Allying for Defense Industry Efficiency

Center for Defense Manufacturing partners with Vykor to capture cost-effective machining strategies

Latrobe, PA — JUNE 3, 2003 — The National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) has formed an alliance with solution provider Vykor to help define and disseminate new production strategies for U.S. manufacturers.

The NCDMM's mission is to develop state of the art manufacturing solutions for the cost-effective and timely manufacture of advanced material components. Vykor offers services and solutions designed to help manufacturers define and optimize their processes for producing engineered machined parts and tooling.

Vykor believes that it can help advance the NCDMM's mission by providing software and services to capture, quantify and distribute new and efficient production strategies throughout the U.S. manufacturing base.

"The National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining is leading the effort to create new, cost-effective machining solutions for advanced materials," said Mark Huston, director of the NCDMM. "Vykor is an essential element for our initiative, as Vykor's software and services provide a unique ability to quantify the benefits of advanced techniques in both time and dollars."

"It is our privilege to participate in the NCDMM's mission to bring new and affordable manufacturing solutions to the U.S. defense contractors," said Rob Eleveld, CEO of Vykor. "Capturing each new machining technique in Vykor's digital Global Production Format allows the NCDMM to easily distribute productivity enhancements to the entire manufacturing base."

For a look at how one manufacturer used Vykor's solution to uncover process-based cost savings, read the article "Striking Gold with SRM" in the April/May 2003 issue of iSource Business.