire supplier base.

"Amphire has already signed and integrated suppliers representing a substantial number of Hansen's total purchases across foodservice and janitorial lines," stated Bob Piccinino, Vice President of Hansen Foodservice. "We anticipate a rapid enablement timeframe using Amphire's technologies developed to connect all our small, medium and large suppliers. We will also derive immediate benefits from Amphire Connect's unique ability to resolve costly price and quantity exceptions on the front end of the order management process to avoid laborious reconciliations post shipment."

"We are proud that an industry innovator such as Hansen Foodservice has chosen Amphire Solutions to enable their entire supplier base," said Mark Barnekow, President and CEO of Amphire Solutions. "As Amphire expands beyond foodservice, we find we are also gaining easy acceptance in other distribution-based industries such as janitorial, sanitation and paper."

About Amphire Solutions, Inc.

Amphire Solutions is the leader in supply chain relationship management solutions which unite suppliers, distributors and operators for more efficient and profitable operations. Amphire enables all industry trading partners to communicate and transact electronically, regardless of protocols or standards and without the use of expensive dedicated hardware and software. To date, Amphire has electronically enabled hundreds of supplier-distributor connections and has provided electronic ordering capabilities to over 75,000 Internet-enabled operators to electronically submit orders through 30 unique, distributor-branded storefronts. Amphire processed over $1.0 billion in order value in the first quarter of 2003 and has achieved two consecutive quarters of profitability since becoming a profitable company in October, 2002. For more information about Amphire Solutions, please visit

About Hansen Foodservice

Hansen Foodservice is an independent broadline food distributor servicing the state of Hawaii. The company has been in the foodservice industry in the islands since the 1950's. Hansen Foodservice distributes frozen, chilled and dry food products as well as paper goods and janitorial supplies. Hansen Foodservice services a wide range of customers including hotels, restaurants, national chain accounts and educational institutions. Hansen Foodservice is also a member of UniPro Foodservice, a cooperative of independent food distributors. For more information about Hansen Foodservice, please visit

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Landstar Monitors Corporate Performance with Cognos

Leading Transportation Provider Presents Enterprise Business Intelligence Strategy at TDWI World Conference Spring 2003

Burlington, MA — May 12, 2003 — To increase competitive advantage in today's tough transportation services industry, Landstar System, Inc. has implemented an enterprise solution from Cognos, the world leader in business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management. The Cognos solution gives Landstar a single, coordinated view of operational performance across all subsidiaries and enables them to increase efficiencies in pick up and delivery service throughout North America. Landstar will present its enterprise business intelligence strategy at The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) World Conference — Spring 2003 in San Francisco on May 12.

Landstar's six business units operate autonomously from an IT perspective creating a complex workload for the company to get a cohesive overall operational overview. With Cognos Enterprise BI Series 7, Landstar has consolidated operational and customer data for unified corporate reporting and analysis. The result is a self-service environment where Landstar employees can measure pick-up, delivery, and order-entry timelines.

"We needed a solution that would enable us to roll up operational data into a central source for reporting and analysis," said Bob Leo, director of data management and administration, Landstar. "Cognos lets us see the consolidated view of business operations, as well as the inter-relationships and trends between the data. This level of insight and detail enables us to plan more effectively and ensures users across the company are working with accurate and consistent information."

In addition, Landstar will soon be piloting a scorecarding application that will enable the company to track KPIs associated with pickup and delivery performance, order entry, and billing status.

"Cognos business intelligence helps Landstar to ensure business operations are running at the most effective and efficient level," said Dave Laverty, senior vice president, global marketing, Cognos. "With the ability to unite and leverage existing data sources, as well as improve information delivery to the end user, Landstar can better manage corporate performance and increase the level of service it delivers to its customers."

About Landstar:

Landstar System, Inc. is a non-asset-based transportation capacity provider delivering safe, specialized services to a broad range of customers throughout North America. The company identifies and fulfills shippers' needs through the coordination of individual businesses comprised of independent sales agents, business capacity owners, and other transportation capacity providers. The term, business capacity owner, refers to Landstar's independent contractors who operate a small business and provide the equipment necessary to haul freight.

Landstar's carrier group is comprised of Landstar Gemini, Inc., Landstar Inway, Inc., Landstar Ligon, Inc. and Landstar Ranger, Inc. and delivers excellence in complete over-the-road transportation services. Landstar's multimodal group is comprised of Landstar Express America, Inc. and Landstar Logistics, Inc., provides expedited, contract logistics and intermodal transportation services. All Landstar operating companies are certified to ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system standards.

About Cognos:

Cognos, the world leader in business intelligence (BI), delivers software that helps companies improve business performance by enabling effective decision-making at all levels of the organization. A forerunner in defining the BI software category, Cognos delivers the next level of competitive advantage — Corporate Performance Management (CPM) achieved through the strategic application of BI on an enterprise scale.

CPM lets organizations measure execution against business strategy to ensure the two are aligned at all levels across the enterprise. Cognos provides a framework for CPM that links people, information, and decision-making processes throughout the organization, and enables the complete management cycle with integrated software for planning, budgeting, reporting, analysis, and scorecarding.

Cognos serves more than 22,000 customers in over 135 countries. Cognos enterprise business intelligence solutions and services are also available from more than 3,000 worldwide partners and resellers. For more information, visit the Cognos Web site at

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