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A roundup of new solutions and services announcements from the supply chain community.

June 12, 2003 — Following is a selection of recent solution- and services-related announcements that have come into the iSource Business newsroom. These press releases are, for the most part, presented as received. Datelines have been edited for consistency, and trademark and similar notations, as well as "forward looking statement" and similar notices, have been removed.

ColumbiaSoft's Document Locator Version 2.0: Document Management Software for Windows' Servers, with Unlimited Server License Pricing

Customers include Defense Language Institute, Lockheed, Mitre, Medical and Legal Firms

Portland, OR — May 28, 2003 — ColumbiaSoft announced today it has released version 2.0 of its document management system for Windows servers: Document Locator.

Document Locator enables businesses and government agencies to intuitively store, quickly access and affordably manage virtually any volume of documents that can be saved on Microsoft file server(s), including scanned documents, PDFs, AutoCAD, HTML, e-mail and standard MS Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio.

In addition, Document Locator customers can rapidly set up approval and notification processes, automatically and securely publish documents to the Web, and set up the system to perform routine chores such as importing and archiving documents.

File Server Smarts and Affordability

Document Locator is integrated into Windows Explorer, so users navigate it as they would a Windows file server. However, unlike those limited, shared file servers, Document Locator stores documents inside SQL Server 2000 so they are full-text indexed as they are saved. Users can search for words or phrases within the document and literally find it in seconds, whether the document is a PDF of a scanned contract or an AutoCAD file. Document Locator 2.0 has a fully integrated scanner console supporting any TWAIN-compliant device, giving every desk top the ability to scan.

"Most organizations store their documents on a Microsoft file server. The file server was great when it was first introduced over 20 years ago but it hasn't kept up with the growing demands of business and government agencies. File servers have gotten bigger because we all have more documents to store and manage, but they haven't added 'intelligence' to help you find documents quickly and intuitively — we've done that," said Richard Day, founder and President of ColumbiaSoft. "The other stopper has been pricing, which is why we went to an unlimited server license for $9,500 so that organizations can connect as many people to a server as they want, without any per seat cost."

Day added that most ColumbiaSoft customers see an ROI within 90 days of installation.

Document Locator Product Family and Features

Document Locator for Small Business has been especially designed to serve the hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Small Business Server customers. It is sold in 10-, 25- and 50-user license packages starting at $1,500. Document Locator Professional is sold in 25- and 50-seat packages starting at $4,000; it also has an unlimited single server license for $9,500. Document Locator Professional offers multiple repositories, a software developer's kit for customizing applications, and can be upgraded for remote access and Web publishing through Document Locator Web Tools, which has an unlimited site license price of $5,500.

Document Locator's new features include:

  • Integrated scanner console supporting any TWAIN-compliant scanner, including devices from HP, Canon, Epson, Fujitsu and others.

  • Outlook integration: users can now email a link to a document such as a budget or contract that needs to be reviewed by several colleagues. When recipients receive the email, they click the link to view or edit the document, using Document Locator's versioning, check-in/checkout and security features. The document remains securely in the repository, eliminating the excessive replication of documents common in email and file server environments.

  • A task manager allowing users to automatically schedule archiving, importing, and launching documents.

  • The ability to configure any Diff comparison tool for users to compare versions of two different documents and merge them as needed.

  • Support for files up to 2 GB (such as WAV, MP3, MPG, and CAD drawings).

  • Integration with Goldmine CRM.

  • Document Locator Professional 2.0 also includes a software developer's kit allowing IT departments to integrate Document Locator with mission-critical applications and to create customized solutions.

  • A search tool bar built into Windows Explorer for even faster access to documents.

For more information, call Columbia Soft at 800/298-1172.

About ColumbiaSoft (

ColumbiaSoft, a private Portland, Oregon company, provides intuitive, affordable document management solutions for 'unstructured data' problems caused by Windows shared file servers. Easy to install and affordably priced, Document Locator is a new breed of software used by small to midsize firms in the engineering, finance, human resource, I.T., legal, manufacturing, and medical industries as well as government and defense agencies. ColumbiaSoft is a Microsoft Gold Partner and AutoDESK partner.

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PTC Routed Systems Designer 4.0 Speeds Systems Interconnect Design

Delivers Fast Time-To-Market, Enhanced Product Quality and Information Exchange

Needham, MA — May 29, 2003 — PTC, the product development company, today announced the availability of Pro/ENGINEER Routed Systems Designer (RSD) 4.0. RSD is a powerful diagramming solution that enables the fast and easy creation of even the most sophisticated routed system schematic diagrams.

