RedPrairie Upgrades WMS

Features in new warehouse management system target CPG, food and beverage, and retail industries

Waukesha, WI — May 23, 2003 — Logistics solution provider RedPrairie has released the latest version of its warehouse management system (WMS), adding functionality targeted at the consumer packaged goods (CPG), food and beverage, and retail industries.

New features in RedPrairie's DLx Warehouse/P 6.0 targeted at these verticals include support for voice picking, natively embedded event management, new inventory control features, improved wave management, and expanded inbound and outbound distribution services.

Support for voice picking for piece and case order picking operations in the new release augment RedPrairie's configurable array of order-picking methods. In many operations, voice picking can reduce picking costs and increase picking rates, the solution provider said.

Natively integrated event management provides real-time alerts to exceptions and events as they occur throughout fulfillment processes. Users can subscribe to a variety of events and select the specific media and schedule for how they wish to be notified, such as PDA, cell phone, pager and e-mail. This functionality is intended to ensure faster reaction to problems as a way of improving customer service and management control.

Improved wave management functionality is designed to help users plan and execute waves within specific material handling system constraints and to synchronize wave release with actual outbound trailer profiles and load diagrams.

Upgraded inventory control consists of such new features as automatically aging product or changing shelf-life based on temperature conditions, and support for multiple types of lot/batch codes in the warehouse. RedPrairie said that the use of multiple lot-code formats is increasing as a result of mergers and acquisitions, and the expanding use of mixing centers for consumer goods distribution.

Finally, the 6.0 release offers new capabilities to automate the execution of value-added services for both inbound and outbound operations. Many of these new service features were developed specifically to support the needs of direct-to-consumer retailers, according to RedPrairie.