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A selection of recent announcements from the solution provider community regarding supply and demand chain enablement projects.

June 4, 2003 — Following is a selection of recent announcements from the solution provider community regarding supply and demand chain enablement projects. These press releases are, for the most part, presented as received in the iSource Business newsroom. Datelines have been edited for consistency, and trademark and similar notations, as well as "forward looking statements," "safe harbor" and similar notices, have been removed.

Amphire Electronically Enables 75 Percent of Gordon Food Service's Purchases

Redwood Shores, CA — May 27, 2003 — Amphire Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of Internet-based supply chain relationship management solutions, today announced Gordon Food Service has deployed Amphire Connect to enable more than 75 percent of its vendor purchases.

"We are pleased with the progress GFS and other leading independent distributors have made over the last year with Amphire. Our company has successfully integrated 75 percent of our total vendor purchase volume," stated Dan Gordon, CEO of Gordon Food Service. "Amphire's dynamic supply chain event management solutions have increased vendor price matching performance by 400 percent. The analytical information assists our buyers to assess and rank vendor performance. We are rapidly adopting Amphire's Web Based Order Management solution to bring the latest e-business technologies to small suppliers who may not have sophisticated back office systems. No supplier will be left behind in this important GFS and industry initiative."

"Gordon Food Service's progress with Amphire clearly establishes the company as a leader and visionary in electronic enablement," said Mark Barnekow, President and CEO of Amphire Solutions. "Our joint focus during the next several months will be to electronically enable 100 percent of Gordon's purchases. Additionally, we are working with all suppliers to complete the entire order-to-cash cycle to eradicate waste and inefficiency from the supply chain."

About Amphire Solutions, Inc.

Amphire Solutions is the leader in supply chain management solutions which unite suppliers, distributors and operators in supply chains for more efficient and profitable operations. Amphire enables all industry trading partners to communicate and transact electronically, regardless of protocols or standards and without the use of expensive dedicated hardware and software. To date, Amphire has electronically enabled hundreds of supplier-distributor connections and enabled over 75,000 operators to electronically submit orders through 30 unique, distributor-branded storefronts. Amphire processed over $2.5 billion in order value in 2002 and has maintained consistent profitability since the fourth quarter of 2002. For more information about Amphire Solutions, please visit

About Gordon Food Service

Gordon Food Service (GFS) (, the largest independent broadline foodservice distributor nationally, offers more than 12,000 products carefully selected to provide the finest quality and value to compliment every customer's menu. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Mich., Gordon Food Service also runs 75 GFS Marketplace stores in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio.

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Chartered Semiconductor Deploys the webMethods Integration Platform

Automates Data Exchange with 11 Leading Semiconductor Companies and Partners

Singapore and Fairfax, VA — May 27, 2003 — webMethods, Inc., the leading independent provider of integration software, today announced that Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd., one of the world's top three silicon foundries, has successfully deployed the webMethods Integration Platform to automate supply chain data exchange with 11 leading semiconductor companies and partners.

Using the webMethods Integration Platform, Chartered has connected its back-end business systems, such as electronic product testing, production monitoring and enterprise resource planning systems, directly with its customers' and partners' proprietary systems. This has enabled these companies to benefit from real-time access to Chartered's information on work-in-process, product order, shipping and product testing status. By providing end-to-end connectivity, human data handling has been minimized, resulting in enhanced data integrity and accuracy.

Additionally, the webMethods Integration Platform supported Chartered's need for RosettaNet-based data exchange formats, which are increasingly becoming adopted as an industry standard for secure electronic communication between foundries and their customers, suppliers and marketing partners. webMethods' flexible, standards-based integration platform also satisfied Chartered's requirements for additional data and transportation formats, such as EDI, customized XML messages and email transfers via SMTP and HTTPS.