RSD is a complete standalone diagramming tool and is also optimized for use with Pro/ENGINEER. Through a lightweight XML interface, RSD enables the automatic routing of cabling and piping systems with Pro/ENGINEER, thereby eliminating the mechanical engineer's manual, tedious task of interpreting the 2D schematic design to route the 3D cabling and piping. This robust XML interface also enables RSD diagrams to be shared with other applications. RSD's highly intuitive user interface allows designers to create the complete spectrum of 2D electrical and piping diagrams for systems of any complexity. Through a lightweight XML interface, RSD enables the automatic routing of cabling and piping systems with Pro/ENGINEER. RSD automates the review process to ensure that the completed 3D design complies exactly with the 2D schematic specifications.

"RSD 4.0 eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone process of integrating schematic design with routing and piping processes," said Brian Shepherd, Senior Vice President PTC Product Management. "Now design teams can define the complete digital model, eliminating cumbersome manual processes while speeding time to market, dramatically improving product quality and reducing total product costs."

Unlike general drafting tools, simple flowcharting packages, or add-on modules of CAD systems, RSD addresses the high performance needs of schematic designers creating a wide range of diagram types including wiring, process and instrumentation (P&ID), block, functional, and schematic diagrams. It is a hierarchal solution designed to accommodate design reuse and more sophisticated projects.

RSD 4.0 delivers powerful new capabilities including:

  • The ability to create schematic designs quickly and easily using an intuitive interface for organizing design sheets and catalog libraries.

  • Multi-discipline breadth of necessary diagrams for all disciplines from a single program.

  • Optimized to drive Pro/ENGINEER 3D cabling and piping solutions: RSD can automate the design of downstream wiring, cabling, and piping in 3D MCAD design applications via XML, and is specifically optimized for Pro/ENGINEER.

  • Multi-User Capability: RSD is a single-user solution that can grow into a multi-user solution to reduce time-to-market.

  • Design Reuse and Automation: RSD can leverage existing libraries or templates to speed the creation of new designs.

RSD 4.0, available in English, German, French and Japanese, runs on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000, Windows XP; Sun Solaris 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 and HP-UX 11.0 11.0i platforms and is available through PTC's direct and indirect sales channels.

About PTC

PTC develops, markets, and supports software solutions that help manufacturers win with superior products. PTC is the world's largest software company with a total commitment to product development. The company services more than 35,000 customers worldwide. Further information on PTC is available at or call 1-888-782-3776, ext. 901

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Intermec Introduces RFID Consulting and Professional Services

Includes Comprehensive Suite of Management and Installation Services for Successful RFID Integration

Everett, WA — June 11, 2003 — Intermec Technologies Corp. today introduced an integrated suite of professional services specifically designed for companies that require successful assessment, coordination and installation of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology into their current automatic data collection and warehouse management systems.

Intermec provides RFID expertise that spans assessment to installation. Its RFID professional services include RFID site surveys, project management, training, security analysis, civil work, engineering consultation and system installation support. The Intermec professional services team works with companies to specify the optimal placement of Intellitag RFID hardware by conducting site surveys that include physical evaluations of lanes, layout of required lane coverage, relation of antenna and vehicle detection loop and spacing between adjacent lanes. Following engineering and civil evaluations, Intermec recommends the optimal technology to meet the desired coverage for reading and writing tags for each company individually. Finally, the team provides comprehensive installation services and training, as well as coordination of all outside resources.

"There is a notable need for qualified RFID integrators in the market today," said Intermec Vice President Jim Evans, who leads Intermec's Intellitag business development activities. "Intermec has a 20-year legacy in the RFID market and a history of providing RFID consulting services to leading companies. We can offer customers a comprehensive assessment, coordination of logistics and professional installation of RFID technology suited to their particular business requirements."

RFID, a complement to current bar code-based tracking systems, allows companies and their suppliers to automatically track inventory throughout an entire supply chain. RFID automatic data collection does not require line of sight or manual scanning as do bar code-based systems. For example, information on RFID tags, placed on cases or pallets, can be read automatically as the load passes through a doorway, rather than requiring individual bar code scanning.

For more information or to schedule an assessment, contact Mike McNamara,, 800/934-3163.

