Sears Aims to Optimize Processes

Retailer taps IDS Scheer solution to identify, manage large-scale business process interdependencies

Berwyn, PA — June 10, 2003 — Sears, Roebuck and Co. is set to use a business process management tool from IDS Scheer to identify and later manage large-scale business process interdependencies.

IDS said that Sears is working with the provider to introduce its corporate culture to viewing business processes in a more disciplined and integrated manner. One of the largest U.S. retailers, Sears will use IDS Scheer and the provider's ARIS Toolset to document its core business processes throughout the company.

The provider said that ARIS offers a suite of Web-based tools to document, analyze, implement and optimize inter- and intra-company business processes on a global basis. Sears' project implementation will identify all the company's application systems and rank them by business process value and competitive advantage.

IDS Scheer consultants then will help Sears model and analyze the company's business processes and monitor these processes. The goal of the deployment is to create a company culture directed towards understanding and improving the organization's business processes.

Additionally, Sears will implement IDS Scheer's ARIS Process Performance Manager (PPM) to provide measures to evaluate the efficiency of their processes. ARIS PPM 3.0 provides access to process data that companies can use to develop a process performance plan. The goal here is to give process managers an up-to-date view of all business data at any time, making it easier to detect cause-and-effect chains between process performance and future quarterly results.

The deal represents one of the largest IDS Scheer customer wins in North America to date.

"As one of our larger deals in North America, we embrace the challenge of helping Sears improve its business processes," said Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, president and CEO of IDS Scheer. "Today, more than ever, companies such as this retail giant must use a process-oriented approach to maximize efficiency and ensure the success of new business initiatives."

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