"Chartered collaborates with its customers to jointly define and develop solutions, not only in technology and manufacturing, but also in shaping business models," said Clay Miller, senior director of IT business systems at Chartered. "At the initial stage, Chartered has aligned with its customers and partners on the RosettaNet-based data exchange formats. By implementing webMethods, Chartered was able to establish connectivity between its business systems, thus enhancing information transparency and providing customers with greater control over their outsourced manufacturing environment at Chartered."

"webMethods is pleased to deliver Chartered with a flexible and scalable foundation for improved business operations and a streamlined communication platform with its supply chain partners," said Maruf Majed, vice president of webMethods Asia. "Our commitment to supporting and implementing RosettaNet-based standards has positioned webMethods as the solution of choice for the high-tech industry."

About webMethods, Inc.

As the leading independent provider of integration software, webMethods, Inc. delivers the industry's most comprehensive platform for enterprise-wide integration, including complete support for Enterprise Web Services. The webMethods' Integration Platform allows customers to achieve quantifiable R.O.I. by linking business processes, enterprise and legacy applications, databases, Web services and workflows both within and across enterprises. Through this seamless flow of information, companies can reduce costs, create new revenue opportunities, strengthen relationships with customers, substantially increase supply chain efficiencies and streamline internal business processes.

Founded in 1996, webMethods is headquartered in Fairfax, Va., with offices throughout the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. webMethods has more than 900 customers worldwide including Global 2000 leaders such as Bank of America, Citibank, Dell, Eastman Chemical, The Ford Motor Company, Grainger and Motorola. webMethods' strategic partners include Accenture, AMS, BearingPoint, BMC Software, BroadVision, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, CSC, Deloitte Consulting, EDS, HP, i2 Technologies, J.D. Edwards, SAP AG, Siebel Systems and TCS. More information about the company can be found at

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DSC Logistics Strengthens Georgia-Pacific Relationship

DSC Expands Georgia-Pacific's Eastern Region Business

Chicago — May 28, 2003 — DSC Logistics, a leading third-party logistics provider, is pleased to announce an expanded business relationship with Georgia-Pacific. Georgia-Pacific is one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of paper and building products, with well-known product brands such as Angel Soft, Sparkle, MD, Dixie, Brawny and Quilted Northern.

DSC's partnership with Georgia-Pacific has steadily grown over the last three years. DSC's consistent strength in supply chain management and exceptionally strong start-up management capabilities have been successfully applied to Georgia-Pacific's evolving needs. DSC has proven to be adept at handling Georgia-Pacific's paper products, and dealing with varying and complex profiles.

Through this strengthened business relationship, DSC currently serves Georgia-Pacific in over 1.5 million square feet across the U.S. network. DSC has assembled a Georgia-Pacific customer team to integrate the business, implement the changes required, and ensure that all strategic business goals are being met. Working with different functional groups at Georgia-Pacific, DSC will implement consistent processes, and is committed to achieving Georgia-Pacific's goals through the management of change and information in the supply chain.

DSC Logistics (, a leading supply chain management company with a nationwide network, is located in Des Plaines, IL. With experience, knowledge, and information technology — as well as supply chain capabilities that are adaptable, versatile and focused on changing customer needs — DSC helps companies in a wide range of fields (consumer packaged goods, food, healthcare and electronics) reach their business goals. Services provided by DSC include supply chain analysis and design, strategic solutions-based consulting, business process integration, process improvement and management of logistics operations, such as warehousing, transportation, packaging and fulfillment. In today's business environment, filled with rapid and unpredictable change, DSC manages change and information in the supply chain by using a strategy called "sense and respond" and by being ready for anything!

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SSAB Oxelosund Completes End-to-End i2 Supply Chain Management Solution Implementation in Six Months

ROCE Partners executed configuration and implementation of i2 Demand Planner, Supply Chain Planner, Profit Optimizer and Demand Fulfillment with real-time order promising for leading Swedish steel manufacturer

Stockholm, Sweden — May 27, 2003 — i2 Technologies Inc., a leading provider of end-to-end supply chain management solutions, today announced that SSAB Oxelosund, the world's leading manufacturer of wear plate and extra high-strength construction plate, has gone live with i2 Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions. ROCE Partners, i2's implementation partner in the Nordic region, executed the custom configuration and completed the i2 SCM implementation in just six months. The i2 SCM modules implemented were i2 Demand Planner, Supply Chain Planner, Profit Optimizer and Demand Fulfillment with real-time order promising. The system has been rolled out to more than 60 users in SSAB.