About Intermec

Intermec Technologies Corp., a UNOVA Inc. company, is a leader in global supply chain solutions and in the development, manufacture and integration of wired and wireless automated data collection, Intellitag RFID (radio frequency identification) and mobile computing systems. The company's products and services are used by customers in many industries to improve productivity, quality and responsiveness of business operations, from supply chain management and enterprise resource planning to field sales and service. To learn more about how companies can benefit from Intermec's technologies and services, contact Intermec Technologies Corp., 6001 36th Ave. West, Everett, WA 98203 USA; telephone 800/347-2636; or visit Intermec's web site at To learn more about UNOVA, visit

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BetweenMarkets Delivers Breakthrough Application for Trading Partner Business Intelligence

Company's Trade Accelerator Software Dramatically Reduces Cost and Time Required to Deploy Intelligence-Focused Trading Partner Integration

Austin, TX — June 4, 2003 — BetweenMarkets, a leading Austin-based technology startup, today announced the immediate availability of Trade Accelerator, the company's breakthrough Trading Partner Business Intelligence (TPBI) software. Trade Accelerator, in development for over two years, offers large enterprises the first scalable, economical software approach for deploying strategic integrations with their trading partners. Leveraging the company's patent-pending Trading Partner Intelligence Model, Trade Accelerator offers a single enterprise application that establishes fundamentally richer Business Connections between large enterprises and trading partners, then delivers real-time, transaction-driven business intelligence to the diverse processes, people and systems that desperately require it.

As large manufacturing companies have seen exponential increases in complexity within their supply and demand chains, information critical to managing the enterprise has moved outside the organization, where it is embedded within a multitude of external trading relationships. Current approaches to recapturing this information via trading partner integration have fallen short — providing either tactical, transaction-level connectivity, or expensive, highly customized process- and system-level integration. With either approach, companies are forced to undertake massive custom development initiatives to expose externally driven business intelligence to the enterprise. This custom development burden has prevented widespread adoption of trading partner integration.

To break this standoff and initiate a new wave of business-to-business electronic integration, Trade Accelerator leverages a unique architecture, based on the company's patent-pending Trading Partner Intelligence Model, to capture real-time business intelligence from transactions flowing between organizations and correlate this intelligence to the appropriate business processes and trading partner collaborations. As the first scalable software solution to this problem, Trade Accelerator allows large enterprises to replace the enormous custom development efforts that have typically been required to expose rich business information on top of standards-based transaction flows.

Specifically, Trade Accelerator offers large enterprises the following capabilities:

  • Via a powerful, self-service Business Connection on-ramping tool, remove up to 90% of the cost of deploying and evolving trading partner connections, while fundamentally increasing the power of the connections themselves;

  • Easily expose rich business information hidden within standards-based transaction flows, without custom development;

  • Automatically correlate and communicate transaction-driven business intelligence to all processes and stakeholders it impacts;

  • Quickly implement context-specific, role-based instances of business intelligence, related to inventory, build plan, forecast, quality, and SLA compliance; and

  • Incrementally deploy an intelligent, unified view of the entire trading partner network.

Without access to strategic, real-time information driven from trading partner relationships, companies cannot recognize and rectify problematic situations before they spiral into inventory write-offs, out-of-stock situations, declining customer satisfaction, poor working capital performance, partner alienation or other painful results. Whether deployed to support a single relationship, a multi-tier business process or the entire trading partner network, Trade Accelerator allows enterprises to aggressively attack this problem. The solution fulfills the promise of true business-to-business integration by dramatically impacting enterprise financial results, via improved inventory management, reduced cycle times, decreased operational costs and tighter working capital performance. The enterprise may also offer the Trade Accelerator application as a highly differentiated, premium service to customers, which allows them to track their specific orders through multiple tiers of the supply chain and collaborate around other strategic processes.

"Large, distributed manufacturing enterprises have been waiting for the killer application that will allow them to recapture the real-time information that was lost as their businesses became more dependent upon external trading relationships," said Chris Porch, President and CEO of BetweenMarkets. "With Trade Accelerator, we have delivered an enterprise software solution that changes the rules of the game, enabling transformational, multi-enterprise business intelligence strategies, without the custom development burden."

Trade Accelerator offers companies the ability to drive strategic business value and enterprise ROI from small, tactical investments of time and money. Trade Accelerator-based Business Connections can be deployed by trading partners in a self-service mode in as little as four hours. In less than six weeks, those enriched connections can be leveraged to deliver role-based, context-specific instances of trading partner business intelligence to individuals and systems across the extended enterprise. Return on investment is typically achieved in less than 90 days.

