Volkswagen AG Employs Software Standard

To use PTC solution for 3-D Visualization across company

To use PTC solution for 3-D Visualization across company

Munich — June 20, 2003 — Manufacturing software provider PTC this week announced that the Volkswagen group is employing PTC's ProductView software as a group-wide standard for the visualization of 3-D data created in the product development process.

During the last two years, PTC said it has delivered approximately 1,600 licenses of its visualization software to Volkswagen, half of which are in production with further expansion of the installed license base already planned.

"The fact that we have chosen PTC's ProductView as the corporate visualization solution emphasizes the spread of 3-D-based working processes within the Volkswagen group and its increasing penetration with virtual product development," said Dr. Trac Tang, director of IS Product Development at the group's headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Dr. Tang said the premier task of PTC's software is to provide a uniform tool for the visualization of 3-D data throughout the wide array of corporate processes. As a part of the company's integrated product data management infrastructure (iPDM), ProductView is also available to users who have no access to a CAD workstation.

Paul Cunningham, executive vice president of Worldwide Sales at PTC, said, "Not only does ProductView enable visualization and collaboration for 2-D and 3-D data from all CAD systems including Pro/ENGINEER, AutoCAD, CATIA, I-DEAS, Unigraphics and SolidWorks, as well as from many ECAD solutions, it also allows the visualization of data from other graphics applications, office programs or spreadsheets. All in all, ProductView supports over 150 different formats and systems."