As part of this project, SSAB redesigned its business processes to enable collaborative forecasting of sales volumes and prices, master planning, profit optimization, capacity allocation planning, and Web-based capacity reservation and order promising in real-time based on order-specific routings. The i2 solution was configured by ROCE Partners to complement these improved processes. Prior to implementing i2 SCM, planning was done with a couple of different systems — from batch systems in the main frame to Excel spreadsheets — which were not robust enough to handle SSAB's complex real-time planning requirements.

The i2 SCM solutions are designed to provide the following benefits to SSAB:

  • Improved delivery performance through fast, connected processes from demand planning to order promising

  • Stable delivery lead times through smarter resource allocation

  • More accurate and up-to-date forecasts by involving the entire sales organization in the collaborative forecasting process

  • Improved communication and trust between marketing and production through improved demand and supply plan visibility

  • Ability to make reservations and get delivery promises from anywhere in the sales organization

  • Faster order promises through on-line integration with order entry systems

  • More profitable product mix through profit optimization.

"We implemented i2 with a goal of shortening our delivery lead times thereby improving customer service levels worldwide. We also intend to optimize product mix, and increase production efficiency and profit margins," says Anders Werme, CEO, SSAB Oxelosund. "We consider the implementation of this solution a great success. Thanks to the high quality of the implementation team, and ROCE Partners' proven expertise in i2's SCM solutions, the project was completed on time and on budget."

"This project demonstrates that i2 is making good on several of its commitments for 2003 — to deliver shorter implementations with faster ROI, engage our partners more effectively and focus on our core competencies. I am delighted to add one more successful project to our growing roster of steel industry customers," says Mark Allworth, i2 vice president, Northern Europe.

Jonas Ahlberg, a founding partner at ROCE Partners says, "The fact that we were able to complete an end-to-end SCM implementation from execution of custom configuration through to deployment in six months demonstrates our proven capability to deliver fast ROI implementations with i2 solutions. We are committed to continue helping SSAB Oxelosund further improve its supply chain performance and profitability through maintenance and support of the i2 solutions."

About SSAB Oxelosund

SSAB Oxelosund is a member of the SSAB Svenskt Stal group and develops, manufactures and markets heavy plate. More than 90% of its annual production of more than 500,000 tons of steel plate is exported. It is the world's largest manufacturer of wear plate and extra high-strength construction plate, known on the market as HARDOX and WELDOX. For more information, please visit

About ROCE Partners

From its first i2 implementation in 1997, ROCE Partners has grown into the Nordic's largest and leading implementation partner of i2 supply chain management solutions. ROCE Partners mission is to maximize clients' Return on Capital Employed by optimizing their supply chains through proven reengineering methodology and state-of-the-art software solutions. Offices are located in Stockholm, Helsinki and Tampere. For more information call Jonas Ahlberg at +46 702 616061 or visit

About i2

A leading provider of end-to-end supply chain management solutions, i2 designs and delivers software that helps customers optimize and synchronize activities involved in successfully managing supply and demand. More than 1,000 of the world's leading companies, including seven of the Fortune global top 10, have selected i2 to help solve their most critical supply chain challenges. Founded in 1988 with a commitment to customer success, i2 remains focused on delivering value by implementing solutions designed to provide a rapid return on investment. Learn more at

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BEL Group Implements a Broad Suite of Manugistics' Supply Chain Management Solutions

Rockville, MD — May 27, 2003 — Manugistics Group, Inc., a leading global provider of supply chain management and pricing and revenue optimization solutions, announced today that BEL Group is implementing a broad suite of Manugistics solutions to help improve its forecasting, production-capacity planning, and distribution flow optimization.