About BetweenMarkets

Based in Austin, Texas, BetweenMarkets provides breakthrough software applications for Trading Partner Business Intelligence (TPBI). Our patent- pending technology offers large enterprises the only scalable, economical path to achieving meaningful Business Connections across the wide array of relationships that comprise a complex, distributed trading partner network. Further information regarding the TradeAccelerator breakthrough can be found at

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Peregrine Systems Introduces AssetCenter 4.3 to Reduce Complexity and Maximize Asset Utilization

New Release Automates Business Processes for Inventory Reconciliation and Software License Management

San Diego — June 9, 2003 — Peregrine Systems, Inc., a global provider of Consolidated Asset and Service Management software, today introduced AssetCenter 4.3, the latest version of its flagship asset management software product for managing IT and other infrastructure assets. The new release automates business processes for inventory reconciliation, improving the accuracy of data, while addressing growing challenges in software license management.

According to Giga, a wholly owned subsidiary of Forrester Research, "Most organizations do not have a good handle on IT asset management (ITAM). By Giga's estimates, only 60 percent of companies have implemented some sort of asset tracking, inventory or management software. Only five to 10 percent of firms have integrated ITAM processes that automatically link physical information about the assets with contractual and financial information and tie in to back-office financial, human resources and other systems," said Forrester analyst David Friedlander.

AssetCenter 4.3 sets a new standard for asset management best practices by providing the tools to help companies quickly implement strategies to reconcile data from external sources with the asset inventory, manage software license compliance and entitlement, and manage both current and historical asset information. Working together, Peregrine's flagship products — AssetCenter and ServiceCenter — provide a consolidated view of managing portfolios of assets and services across the entire enterprise, allowing asset managers and service desks to deliver the greatest business and operational value to internal customers.

"Companies have spent billions of dollars on IT assets and other elements of the business infrastructure," said Fred Luddy, Peregrine's chief technology officer. "Our new release of AssetCenter makes it possible to automatically reconcile vast amounts of data about virtually any type of asset in a consolidated repository. We've also enhanced capabilities in areas such as software license management with tools that can reduce software costs and reduce the risk of noncompliance.

"Companies that combine such asset management best practices with service management gain significant additional value. By bringing detailed asset information to the service desk, service managers and technicians can greatly improve their ability to streamline global service management operations and support the infrastructure proactively," Luddy added.

AssetCenter 4.3 Key Features

Key new features in AssetCenter 4.3 include:

  • Inventory Reconciliation — AssetCenter automates processes to collect, reconcile and track asset information in rich detail with tools that centralize data from diverse sources, including commercial inventory tools, human resource and financial databases, and spreadsheets, into a single definitive repository. To help users integrate with the most common sources of asset information, Peregrine provides dozens of out-of-box adapters to external data sources. AssetCenter 4.3 adds another level of best practice capability with a powerful reconciliation engine to ensure accuracy of the data repository. The reconciliation engine allows the administrator to define business rules that enable the proactive (automated) and/or reactive (user intervention required) handling of data changes that are considered exceptions to business policy or best practice.

  • Software License Management and Entitlement — Managing software licenses is the leading asset management issue on the desktop, particularly with the growing frequency of software vendor audits through organizations like Business Software Alliance (BSA) and Federation Against Software Theft (FAST). Without an accurate and easy-to-use reporting mechanism of their software license terms and use, CIOs find themselves with little recourse when notified of being noncompliant. License contract information is often not centralized or complete, while paper-trail files add to confusion. AssetCenter 4.3 reduces the risk of noncompliance and over-licensing, while also simplifying software upgrades and migrations. It provides the means to compare actual use with contract terms and purchase history to gain control over software purchases and deployment. The product provides enhanced software license management capabilities, such as a contract wizard, which automatically tracks license contract information by stepping users through software license agreements. AssetCenter 4.3 also tracks user entitlement to assure that only entitled people have software installed on their desktops.

  • Archive and Restoration — Many organizations manage tens of thousands of assets, generating enormous repositories of historic information that is vital to maintain. AssetCenter 4.3 enables organizations to archive such historical data, while maintaining convenient access to frequently used records. The ability to archive historical items, including the ability to restore them on demand, allows asset managers to improve their productivity as they use only the data they need at that time.

