Linking Business Rules with BPM

ILOG adds support for business process management in version 4.5 of JRules solution

San Francisco  June 10, 2003  Software component provider ILOG today rolled out the latest version of its business rules management solution, adding support for Web services and business process management, among other new features.

ILOG says that version 4.5 of JRules positions business rule management as an essential complement to business process management (BPM) since it facilitates fine-grain control of business processes.

The latest iteration of the solution incorporates both workflow modeling graphics and optimization technology-based consistency checking to improve enterprise-wide business rule management. JRules 4.5 adds a new Ruleflow feature that leverages ILOG's workflow modeling visualization technology to enable the orchestration of business rule execution.

Other new features in this release include point-and-click rule deployment intended to accelerate business rule implementation, and support for Web services, including deployment of business rule applications as Web services and invocation of Web services from business rules.

The provider is pushing JRules 4.5 as a tool for cementing the adoption of business rule management as a best practice based on its potential for helping business managers lower costs, make better decisions and manage risk more effectively. JRules 4.5 can help make an enterprise's architecture more agile in response to dynamic, unpredictable business environments, ILOG says.

Andy Marsh, chief information officer for CitiStreet Total Benefits Outsourcing Division, said that the new solution offers the advanced business rule management features that allow his company to effectively address its dynamic business requirements. "Implementing JRules has allowed us to more cost-effectively respond to our customers' needs by allowing us to manage critical information in real-time," Marsh said.