Avail Implements Agile PLM

Outsourced medical device manufacturer taps product lifecycle management platform to speed development cycles

Fort Worth, TX — June 2, 2003 — Avail Medical Products is set to implement a product lifecycle management solution from Agile Software as part of its own system for collaborating with customers on design and manufacturing projects.

Based in Forth Worth, Avail is the largest outsource provider of design and manufacturing services for sterile, single-use medical devices.

The company is implementing Agile's Product Lifecycle Management platform, the newest addition to Avail's ExtrAvail Interactive Collaboration System, designed to improve the speed and efficiency of communications during a product design, development or manufacturing engagement.

Avail says it customers, medical products manufacturers, look to the company to ensure their products get to market faster while providing effective management of an increasingly complex global supply chain.

The company believes that using the Agile system will allow it to meet these challenges throughout the product lifecycle by managing and collaborating on a single product record internally and across an extended supply chain; keeping engineering, manufacturing, quality and materials teams synchronized on new or changing product information; and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

Avail will be looking for improvements in product development time, product change management and the continuity of supply throughout volume production, according to J. Randall Keene, Avail's CEO. Keene called the Agile system "an important and exciting next step in Avail's ability to accurately speed communication and collaboration across all stages of the project management process and provide the highest level of service possible to our customers."