The BEL Group, a leader in the dairy and cheese sector, with world-famous household brands such as Laughing Cow, BabyBel and Kiri, is using Manugistics solutions to help predict market demand, dynamically allocate production requirements and capacity based on demand points, and improve stock visibility throughout its global supply network, which includes 26 plants (six in France) and approximately 20 commercial subsidiaries. The BEL Group intends to improve customer service and asset utilization, and to reduce logistics costs and product-shrink through three main priorities: flow optimization, inventory reduction, and visibility throughout the supply chain.

"The BEL Group has launched a large-scale strategic project — enhancing efficiency throughout our supply chain — to reflect our ongoing internal and external growth, organizational changes, and the need for common processes and global visibility in a highly competitive environment," commented Ludovic Flateau, Project Manager at BEL. "Manugistics proved to us that its solutions meet the functional and technical needs of our Group, including specific and critical requirements such as management of product shelf life and multi-sourcing optimization. Manugistics has also demonstrated, both through a number of customer references as well as in the initial phases of the BEL project, that it has the capacity, expertise and regional teams to deliver on its commitment to help us meet our strategic targets," he added.

The Manugistics forecasting solution is being implemented worldwide, and in the local BEL commercial subsidiaries, while planning solutions are being implemented centrally for all BEL manufacturing sites with export products. The Manugistics solutions will be the main vector of supply chain optimization within the Group.

Jean Claude Walravens, president of European operations for Manugistics added: "Manugistics is committed to helping BEL maintain its position as a market leader in delivering its high quality products throughout the world. It is this commitment to client success, coupled with our deep, industry-specific expertise and our ability to deliver solutions that provide real return on investment that makes Manugistics a preferred choice of innovators throughout Europe and around the world."

About BEL Group

The BEL Group is the world's No.1 manufacturer of branded processed cheese packaged in pre-cut portions as well as the No.1 producer of cheese spreads in Europe and France. With nearly 10,000 employees and a number of leading brands such as Laughing Cow, BabyBel and Kiri sold in over 100 countries, the BEL group achieved sales of EUR 1.74 Billion in 2001, of which 63% where achieved outside France.

About Manugistics Group, Inc.

Manugistics is a leader in delivering innovative pricing and supply chain software solutions. Today, more than 1,200 clients trust Manugistics to help them reduce costs, increase revenues and enhance margins. The company provides comprehensive solutions for supply chain management, service and parts management, pricing and revenue optimization, and supplier relationship management. Manugistics has offices in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and United States. Its clients include industry leaders such as AT&T, Airgas, BMW, Boeing, Brown & Williamson, Caterpillar, Cisco Systems, Circuit City, Coca-Cola Bottling, Continental Airlines, DaimlerChrysler, Diageo, DuPont, Fairchild Semiconductor, Ford Motor Company, Harley-Davidson, Nestle, RadioShack, Smith & Nephew and Unilever. For more information, go to

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3M Implements Top Image Systems' New eFLOW Version 2.0 for Order Processing

The System Has Been Implemented in UK and France; Additional Sites Are Planned.

Tel Aviv, Israel — May 28, 2003 — Top Image Systems (TIS), Ltd., a leading innovator of intelligent document recognition, announced today the implementation of its eFLOW data capture platform at 3M UK and 3M France. The system will be implemented in additional offices in Europe as well.

Top Image Systems (TiS) provides automated data capture solutions that improve enterprise business processes by integrating data from multiple sources and of different types, such as invoices, freight and shipping bills, purchase orders and others. TiS' solutions seamlessly deliver the extracted data to enterprise applications such as document and content management, ERP, or CRM.

Gideon Shmuel, Managing Director of TiS, UK, added: "Working with 3M in a European level responds to the eFLOW platform's natural ability to processing incoming data from any format; in this case from faxes, and in a highly distributed environment. We are proud to have responded successfully to the challenge 3M offered us, and look forward to working together in the implementation of additional 3M offices."

