NEC Solutions America Targets Mid-market

New strategy focuses on bringing IT services to support a connected enterprise

New strategy focuses on bringing IT services to support a connected enterprise

New York, NY — June 19, 2003 — NEC Solutions (America) Inc., a provider of integrated solutions, today announced at CeBIT America its strategy for bringing IT business services knowledge to the mid-sized enterprise market. The company said that its Enterprise Service Division represents a critical component of its new Connected Enterprise strategy.

NEC Solutions observed that in today's connected world, information technology plays a major role for mid-size business. Citing a recent Aberdeen Group report titled, "The Small and Middle Market Enterprise: Addressing Today's Business Issues Through Technology" by Katherine Jones, the mid-size business market is projected to spend up to $50 billion for IT services by 2005. As this market continues to expand, the provider noted, mid-sized businesses will seek a wide range of IT solutions to maximize the value of the enterprise.

NEC Solutions America/Enterprise Services said it believes businesses can realize the true value of their connected enterprise when IT systems are optimized and aligned with business processes, as well as when a company is connected in real-time with customers, suppliers, partners and employees. The provider explained that businesses that are able to address the challenges of an extended enterprise, such as increasing technical complexity, new security issues and customer satisfaction issues, will be better equipped for success in today's marketplace.

"Traditional business methods view IT systems in isolated silos — applications, systems, storage, networks, security and perhaps others — with a limited understanding of how each piece functions to support the whole," said Jeff Schuett, senior vice president, NEC Solutions America/Enterprise Services. He went on to say that his company helps its clients view their entire IT operation from the perspective of the business processes it supports and how well it meets the needs and expectations of the users. "In transforming these IT management practices, NEC Solutions America/Enterprise Services enables the IT organizations of its clients to align IT with business objectives, and maximize the value of the IT organization to the enterprise," he said.

Schuett added that his company offers customizable IT services and solutions that include the following: Network and Security Services, Application Integration, Application Data Management, Enterprise Portals, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Hosting, Help Desk, and Business Service Management.