In addition, Peregrine's AssetCenter provides other features that are integral to managing assets to reduce costs, improve productivity and meet business goals. Using the software, IT groups and other departments responsible for managing infrastructure assets can control expenses by implementing invoicing and charge back programs to business units. AssetCenter also provides a request fulfillment solution, which automates and streamlines the entire request lifecycle from the time an asset is requested until it is fulfilled.

The Auto Club Group (ACG) in Dearborn, Mich., has benefited significantly from Peregrine's systems request fulfillment capabilities. "Our paper-based technology request management processes made it difficult to accurately account for the company's technology assets and quickly respond to customer needs," says Debra Lewis, director of IT Customer Services. "Using AssetCenter, ACG has improved the process of requesting, procuring and moving IT assets. We now have a comprehensive accurate database of all assets, which has helped us decrease the time-to-fulfillment for IT requests, using AssetCenter and Get-Resources."

AssetCenter 4.3 is generally available in June.

About Peregrine

Founded in 1981, Peregrine Systems develops and sells application software to help large global organizations manage and protect their technology resources. With a heritage of innovation and market leadership in Consolidated Asset and Service Management software, the company's flagship offerings include ServiceCenter and AssetCenter, complemented by employee self service, automation and integration capabilities. Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., Peregrine's solutions facilitate the automation of business processes, resulting in increased productivity, reduced costs and accelerated return on investment for its more than 3,500 customers worldwide.

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With nMetric's 4C, eAlliance Customers with ERP Can Also Employ Shop Floor Execution

Provides Manufacturers with Real-time, Live Scheduling, Monitoring and Tracking of Manufacturing Status

Naperville, IL — June 10, 2003 — nMetric today announced that it is partnering with eAlliance (Chicago, Ill.) to help manufacturers obtain the execution piece lacking in most ERP systems. Instead of investing in, or developing, a completely new system, eAlliance manufacturing customers can now use 4C to proactively integrate and coordinate scheduling with real time tracking and updating of all resources, materials, labor and capacity.

"Traditional ERP systems are lacking the execution or MES functions," explained George Britts, principal in eAlliance. "nMetric's 4C is a logical plug-in for anyone in manufacturing. As an organization focused in the Oracle marketplace, we appreciate nMetric's use of Oracle technology in the 4C product. This consistency will provide our 4C implementations a much quicker implementation, allowing them to achieve desired business benefits very quickly. The Web-based architecture is also consistent with the Oracle product suite and is what the market wants."

"As a provider of innovative and effective consulting solutions to corporate users of the Oracle 11i E-Business suite of applications, eAlliance provides nMetric an excellent outlet to the Oracle Apps community," reported Tom Carpenter, nMetric CEO. "With eAlliance's extensive knowledge of the Oracle suite and nMetric's nTegrator, a real time application integration tool, implementations can be completed very rapidly with no custom programming. We look forward to helping eAlliance customers link scheduling and execution.

"In addition," Carpenter said, "our capable-to-build feature will allow eAlliance ERP users to access their system via wireless or network connected devices and instantly determine if their facilities are able to deliver a new order by a specific date, considering all resources and factors that might affect their ability to produce and deliver."

With nMetric 4C, orders are continuously monitored at every moment throughout the production process in real time to assure status and provide notification to all members in the supply chain if delivery expectations are not going to be met. When and if resources or demands change or might change, 4C attempts to resolve any problems that could affect delivery dates and/or proactively notifies all specified parties so they are aware and can plan accordingly. If there are prospective large shifts in plans or resources, users proactively use 4C to manually determine the impact of various "what-ifs" on present order dates in the queue. Management can then anticipate what the effects of each change will be before making them.

About eAlliance

Headquartered in Naperville, Ill., with offices in Brookfield, Wis., and St. Louis, Mo., and an offshore development center in India, eAlliance drives top-quality engagements while delivering high value, effective, skilled and highly experienced professionals supplemented by low cost offshore development teams to drive value back to its corporate clients. The Naperville phone number is 630/778-6648. Website is

About nMetric

nMetric's 4C system is the only software that provides manufacturers with live scheduling, monitoring and tracking, messaging updates and analyses so that they can completely oversee all steps of their manufacturing process and proactively supervise the dynamics of their supply chain in real time to accurately predict what will happen. Company headquarters are at 3070 South Bristol Avenue, Costa Mesa, Calif. 92626. Phone is 888/561-9700. Website is

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