About Top Image Systems

Top Image Systems is a leading innovator of enterprise solutions for managing and validating content, which enters organizations from various sources. Whether originating from mobile, electronic, paper or other sources, TiS solutions deliver the content to applications that drive the organization. TiS' eFLOW Unified Content Platform is a common platform for the company's solutions. TiS markets its platform in more than 30 countries through a multi-tier network of distributors, system integrators and value added resellers, as well as strategic partners. For more information on TiS, visit the company's Web site at:

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Cornerstone Solutions Helps Belwith Increase Inventory Control

Implementation of new WMS Enables Belwith to Increase Efficiencies Across the Supply Chain

Fort Wayne, IN — May 29, 2003 — Cornerstone Solutions, a leading provider of supply chain services and information security products and services, announced that they have successfully implemented SSA's warehouse management system, Warehouse BOSS, at Belwith, a leading distributor of premier hardware products for the home.

Belwith, who sells their products to home improvement stores such as Lowe's and Menards, OEM's and high-end showrooms, was looking for a way to better manage their supply chain and improve service to their customers.

Belwith had for several years been operating with a WMS application that didn't work well with their ERP system, PRMS. The implementation of Warehouse BOSS enabled Belwith to integrate seamlessly with PRMS and to take advantage of functionality including system-directed put-away and radio frequency-controlled picking and real time inventory updates.

Along with implementing Warehouse BOSS at Belwith's 178,000-square foot distribution center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Cornerstone Solutions added some custom enhancements and helped Belwith streamline their process flows to achieve maximum benefit from the software.

One of the custom enhancements Cornerstone Solutions developed enabled Belwith to effectively receive "totes" or open packages from the manufacturing operation.

The locating algorithms in BOSS cut the cycle time from receipt to shipment of the 5000 SKU's that Belwith stocks. The putaway logic also effectively consolidated like product to free up 10% of the warehouse storage locations.

Cornerstone Solutions integrated LXE truck mounted screens and Symbol scanners for hands free picking. Orders are picked by case, split box, or pick and pack. After picking the system sends the order to a scale station for labeling or to the VAP (value added processing) area for custom labeling or quality audit.

Belwith also utilizes the BOSS cycle count module. Their new process has greatly improved inventory control and pick accuracy. An added benefit was the elimination of the requirement to take an annual physical inventory.

Belwith operates 4 picking zones and picks between 3,000 and 5,000 lines and ships over 1,000 parcels per day. Productivity gains have enabled Belwith to decrease the distribution labor costs by 26% since implementation.

"Our previous system could not keep up with current order volume much less handle any planned growth. "We teamed with Cornerstone Solutions to implement Warehouse BOSS," said Von Williamson Belwith's Vice President of Operations. "We selected Cornerstone because of their knowledge of the software and hands-on management experience in a distribution environment. The expertise that Cornerstone Solutions provided throughout our implementation led to a successful implementation and immediate benefits across our operation."

About Belwith

Belwith International Ltd. has been a leading provider of decorative hardware to the retail, distribution, and OEM markets for over 30 years. We offer the broadest selection of kitchen, bath, and furniture hardware available anywhere in the world.

About Cornerstone Solutions

Cornerstone Solutions is a leading provider of supply chain execution solutions with a profound focus on strategic logistics planning and supply chain software evaluation, selection and implementation. Cornerstone Solutions' business and technical expertise, combined with their strong partnerships with supply chain software providers, enables Cornerstone Solutions to bring significant value to their clients. Cornerstone Solutions also offers a comprehensive portfolio of Internet security solutions. Information on Cornerstone Solutions can be obtained from the company's Web site at or by calling 260-496-8259.

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Trade-Ranger Selects Contivo to Automate Data Integration for Its Oil, Gas and Chemical Network

Contivo Enables Rapid Integration for Trade-Ranger Customers

Mountain View, CA — June 2, 2003 — Contivo, Inc., the leading provider of automated data integration, today announced that Trade-Ranger Inc., the global e-procurement marketplace for the oil, gas and chemicals industries, has selected Contivo to automate the transformation of data used by its network of trading partners. With Contivo, Trade-Ranger will be able to automate its data integration process, and quickly and cost-effectively integrate its members' systems into the network.

Trade-Ranger uses Contivo's Solution with its webMethods integration platform to provide B2B integration of its trading partners throughout the oil, gas and chemical supply chain. Contivo enables Trade-Ranger customers to quickly integrate into the network by reducing the time, cost and labor of manual data integration. Contivo provides Trade-Ranger with scalable, reusable data models, based on standards in the oil, gas and chemical industry, such as those from Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX) and Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX), to automate data translations between trading partners using these and other XML-based standards. Utilizing Contivo's technology, Trade-Ranger recently completed integrations between several of its buyers and suppliers using the CIDX, xCBL and PIDX standards much more quickly and efficiently than it would have taken with previously manual, point-to-point data mapping.

"Contivo is a vital component of Trade-Ranger's integration strategy, providing us with an automated and scalable data integration solution to an error-prone and time-consuming task that is an essential step in any integration project," said Cornelius Morley, vice president of technology, Trade-Ranger. "Using Contivo's technology, we are able to develop maps in a fraction of the time compared to manual data transformation design. Contivo's approach to integration is key in building and maintaining the links between our trading partners' systems."

"In order to scale Trade-Ranger's rapidly expanding network of trading partners, standardization and reusability of maps is important," said Sebastian Gass, director of solution architecture, Trade-Ranger. "Through the use of Contivo's technology, we are able to streamline the integration process and establish ERP-to-ERP back-end integrations in a many-to-many rather than point-to-point fashion."

Contivo helps enterprises integrate data faster and more effectively than traditional hand-coded, manual methods. Comprised of the Contivo Analyst and the Contivo EIM Server, Contivo automates data transformation for application integration across multiple platforms. Contivo's recently expanded capabilities and platform support enable data integration across the enterprise, extending to legacy systems and Web services.

About Contivo, Inc.

Contivo provides solutions that enable enterprises to quickly and dramatically reduce the implementation and maintenance time, costs and complexity of their integration projects. Contivo's customers have experienced 40% reductions in implementation costs and have seen investment paybacks in less than 90 days. Customers and partners achieve these significant savings by utilizing Contivo's integration metadata modeling tools and repository bringing reuse, automation, and collaboration to a previously hand coded, manual task. Contivo's products work with existing integration and middleware technologies, including emerging Web services technologies, providing our customers and partners with the ideal platform to enable an Integration Competency Center (ICC) or Integration Center of Excellence (COE).

Contivo was founded in 1998 and has enterprise customers, including Agilent Technologies, Hitachi America, and HP. Contivo's partners include Actional, BEA Systems, Commerce One, Grand Central Communications, TIBCO Software and webMethods. Contivo is privately held and headquartered in Mountain View, CA. More information about the company can be found at

About Trade-Ranger

Trade-Ranger is the leading global marketplace for electronic procurement in the oil, gas and chemicals industries. Launched in July 2000 as a joint initiative by an international group of buyer companies, Trade-Ranger was built with their support and feedback. Trade-Ranger is an independent electronic hub that connects buyers and suppliers in the upstream, downstream and retail sectors; collaborates with companies in implementing e-procurement strategies; and guides development of industry-wide content and transaction standards. Among the services it provides to its members are catalogue creation and trading, electronic invoicing and value-added services such as auctions, eRFX and investment recovery.

Trade-Ranger's shareholders include ConocoPhillips, The Dow Chemical Company, ENI, Mitsubishi Corporation, Motiva Enterprises, Repsol YPF, The Royal Dutch/Shell Group, Solvay, Statoil, TotalFinaElf, Unocal, Occidental Petroleum and BP. Visit Trade-Ranger's Web site at:

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